Best kayak roof rack

Roof kayak racks provide an easier way for kayakers to transport their watercrafts by vehicle. Since a standard car, truck or SUV is not large enough to fit a kayak inside the vehicle, a roof rack makes it possible to bring kayaks along for the ride without having to make special transportation arrangements. These racks […]

Best fifth wheel hitch for short bed truck

Best Fifth Wheel Hitch For Short Bed Trucks If you want to have any measure of success towing a trailer or separate vehicle with your short bed truck, you are going to need an adequate fifth wheel hitch. Fifth wheel hitches are placed in position on the hitch mount of your pickup. These devices allow […]

Best 4 bike hitch rack

Avid cyclists who want to take their bikes with them on the road can use a multi bike hitch rack for easier transporting. These types of racks can be attached to vehicles to carry two or more bikes. Certain models are made to attach to the tops of vehicles while others attach at the rear. […]

Best 5th wheel lock

Fifth Wheel Hitch Lock Buying Guide Any time that you hit the road with your RV or trailer, you need to make use of your fifth wheel hitch. Your fifth wheel hitch is the point of contact that keeps your trailer connected to your vehicle. When you park your automobile at your destination, a campground, […]