Best hitch cargo carrier bags and boxes

Drivers who need more space to haul belongings while taking road trips often find hitch cargo carrier bags and boxes to be helpful. These extra storage compartments can be attached to the backs of vehicles to give drivers and passengers more room while still being able to bring along all the items that are needed. While many of these cargo carrier bags and boxes connect to the receiver hitch directly, others latch inside cargo carriers that are separate.

Top Sellers

Leader Accessories Cargo Hitch Tray – This waterproof carrier can be expanded from 13.8 to 16.6 cubic feet to allow more room for storage. Once items have been placed inside the carrier, it can easily be zipped closed for safe storage and transport. Hook and loop tape can protect the zipper flap from strong wind and heavy rain. The soft shell fabric is flexible and allows the carrier to fit irregularly shaped loads. The outer shell is even strong enough to protect stored items from water damage and other environmental elements. Six straps with buckles come with the carrier to provide a securer attachment to the hitch mount. Weighing only 10.2 pounds, this product is easy to lift and maneuver while still being durable enough to secure items inside.

Whistler Hitch Bag – Measuring 59 by 24 by 24 inches, this large hitch cargo bag is 100 percent waterproof and fits on most 60-foot hitch mounted cargo trays. This addition is great to bring along on camping trips or to sports tournaments or construction worksites. Heavy-duty tarpaulin is used to make the bag extra durable. The six security straps that are included have been placed strategically to prevent the bag from slipping out of place or falling off the vehicle while en route. These straps can be adjusted for a looser or tighter hold so that loads of different shapes and sizes can be transported without any problems. A storage bag is also included to keep the hitch bag better protected while it is not being used.

ROLA 59102 Wallaroo Cargo Bag – Designed to withstand the heaviest downpours, this cargo bag is often considered to be one of the best waterproof luggage carrier options on the market. Cargo stays dry, clean and fully intact while being transported thanks in large part to the sonically welded seams. Storage space can be increased inside the bag by expanding it from 9.5 to 11.5 cubic feet. For additional storage, the two pockets inside the bag can hold smaller items. The collapsible design makes it possible to fold the bag to a much smaller size and store it. Straps help secure the bag onto hitch mount cargo baskets and trays.

Reese Explore 63604 Rainproof Cargo Tray Bag – This handy bag offers 15 cubic feet of dry storage space so that no items inside get damaged. The bag can be attached to any basket that has a platform bigger than 60 by 18.5 inches. Six separate tiedowns are included to hold the bag in place and keep it secure while traveling over bumpy roads or around sharp turns. The bag can be folded flat so that it is easier to store. Along with camping trips and sports tournaments, the bag is ideal for tailgating parties.

AmazonBasics Expandable Hitch Rack Cargo Carrier Bag – Capable of expanding 9.5 to 11.5 cubic feet to fit more gear, this hitch cargo carrier bag is an excellent choice for anyone who does not want to haul their entire load inside their vehicle. The durable material makes the bag resistant to water damage and fading. Sturdy seams further prevent moisture from leaking through the bag. Smaller items can be kept inside the two internal storage pockets for easier organizing. An additional storage bag can also be used as a carrying case for the cargo carrier bag. With its 5.98-pound weight, the bag can be lifted and carried without having to exert a lot of extra strain.

AUXMART Waterproof Hitch Cargo Carrier Bag – This cargo carrier bag waterproof model is 60 by 24 by 24 inches in size, allowing plenty of space for storing and hauling larger and smaller items. SUVs, vans and cars that have hitch trays measuring 60 by 24 inches or more will have no trouble fitting this product. PVC tarpaulin material with 500 by 500D has been used in the bag’s construction to further shield items inside from rain, snow, dirt and dust. The bag’s soft sides can be folded inward whenever the bag needs to be placed in storage.

ROLA 59119 Rainproof Cargo Carrier Bag – With its rugged weather-resistant construction, people can be sure that their belongings inside will not get tarnished by the elements. The sonically sealed seams help keep personal items out of sight and away from prying eyes. A concealed zipper is included as well. The bag is compatible with cargo baskets measuring 60 by 24 inches or more. Six sturdy straps can be tied down easily so that nothing slips out of place.

Vault Cargo Management Hitch Cargo Carrier – This 15-cubic foot rear cargo bag is highly durable and versatile and easily fits most hitch carriers, cars and trucks. Moisture, dirt and grime from the road are prevented from getting into the bag thanks to its sturdy materials and weatherproof design. The carrier is even built to withstand the effects of snow and other winter weather conditions. Six lashing straps are integrated into the design to provide a more reliable hold while the hitch cargo bag is being transported. The zipper is reinforced so that it does not accidentally unzip while en route and includes a Velcro flap to keep small openings from being exposed.

StowAway Max Cargo Box – This black trailer hitch box includes a rugged swing-away frame that can swing up to 180 degrees so that the back of a vehicle can be accessed more easily. The trailer hitch storage box can hold up to 200 pounds of gear and has a space capacity of 16 cubic feet. The hitch mounting makes it simpler to load from the ground. People who have two-inch hitches and 300 or more pounds of tongue weight capacity on their vehicles will find this model especially useful. Taillights are also included on the hitch carrier box to give drivers greater visibility of it on the road. A license plate holder can showcase the license plate so that it is not covered.

Thule Transporter Combination Hitch Cargo Carrier – Anyone who needs a rear cargo box with 13 cubic feet of space and a 150-pound weight capacity will be satisfied with this option. When empty, the box can be tilted downward if the rear of the vehicle needs to be accessed. The pre-wired taillights generate power from four-pin wire harness plug of the vehicle. A central lock helps keep items stored inside the hitch cargo box more secure. The vehicle’s license plate can remain fully visible thanks to the box’s attachable license place adapter.

Buyer’s Guide

When looking for a hitch mounted cargo box or bag, the following factors should be considered to help make finding the right option easier:

Bag or Box – The choice of a cargo bag or box depends on a person’s specific preferences and needs. Cargo bags are usually made of more flexible material that can be expanded if more storage space is required. Cargo boxes often come with taillights that make it easier for other drivers to see on dark roads.

Storage Capacity – If large gear or a greater number of items need to be stored, it is best to choose an option that has 16 or more cubic feet of storage space and can hold at least 200 pounds of weight. Smaller loads can usually be transported safely in as little as 9 cubic feet of space that accommodates up to 150 pounds.

Safety Straps – Most bags include six safety straps that can be tied to hold the vehicle in place. Unless the bag is especially small, buying a storage bag with fewer straps is not advised. It is also important to make sure that the straps are not frayed, broken or damaged in any other way so that the bag does not come loose during transport.

Weatherproof – Weatherproofing is an essential component to any cargo bag or box. A waterproof cargo box or bag made from tarpaulin or another reliable material can prevent rainwater from leaking inside and ruining items. Some of the toughest products are also able to withstand ice and snow as well as block out dirt, mud and sludge from the road.

Extra Features – To ensure a securer transport, many options come with strong locks that can help prevent items from falling out or being stolen. Most cargo boxes feature taillights that are bright enough to see on even the darkest roads. Flaps are included on many bags with zippers to offer an additional seal of protection.

The best hitch carrier bags and boxes give drivers more room to take certain items with them as they travel on the road. The newest models have been designed in ways to keep belongings better intact while being transported.