Best trailer hitch mounted winch

Vehicles that get stuck in the mud, sand or snow often need to be towed out of entrapment. Calling a tow truck can involve a long wait and a high fee just to get the trapped vehicle freed again. With a trailer hitch mounted winch, much of the hassle that is normally involved in freeing a trapped vehicle can be avoided. A trailer hitch winch that is attached to the back of a pickup truck or another vehicle built for heavy-duty hauling can pull the stuck vehicle so that it can be driven once again. These devices are particularly popular for people who do a lot of off-roading or live in areas where harsh weather conditions are the norm. Continue reading “Best trailer hitch mounted winch”

Best trailer hitch kayak rack

Attaching a kayak to a vehicle can be made much easier with a trailer hitch kayak rack. This type of rack is designed to attach to the trailer hitch, which is located at the rear of a vehicle and capable of towing heavy loads. The high weight capacity of trailer hitches makes them ideal for attaching kayak racks that can tow single or multiple boats. Even the largest trunks and pick-up truck beds are not big enough to fit kayaks safely, and getting a kayak rack will allow one or more boats to be hauled on top of a vehicle without causing any damage to the paint or frame. Continue reading “Best trailer hitch kayak rack”

Best kayak carts

A kayak cart is a great alternative to dragging a boat manually to a lake, river or seaside location. Kayak carts can carry kayaks and include wheels that allow them to be rolled instead of carried by hand. By using kayak carts, boaters can devote more energy to enjoying themselves on the water. The cart consists of a small frame with wheels that can be loaded into vehicles and used whenever a kayak is being taking to or from the water to alleviate much of the heavy lifting and carrying. Continue reading “Best kayak carts”

Best tonneau covers

When hauling gear in the back of a pickup truck, a tonneau cover can be used to keep everything in place. This cover acts as an encloser for the open pickup truck bed so that no items fall out while being transported. A tonneau cover can also keep items safe from rain, snow and other environmental elements. The best truck bed covers even work well for preventing theft when trucks are parked and left unattended. An added bonus of using a tonneau cover is that it can improve the truck‚Äôs gas mileage by reducing the effects of drag. Continue reading “Best tonneau covers”