Best trailer hitch kayak racks

Attaching a kayak to a vehicle can be made much easier with a trailer hitch kayak rack. This type of rack is designed to attach to the trailer hitch, which is located at the rear of a vehicle and capable of towing heavy loads. The high weight capacity of trailer hitches makes them ideal for attaching kayak racks that can tow single or multiple boats. Even the largest trunks and pick-up truck beds are not big enough to fit kayaks safely, and getting a kayak rack will allow one or more boats to be hauled on top of a vehicle without causing any damage to the paint or frame.

Best Trailer Hitch Kayak Carrier Racks Reviews

  • Darby Industries 944 Extend-A-Truck

This model is particularly ideal for transporting long kayaks. The support measuring 4 feet wide gives the hitch additional stability. Height can be easily adjusted to haul a boat on the vehicle’s roof. The hitch comes with a receiver hitch to simplify the process of attaching the rack. A red flag is included to make the kayak more visible to other drivers on the road. The kayak’s weight is kept balanced by the hitch, which helps prevent instability issues that may cause the boat to dislodge while being hauled. When the carrier is not in use, it can be folded flat and stored behind the seat. At just 25 pounds, the rack is light enough for most people to handle without a problem.

  • Titan Truck Bed Extender Carrier for 2-inch Trailer Hitch Receiver Hauler

Capable of carrying up to 350 pounds, this practical bed and tailgate extension can increase both the truck bed’s length and height. The extender will fit a truck bed height of 15 to 23 inches from the hitch. In addition to hauling kayaks, this hitch mount kayak carrier is suitable for carrying canoes and other types of watercraft. Little effort is needed to install the device, and no drilling or permanent hardware is required. After attaching the extender to a 2-inch trailer receiver, the truck’s tailgate can be opened to fit a boat. Most trucks, including Ford, Dodge and Toyota models, that have 2-inch hitches attached will have no trouble accommodating this addition.

  • Thule Goal Post

This receiver hitch kayak rack scores big in terms of adjustability and convenience. A telescoping mast can be adjusted to work with different truck cab heights. The rack measures 12.5 by 58 by 73.8 inches and comes with a strap measuring 6.5 feet to give each watercraft a stronger hold. Additional hook straps and vertical load stops help provide an even securer hold in all types of conditions. A securer transport is made possible by the carrier’s anti-sway design. Kayaks with Set-To-Go and Hydro-Glide saddles are compatible with this model. By attaching the hitch to any 2-inch truck hitch receiver, a kayak, boat, paddleboard or similar watercraft can be hauled the easy way.

  • Rhino Rack T-Loader Canoe and Kayak Rack

A great choice for single-person use, the Rhino Rack T-Loader Canoe and Kayak Rack fits all 50-millimeter tow balls. Tow ball sway is prevented by the anti-swivel plate. The trailer hitch kayak support is suitable for Rhino Aero and other heavy-duty crossbars. A boat can be placed on the rack by simply lowering the included T-Load Hitch Mount. To keep a kayak or canoe from slipping while loading or unloading, a non-slip mat has been included. A fitting kit also comes with the rack to make securing a boat to it even easier. The height of the hitch mount kayak rack can be adjusted from a minimum of 950 millimeters to a maximum of 1,540 millimeters.

  • Goplus Pickup Truck Bed Hitch Extender

This adjustable kayak rack for truck hitch models can extend so that long boats, canoes and other watercrafts can be hauled. By displaying the included red flag and reflective tape on the front and sides, other drivers will know to keep a greater distance from the rear of the vehicle. The hitch can fit onto 2-inch square hitch receivers or 1.25-inch receivers if a hitch adapter is used. This option is especially practical for hauling boats long distances. Up to 750 pounds of weight can be supported, and the extender can be adjusted vertically or horizontally to accommodate boats of different shapes and sizes. A stainless black-coated finish helps prevent chipping or tarnishing.

How to Choose A Trailer Hitch Kayak Carrier Racks

When shopping for the right option, it is important to look for the following things:

  • Height Adjustability

The height of the kayak hitch rack should be able to be adjusted to suit the size of the vehicle doing the hauling so that a boat can be loaded and secured adequately on the roof or from the truck’s bed.

  • Hitch Receiver Size

Most carriers are made to fit rear vehicle hitches that are 2 inches. If the vehicle has a smaller or larger hitch, a hitch adapter may need to be purchased separately so that everything can be connected properly.

  • T-Bar Width

A narrow T-bar is usually acceptable for hauling watercrafts with smaller widths. However, a wider T-bar will be necessary to transport wider boats or multiple watercrafts.

  • Weight Capacity

The amount of weight that a rack can carry may range anywhere from 300 to 750 pounds. Even though it may be tempting to buy a carrier that has the highest weight capacity possible, it may be larger and bulkier than what is needed to haul a smaller boat.

  • Compactness

It is a good idea to get a trailer hitch rack carrier that can be folded flat and stored when not in use. Some carriers can even be folded and stashed behind a seat in the vehicle.

  • Safety Add-ons

Some models feature extra safety add-ons to make hauling boats less dangerous. A red flag is often included and can be tied to the back of the load so that drivers can see the full length of the boat and carrier with better depth perception. Reflective tape is also sometimes included and can be adhered to the boat so that it is easier for other drivers to see at night.

Having the best trailer hitch kayak carrier can make it easier to bring a kayak, canoe, paddleboard or another type of watercraft on the road and will be a much safer option than other hauling methods.