Best 4 bike hitch rack

Avid cyclists who want to take their bikes with them on the road can use a multi bike hitch rack for easier transporting. These types of racks can be attached to vehicles to carry two or more bikes. Certain models are made to attach to the tops of vehicles while others attach at the rear. The best racks have been designed with additional mechanisms that can protect bikes from damage while being transported.

Best 4 Bike Hitch Racks Reviews

  • Thule Apex Swing Away Bike Rack

Up to four bikes can be secured on the two-inch mount carrier. When the carrier is being loaded, it can be swung to the passenger side to make positioning each bicycle easier. The hitch’s swinging mechanism also allows better access to vehicle hatchbacks. The cable and hitch locks that are included can keep bikes locked to the carrier and the carrier to the vehicle more securely. Shock from the road that could damage bikes is minimized thanks to the Hold Fast cradles. To prevent bikes from coming into contact with one another while traveling, the No-Sway cages have been added. The hitch has a weight capacity of 35 pounds per bike.

  • Thule T2 Pro XT Bike Rack

The two-bike version of this model can carry up to two bikes weighing 60 pounds each, but a four-bike model can also be purchased. The rack comes with receive and bike locks that help minimize the chances of bikes getting damaged. The bikes are spaced about one foot apart to avoid interference while attached to the hitch. This hitch can be installed and removed without the use of tools. Bikes that have a maximum tire width of 5 inches can be attached to the hitch. The tilt function allows the rack to be maneuvered to different positions with little difficulty.

  • Yakima SwingDaddy

The swing-away mechanism of this four bike rack creates an easier pathway for accessing vehicles even when bikes on loaded. Only a single bolt is used in the assembly, and no tools are needed to install or take down the rack. The removable ZipStrips help keep bikes fastened to the rack, and two extra strips are included for additional convenience. Connecting the rack to a vehicle can be done quickly with the built-in SpeedKnob. TriggerFinger technology makes it possible to fold the rack’s arms down and can be used by simply pushing a button. Bikes weighing up to 40 pounds each can be fitted on the rack.

  • Yakima Ridgeback Hitch Bike Rack

In addition to its tool-free SpeedKnob locking mechanism, this bike rack 4 bikes has an UpperHand lever that allows easier vehicle access by tilting the rack downward. The UpperHand lever also makes it possible for the rack to be folded flat for storage. A hitch receiver measuring between 1.25 to 2 inches can be fitted. Anti-sway away cradles help prevent damage by keeping bikes from coming into contact with one another.

  • Schwinn 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Numerous positive reviews have been written about this top-selling 4 bike hitch rack. The rack can be installed in under five minutes, which makes it a perfect option for people who frequently take their bikes with them on road trips. When not being used, the folding arms can be positioned to not cause any interference when handling the rack. The rack also has a black powder coat finish to help preserve its quality for many years. Weighing less than 30 pounds, this rack is one of the lightest models available.

  • Yakima DoubleDown 4 Bike Rack

Known for being one of the safest and most reliable 4 bike rack hitch mount options on the market, this model includes high-quality components for greater durability. Different types of bikes can be fitted in the narrow arm frames. Contact between bikes is avoided thanks to the SwitchBlade anti-sway cradle. A bottle opener has also been integrated into the frame’s design to offer an easier way for bikers to open their beverage bottles to take on their cycling adventures.

  • Tyger Auto TG-RK4B102B Deluxe 4 Bike Carrier Rack

This model fits hitch receivers measuring 1.25 to 2 inches and can accommodate most dual-arm bike models. The foldable carry arms eliminate much of the hassle from handling the rack when it is not in use. For added security, a safety strip, hitch pin lock and bike cable lock are included. Bikes are kept separate and protected with the rack’s bar cushion and soft cradles. To prevent the rack from rusting, E-coating has been applied to the frame.

  • BUZZRACK Express Platform Hitch Rack

This option is available as a 2 or 4 bike platform rack. The platform design of the rack eliminates the hassle of lifting bikes overhead or removing their wheels. The steel frame is coated in heavy-duty powder to make it last longer. Wheel trays are movable and have ratcheting straps and upright cradles with padding to keep bikes safe while traveling. Whenever the rack is not in use, it can be folded flat for easy storage.

How To Choose A 4 Bike Hitch Rack

Finding the right bike hitch rack can be an easier task when the following considerations are kept in mind:

  • 2 vs 4 Bike Capacity

The best option depends on how many bicycles are normally brought along on road trips. While a 4-bike rack can hold more bikes than a 2-bike model, 2-bike racks can sometimes accommodate heavier bikes better and may be more ideal for solo riders and couples.

  • Positioning

Some racks are made to fit on the backs of vehicles while others attach to roofs. If a rack that attaches to the back of a vehicle is more desirable, it is important to purchase a model that has a swing-away and/or tilting mechanism so that it can be moved out of the way to access the vehicle’s trunk without having to remove the bikes from the rack. A 4 bike roof rack can also work well but may limit clearance when passing underneath low overpasses or through tunnels that have low ceilings.

  • Compactness

Getting a rack that folds flat will allow it to be stored without taking up a lot of space.

  • Coating

Some of the best 4 bike hitch rack models have been coated to give the materials additional protection. This coating can keep the frames looking fresh and also prevent other damage that might diminish their quality.

  • Bike Separation

The hitch rack should give enough space between bikes to keep them from rubbing up against each other and possibly damaging their components. Some of the best models give as much as one foot of space between bikes.

  • Tire Width

Each bike’s tire width should also be taken into consideration when shopping around for the best choice. Bikes with wider tires may need to be fitted in a hitch that can accommodate up to 5 inches in tire width.

Bringing bicycles along for the journey on the road can be a less troublesome task with a bike hitch rack. Reading reviews of the top sellers can make choosing the best model a less arduous task.