Universal generator wheel kit

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What are the best generator wheels kits on the market? This is an important question to answer if you are looking for a good set of generator wheel kits. You may find yourself wondering which of all these options will be the best choice for your needs. A number of factors go into determining what makes one product better than another, but this article has some great tips on how to choose wisely!

What is Wheel Kit For Generator Useful for?

Generator wheel kits are useful for a wide variety of applications, but they have to be chosen carefully in order to maximize usefulness. First and foremost, you need to consider the size or capacity of your generator when evaluating wheels. Generator sizes range from around 2000 watts all the way up into thousands of kilowatts, so it is important that you purchase properly sized wheels if you want them to function correctly! For example, smaller generators typically weigh under 200 pounds including fuel while larger ones can weight over 1000 pounds without any gasoline included. That means there needs to be enough support on top of the kit alone because nothing else will hold down such an engine (just like with cars).

Types of universal generator wheel kit

There are several types of universal generator wheel kits to choose from, with some being better suited for certain situations over others.

The first type is the simplest and most basic one, which includes all-terrain wheels that fit directly onto your unit’s existing axle (either front or back). They work well in almost all conditions except for unusual terrain where they may not be able to get enough traction on steep hillsides or grassy fields. Some people modify these wheels by adding chains around them so there won’t be any problems getting stuck while traveling off road! This method can also help provide an extra layer of protection against punctures since tire chains aren’t affected as easily by sharp rocks/objects hidden under tall blades of grass.

The second type of universal generator wheel kit is a more complex and heavy-duty version that includes metal plates attached to the outside rim. These are designed specifically for increased durability which can help protect against punctures, other types of damage, or excessive wear while traveling over difficult terrain.

For situations where there isn’t any solid ground available (like out at sea), some people will use boat trailer wheels in order to attach their generators onto flat surfaces without sinking into mud/snow/sand. It’s important to be aware though that you won’t have access to all the power capabilities since these don’t provide as much traction compared with standard tires – but they work well enough when needed!

Best Wheel Kits for Portable Generators

All Terrain Wheel Kit fits Honda EU3000is

All Terrain Wheel Kit

This wheel kit is a great choice if you need something that can handle all types of terrain changes – including going off road where there might be mud, rocks, dirt or anything else the tires may get stuck on. Lightweight and durable plastic provides easy installation as well as durability against bumps without damaging your generator during transport.

This also includes other accessories such as tire chains which are especially useful in colder climates when driving through snow. You should always use them according to manufacturer instructions to avoid damaging your generator or yourself.

The only downside of this model is that you will need some assembly and tools (which are included) in order to install it properly on your portable generator – so make sure someone with experience can help out if needed!

  • Cheaper than buying a new generator
  • Includes multiple sets of mounting hardware so works with all types/brands/models
  • Will work in all weather conditions, even submerged areas if it has not been fully submersed or underwater
  • You will need assembly tools and someone experienced to help out during installation process.
Champion Power Equipment Mobility Kit amazon

Champion Power Equipment Mobility Kit

This wheel kit is a great choice for anyone who needs something that will be both easy to install and sturdy. Made of metal this model will stand up against all conditions including snow, mud or dirt without having to worry about damage even when off road traveling!

Includes bolts/screws with washers but also has pre-drilled holes so you can choose whichever method works best for your specific generator – just make sure the screws are long enough in order to provide proper support. This means no need to add any extra stabilizing weights either since it’s already built into these brackets!

Although there aren’t multiple sets of mounting hardware like other models (which may not work well with generators that have axles at opposite ends), this kit is a breeze to install and won’t take much time at all. Just make sure you have your own tools ready before starting!

A customer stated that even with rough roads, this wheel kit kept the generator from bouncing around or shaking while they were on their way out of town after a storm – which was exactly what they needed for peace of mind! In fact, one person had been using it with no problems over several months now and has reported nothing but great results so far.

Weighing in just under 20 pounds means it’s not too heavy for anyone to manage when installing by themselves either and most people said that once installed they completely forget about them because there is such little noise or vibration during operation compared to other brands.

  • Easy installation
  • Metal construction is durable and sturdy enough for use off road
  • Might need to buy longer bolts/screws depending on your generator model (these are pre-drilled but not always long enough)
DuroStar Wheel Kit

DuroStar Wheel Kit

Although this wheel kit comes at a much more affordable price compared to the Champion Power Equipment model, it may not be as sturdy since there have been several complaints about damage – even after just a few uses.

In some cases brackets were bent or screws became loose making them useless and difficult to use with generators that have opposite axle ends (one being larger than the other).

Some people said they had difficulty lining up holes so bolts would fit properly but others didn’t seem bothered by this step which can often be frustrating for those who aren’t used to using tools on their own!

It’s also important to note that metal is thin enough where weight limits are likely lower depending on your generator type. In fact one person reported having speed bumps on their yard that caused a small dent in the wheel!

  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy metal construction that can hold up to 1600 pounds!
  • Not recommended for generators with axle at opposite ends of one another.
Honda Generator Handi Cart Kit

Honda Generator Handi Cart Kit

Although the price tag of this wheel kit is a bit higher than other models, it may be worth it as several people have had great success with their Honda generators.

This generator cart includes eight-inch rubber tires that are sturdy and can roll smoothly over bumps or small rocks without getting stuck which makes transportation off road much easier.

The two pieces snap together to fit both four-wheel drive outlets (where axle size meet) but some users said they needed to drill extra holes in order for bolts to go through properly so keep that in mind!

One person even mentioned having no problems lining up holes on an older model Honda pro generator despite reports stating otherwise online.

  • Sturdy construction made of metal
  • Metal hardware included (bolts/screws) with pre-drilled holes for easy installation
  • Only one set of mounting brackets, preventing use on generators with axles at opposite ends.
Lifan LFWKT Universal Wheel Kit for Small Round 1

Lifan LFWKT Universal Wheel Kit for Small Round 1 Tubing Roll Cage Frame Units

The Lifan universal wheel kit is a perfect fit if you’re looking to add new wheels and tires onto your small round tubing roll cage frame unit. It’s not just an ordinary tire and rim assembly, either – the included hardware will allow it to be mounted with ease on most of these types of units.

Lifan’s wheel kit includes a quick release axle hook that can be adjusted with the included wrench to provide for either fast or slow detachment, which is perfect if you need to move your generator quickly.

You’ll also get two bolts and nuts for attaching the handle bar assembly of your choice – this will make it much easier when transporting heavy loads off-road since all of these items are built into one solid piece. The high performance tires on Lifan universal generator wheels have been designed specifically to maximize traction both in wet weather conditions as well as when driving over gravel roads without getting stuck.

Life time warranty & 30 days money back guarantee ensures customer satisfaction!

  • Instantly fits small round tubing roll cage frame units
  • Includes fast release axle hook for easy detachment
  • Two bolts and nuts included to attach handlebar assembly of choice
  • High performance tires with maximum traction in wet weather or off road conditions.
  • One user said the hardware was not long enough
WEN GNA410 Wheel and Handle Kit for 4500-Watt Generators, Black

WEN GNA410 Wheel and Handle Kit for 4500-Watt Generators, Black

Even though this wheel kit is designed to fit on several different models of WEN generators, it’s not compatible with the one brand they sell specifically for powering up their own equipment.

The materials used are high quality and durable – meaning you won’t have any problems transporting heavy loads both inside your home or out in a crowded parking lot.

A rubber grip handle can make transportation even easier since most people would rather push than carry these types of items anyways! Other users liked how easy it was to hook onto an existing generator frame once everything is installed correctly without having to drill new holes into metal tubing which could weaken structural integrity over time if done incorrectly.

Some users do report having to buy a few different sizes of bolts and washers in order to make this wheel kit fit their generator.

This is something that’s generally not an issue if you know what size your equipment needs to be beforehand – unless the included parts don’t work for some reason or another.

  • High quality materials, durable
  • Easy to install/use
  • Can be difficult to find the right size parts in order to make it work according to instructions (for some users)
AutoWorks All Terrain Wheel Kit, Fits Predator 3500 Generator, Solid Never Flat Tires

AutoWorks All Terrain Wheel Kit, Fits Predator 3500 Generator, Solid Never Flat Tires

The wheel kit for this model of generator is designed to provide you with a smoother ride when moving heavy loads both inside and outside.

Most users find the solid tires to be better than flexible rubber ones since they don’t lose air pressure, meaning your equipment will stay in place without having to worry about it slowly slipping off onto the ground.

Other features include easy attachment that won’t require any drilling or modifications – which could weaken structural integrity over time if done incorrectly. The bolt sizes included are also compatible with most generators (unless otherwise noted), making installation much easier and usually faster too.

The most common complaint is that the wheels are not compatible with all generators. However, most users find them to be very durable and recommend this kit for anyone who needs a solution for moving their generator around frequently.

  • Solid tires don’t lose air pressure so equipment won’t slip off over time
  • Easy attachment doesn’t require drilling or modifications which could weaken structural integrity of unit if done incorrectly
  • Wheel size compatible with many units (this model included)
  • Wheels aren’t compatible with some models
NorthStar Generator Wheel Kit - fits 5,500 to 8,000 Watt Generators

NorthStar Generator Wheel Kit - fits 5,500 to 8,000 Watt Generators

The NorthStar generator wheel kit is designed to fit generators between 5000 and 8000 watts. The advantage of the bolt on universal kit over the clamp-on version, other than being cheaper, is that it allows for easier maintenance because you can replace the wheels without removing any parts from your generator. If you’re looking at a smaller unit like this Honda EU6500is then I’d suggest getting the clamp-on version.

This will save you money but it’s not as easy to maintain once installed since there are two different bolts attaching each side of each wheel – six total bolts per wheel! For larger units though where up to 12 nuts need undoing in order to change out one tire or rim, having all bolted onto one side makes things much easier. Clamp-on kits like this tend to be more expensive though because they take longer and require a larger machine shop order (more material) in addition to the labor costs of cutting, welding and shaping them for your specific generator – if it’s not pre-made already.

  • Cheap alternative to other generator wheel kits
  • Can be replaced without removing any parts from your generator
  • Only works with models within the 5000-8000 watt range
Ironton Wheel and Handle Kit 4,000 Watt Generators

Ironton Wheel and Handle Kit 4,000 Watt Generators

This wheel kit is designed to fit most generators between 3000 and 5000 watts. It’s a really nice alternative if you’re looking for something that is inexpensive yet still high quality. The axle bar has the proper mounting brackets welded on them which makes installation much easier, plus they are powder coated black which will make it even harder to see where your holes need drilled through the frame of your generator – making it look more professional too!

The handle also comes with two mounted nuts so there’ll be no searching around trying to find some old wrench lying in one of those drawers somewhere!

Ironton uses heavy duty steel tubing along with thick plate steel mounts attached right onto each side of the generator with four bolts per mount (two on each side).

You can choose to use either the standard caster wheels or upgrade to larger rubber bag tires which are more heavy duty and will last longer. There is also no need for any drilling into your generator frame unlike with other kits that require this – making them overall much less of a headache!

  • Heavy duty steel tubing
  • Comes with standard caster wheels or upgrade to rubber bag tires
  • No drilling required (requires bolts)

Benefits of Using a Universal Generator Wheel Kit

  • They can be installed by yourself or a certified technician.
  • They come in different sizes depending on the weight of your generator, which will help you distribute it evenly across all four wheels for maximum stability and control.
  • Many models are adaptable to accommodate terrain changes while traveling off road (including grassy fields, hillsides, snow/mud/dirt).
  • Most wheel kits don’t require any gas whatsoever so there is no need to worry about refill costs! Just remember that installation does vary slightly from one product to another – especially those that include metal plates as opposed to just plastic ones . This may also mean having someone assist you with operating machinery such as drills if needed since they usually aren’t simple DIY jobs where you can just follow the instructions.
  • They are compatible with many different makes/models of generators so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues! They also work well in all types of weather conditions, including rain and snow if needed – though it’s still best to avoid submerged areas when possible since there is no guarantee they will completely waterproof after being installed .
  • They are often cheaper than buying a new generator since you are just paying for the wheel kit itself instead of having to replace your entire unit.
  • They can be installed on either front or back wheels, depending on which one is more convenient/appropriate for your situation! Remember that some generators may have both axles at opposite ends so if yours does this then it’s important to install them properly in order to avoid damage while traveling .
  • Most models include multiple sets of mounting hardware so they will work with almost all types/brands/models of generators – including those where axle holes aren’t threaded and require screws instead. This means no need to worry about any complicated installation procedures as well!

Tips for setting up and using the universal generator wheel kit

  • On some generators, you may have to remove the gas tank before attaching the wheel kit
  • It’s important that your generator is level when using this product. If it is not then you will be at risk for damaging or warping your axle bar and caster wheels over time – which could lead to serious damage if they are defective!
  • Make sure there are no obstructions in or near where you are going to place the wheel kit (like a tree branch) because these things can’t simply be pushed out of the way like most other objects on ground level! A light tap with one of these casters could send even an empty tire flying right into whatever was blocking its path so make sure everything’s clear first.
  • Whenever possible, always try to use these on grass instead of pavement. It’s not ideal but it’ll provide more cushion so the casters don’t wear down as quickly – which also means less maintenance in general!
  • If you are trying to attach this wheel kit onto a generator that has only one mount point, then unfortunately there won’t be enough room for both caster wheels on either side of the axle bar. You can remove some nuts from your caster wheels and place them on top while using just two bolts per side or simply get rid of the other four mounts altogether if possible by removing some hardware inside your engine compartment before putting everything back together again.
  • The axle bar isn’t adjustable so you’ll want to make sure the caster wheels are facing forward before trying it out for yourself!
  • Remember that this wheel kit is not compatible with all generators. Make sure its dimensions match up closely or else you will run into problems – especially if your generator has a gas tank mounted on one side of it instead of an actual engine mount point like most others do.
  • If using this product in cold weather, be aware that the metal could become much stiffer and more difficult to attach onto due to lower temperatures. Combine these factors with larger tires (like rubber bag ones) which may need some time to warm up beforehand, then factor in how slippery surfaces can be during wintertime too…

How Do You Install Wheel Kits?

Wheel kits are installed in a variety of ways, depending on the type you have. One common method is to use straps or ratchet assemblies that go underneath and around your generator to create tension. This ensures that it doesn’t move while holding it down tightly with an even distribution of weight across all four points where wheels attach – allowing for maximum stability!

Some wheel kit manufacturers will offer pre-drilled holes in order to make installation much easier because they can be attached directly onto existing bolts or screws from factory assembly lines. Others come with different hardware included so users don’t need any other tools beyond what was originally available when purchasing their unit (such as sockets). In these cases, you only hope there aren’t too many obstructions in the way of where you need to mount them, such as gas tanks or other hardware.

It is important for buyers to understand that these wheel kits are not universal and only work with certain types/models/brands – so it’s a good idea to double check compatibility before purchasing! This can be done by doing some research online about what your generator looks like including its make and model number (including numbers on engine itself). You may also want to look into who manufactured it because there might be specific wheels designed specifically for those brands.

What to look for when choosing a universal generator wheel kit

  • The number of included parts and hardware needed. This includes bolts, screws, washers, etc…
  • How easy it will be to install – for example on front or back wheels.
  • Size compatibility with your generator (make/model). Make sure you know the weight of each before choosing a kit! Some universal kits can accommodate up to 300 pounds while others may only include mounting brackets that limit maximum weight capacity.
  • Which type of wheel material best suits your needs: plastic vs metal plates? Remember some models come in both types so you won’t have any problems finding one suitable for your specific situation!
  • Other accessories such as tire chains if traveling off road is required where they could get stuck due to steep hills/mountains/etc.
  • If buying online, make sure there is a good return policy in case you need to exchange the product for something better suited to your needs (or if it’s damaged during shipping).

Frequently asked questions

Does this product work with all generators?

No. Universal wheel kits are not compatible with all generators because they have different axle bar dimensions and mounting holes that need to match up closely before the caster wheels can be attached onto either side of it without any problems.

Do I need tools or assembly required in order to attach these casters onto my generator?

This varies depending on which specific brands you buy, but most universal wheel kits come pre-assembled so there’s no extra prep needed! Some may require a wrench or screwdriver though so always check your package contents carefully for more information beforehand if necessary.

Can I use this product on other objects too?

Yes, universal wheel kits are especially useful for trailers and larger trucks. However, they’re also good at helping smaller vehicles like ATVs move around more easily – not just generators! They can even help with moving heavy items indoors or outdoors as well so it all depends how you want to put them to work yourself.


There are many types of universal generator wheel kits on the market, which can make it difficult to find one that is right for your needs. Our blog post will help you learn what to look for when choosing a universal generator wheel kit and how best to set up and use this product. We also have some frequently asked questions about using these products at home or in an industrial setting so be sure to check them out!