Quietest garage door opener


Of course, garage door openers can be different and they actually are. But the majority of people try to opt for the quiet ones. But no everybody knows that quiet door openers have much more features to offer apart from being not loud. And this review will help you to find out all its advantages.

When the first garage door openers appeared there wasn’t much choice. The only opener one could get was a chain driver and nobody cared about the noise. But technologies are developing and manufacturers are trying to modernize the garage openers too. That’s why if you have some space above your garage then an overhead opener is what you need.

Of course in the old days, the chain garage door openers were popular as it was the only option, but it was also loud. So loud that could easily wake the people up. That’s why if there were some teenagers in the house who used to come home late after the party etc, there was always a noise as they were trying to park the car in the garage. Who would want that now?- Nobody. And that’s why the manufacturers developed chains that are not so noisy or not noisy at all. Though the old chain made some noise they still did have a big plus – they had a special alarm that would let you know when the kids or teenagers open the garage.


There are cases when neighbors complain of the noise produced by the garage door opener. All this might happen because for example, the houses are connected or you have a common wall in the house or the houses are very close to each other or you simply live in a duplex house. At first sight, it doesn’t seem like a big issue but at the same time the loud chain really transmits the noise and in some cases even vibrations. This might turn out to be a real problem especially if your neighbors are old. That’s why this issue is worth considering when opting for a good opener.


There are two types of garages: attached and detached. Of course it is clear that if your garage is of a detached type, the noise that is produced by the chain doesn’t matter at all as it doesn’t bother anyone as it is simply can’t be heard. Though in case if you have an attached to your house garage, then we would advise to think twice or even thrice before making a decision to leave your old chain.

Not only the chain plays a noisy role. If your garage door opener is simply old, then you don’t need any other reason to replace it with a new one. Together with it, you will get not only quiet mechanism but also safety and security, which is definitely not proposed by the old models.


CHAIN DRIVE TYPE – this type of openers is the first in the whole history of garage door openers. In the beginning, they were pretty loud but as the time goes by they are becoming more and more improved, advanced and modernized. Modern models with chain drive are equipped with  a special isolation technology called Chamberlain Motor Vibration Isolation System that greatly reduces the noise.

BELT DRIVE – this type of garage door openers reminds the chain drive type. The only difference is that instead of a chain, a still reinforced belt is used. And of course, the belt makes less noise than a chain therefore people who are searching for the quiet option after their research in many cases stop their choice at the Belt Drive opener.

SCREW DRIVE – the screw drive mechanism is the one that is used by one of the most popular brands Genie. If you have ever tried this type of door openers and liked it because of their quietness and great performance then the Genie would gladly introduce you its new Accelerator model that is capable of opening the door twice faster that any other model of any other brand.

TORSION DRIVE – in case if your garage door is low or vaulted then the torsion drive garage door opener is exactly what you need. When assembling it, it should be installed on the front garage wall and attached to the long bar above the garage door.


When searching for the garage door opener and the quietness is the most important criterion for you, then opt for the belt drive that are DC powered. DC powered openers aren’t bad at all. They started appearing in the late 1990s and there are actually many reasons to choose them.

They are the following:

  • Comparing with AC motors, the DC motors use much less energy;
  • Slow opening and closing cycles – the worst picture one can imagine is the slamming of the door opener up and down as well as jerking during the opening or closing cycles. Nevertheless, this will never happen with modern DC powered openers. They are very reliable and use different force during two different cycles. When the door is almost opened or closed the force slows down to not make any noise or jerks. Apart from opening and closing the door quieter, this technology also means a much longer life of the garage door opener.
  • Battery Backup – this is an amazing feature that lets the garage door opener to be closed or opened even when there is no power/electricity. This will never be possible with the AC motors. As it was mentioned above, the DC motors use less power and consequently can open or close the door about 20 -25 times per day whereas AC motors can’t show such results.
  • Safety features – by saying “safety features” the constant monitoring is meant while opening or closing cycles. In terms of safety, this is a really great feature. For instance, if the person, animal or some object encounters with the door, the door will automatically change its direction in order to not collide with the object that is on its way/path. It should be noticed that AC powered garage door openers also propose this safety feature but in the DC motors this feature is more advanced and improved.


If your aim is to get the quietest door opener ever, then there are two best models for it. They are – Chamberlain WD822KD and the Chamberlain WD962KD. The first one has ½ horsepower and is belt driven which already means exceptional quietness. Also, it would be suitable for whatever garage doors type you have (double or single). The second model also by Chamberlain is already more powerful as it has ¾ horsepower with battery backup feature which means that you can still open or close the door when there is not electricity – EverCharge Standby Power technology.

Another brand that produces quiet garage door openers is the Liftmaster, to be exact the model Liftmaster 3280 – ½ horsepower, belt drive model – very similar to Chamberlain WD822KD. Having checked the reviews about the Liftmaster 3280 – it has got 5 out of 5 stars and is very popular among people who keep leaving only positive feedback about it.

Liftmaster 3850

LiftMaster 3850 quiet garage door opener

There is also one more model by Liftmaster and it is a top ranked model with ¾ horsepower, belt drive model Liftmaster 3850. It is equipped with a backup feature that will save you in case if the electricity is gone. This model has very good feedbacks and comments from the customers. Speaking about the reviews, it has got 5 out of 5 stars from 15 out of 18 people, which shows a great result and consequently performance.



Of course with developed and modernized technologies it is possible to get a quiet door opener with a chain drive. Though make sure that you get a Chamberlain’s innovative Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS®). This isolation system reduces all the noise and possible vibration produced by the motor. Here are a few best chain drive openers with the MVIS®:

Quiet garage door opener Chamberlain PD752D

Chamberlain PD 752D – has ¾ horsepower, chain drive model. Having checked the feedbacks from the customers, it turned out that this model is very recommended by consumers;


Craftsman 53990 – same features with the previous model. No wonder because the Chamberlain brand produces Craftsman garage door openers;

Liftmaster 3275 – top-ranked model, one of the best, chain drive model, ¾ horsepower;

Raynor Ultra – chain drive model, ¾ horsepower, has MVIS from Chamberlain and as well as Craftsman it is also made by Chamberlain.


Generally garage door openers are not expensive and the ones that are not very quiet will cost around 150 dollars. Whereas if you opt for the quiet model from a good brand, the price would start from 200 dollars that is affordable and reasonable considering all the safety advantages it includes.


Buying a quiet garage door opener already depends if your house is attached or detached. Of course, if it is detached you don’t need a quiet one unless you want it.

Being an owner of an attached garage, think of purchasing a quiet belt or chain drive garage door opener. If you have teenagers at home, with such an opener you will immediately see the difference from the day one.