There are only three knobs and 3 buttons: frequency, switch and a pinpoint push button. Also, you can change the sensitivity level in necessary. Using the discriminate mode, the tool chooses what objects will be accepted or rejected.

The frequency of this metal detector is great, as it allow you to receive more signals and find more targets. When searching for metal stuff, you will get sound in your earphones or speaker. Professionals recommend using the equipment on pinpoint mode as it is more effective. Overall, the machine is easy and friendly in usage and it does not cost a lot. It is suitable for beginners and professional workers. Unfortunately, the tool has not got the LCD screen like other contemporary models, but it has got a lifetime warranty, which plays the bigger role when you but the stuff.

The tools will help you to find coins, jewellery and relic objects. Simple and straightforward settings do not require a long time to learn, therefore, you will feel comfortable using the device from the first day.

Tesoro Cibola and Vaquero Metal Detector Accessories

Get some useful accessories that will simplify the search. Buy them online at Amazon or Ebay services for a low cost.

  • Tesoro Cibola and Vaquero Rechargeable Batteries

You will get one 9-volt alkaline battery with the device, but you should have more just in case the power of the metal detector runs out. Many customers recommend getting Tenergy 9- volt batteries, because of their low price but strong and long power. He Tenergy batteries match most charges.

  • Digging equipment

If you are going to search on the sand area, like the beach, you need to have certain tool. Buy the scoop and a digging equipment to get the target which is deep. This way you will not have to make your hands dirty.

  • The Carrying Bag

The bag does not cost much, but it is a necessary accessory. Keep the metal detector, equipment and the pack of rechargeable batteries at one place.


If you are a beginner try the area near your house. Check on playground, close to trash, under trees. After go to the beach, in the field with grass and other areas where people usually sunbathe and have picnics.

If the device made an impact on you, get it for a low price now on Amazon for $446.25 with free shipping. See what other customers order together with the Tesoro Cibola and Vaquero Metal Detector.