12000 watt portable generators

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Are you looking for a portable generator to power up your home during an emergency? The 12000 watt portable generators are the best on the market. This article will give you all of the information that you need to know about these generators so that you can make an informed decision. We’ll look at some of the most popular models and review them with pros and cons, as well as helpful tips about how to use them correctly.

What Can a 12000 Watt Portable Generator Power?

The short answer is that a 12 000 watt generator can power just about everything in your home. That said, it will depend on the size of the appliance and how much electricity they consume. Let’s take a look at some examples to see what appliances are ideal for this type of generator:

  • Refrigerator
  • Air Conditioner
  • Sump Pump
  • Furnace Fan (in emergencies)
  • Hot Water Heater

Other appliances may be able to run with reduced capacity or not at all which means you’ll want to prioritize powering them up first during an outage. This would include things like lighting, television/computer systems, fans, etc. Depending on where you live there could also be restrictions regarding running larger appliances depending on the time of day. If you’re unsure, we recommend calling your local utility company so that they can inform you of the best way to help them during an outage and where possible to avoid drawing too much power from their grid system.

Best 12000 Watt Generator models review

DuroMax XP12000EH Generator-12000 Watt Generator

This portable generator can run for up to 12 hours at 50% capacity and eight hours at full power. It is equipped with a recoil start and it automatically switches from full to half load as needed by the device that’s attached on it. This unit starts easily even in bad weather conditions thanks to its low noise design together with an electric push button starting feature which adds extra convenience. Other features include compatibility with almost all appliances, handles designed for easy carrying, wheels included for transportation purposes and four outlets (two 120-volt 20Amp locking + two 120V standard household duplex outlet).

It has been reported that this model doesn’t handle running various devices simultaneously very well – there have been cases when users received overload protection after attaching multiple appliances on it. It is also important to mention that some users have experienced sparks from the power outlets, but this seems like a relatively rare issue.

This XP12000EH model comes with a two-year warranty and its tank has been known for being very easy to fill up after each use. In terms of noise level, it generates 69 dba at half load which makes it comparable with other models in its price range (it’s considered as fairly quiet). The wattage provided by DuroMax generator places it among higher end generators; one reviewer mentioned that he used his unit during Hurricane Sandy without any problems whatsoever – even when there was no electricity available due to the damage caused by the hurricane.

  • Long run time,
  • Starts easily even in bad weather conditions,
  • Low noise level.
  • It’s not very good at handling multiple appliances simultaneously
Durostar DS12000EH Portable Generator

Durostar DS12000EH Portable Generator

This generator features a 12000 watt power and it can run for up to 18 continuous hours at 50% load capacity. It is designed with an automatic voltage regulator which will provide steady output even during adverse weather conditions (it also provides low noise level). Another interesting feature of this model is the ability to automatically shut off when no electrical devices are connected on it after 30 minutes – therefore, if there’s any sudden interruption in electricity supply then you won’t have to worry about your appliances being damaged by the lack of power because they’ll be switched off immediately.

Its tank has been reported as easy-to-fill up; its starting system consists out of both recoil start and electric push button option so users don’t need to get bothered with complicated procedures to start it. It weighs just 140 pounds which makes it easily transported from one place to another and the wheels have been designed as rubber tires which means that they will provide you a smooth ride even on rough surfaces (they also ensure enhanced portability).

  • Great durability;
  • Easy to transport due its light weight and rubber tires;
  • Automatically switches off when no electrical devices are connected on it after 30 minutes.
  • Not the best option for heavy duty tasks (its maximum power is 12000 watts).
Westinghouse WGen9500 – Best Portable 12000 Watt Generator

Westinghouse WGen9500 – Best Portable 12000 Watt Generator

This product can provide your household with up to 12 hours of running time when it’s fully loaded. It is designed in such way that it will be able to run for a long period even if the weather conditions are not optimal (it also provides low noise level).

Its design includes an automatic voltage regulator which will ensure steady power supply and protect appliances from fluctuations; thus, you don’t need to worry about any sudden interruption in electricity supply because this generator has got your back .

It weighs just 136 pounds so users won’t have problems transporting or storing it – its rubber wheels make moving around extremely simple while their sleek appearance makes them look great on most surfaces. Another interesting feature of this model is its ability to automatically shut off after 30 minutes of inactivity – this prevents the risk of a fire outbreak.

  • Automatic shutdown feature to prevent fire outbreak
  • Easy transportation due to rubber wheels and lightweight design (just 136 pounds)
  • Provides enough power for running your household appliances for up to 12 hours when fully loaded
  • It’s slightly more expensive than other models of the same wattage.
Pulsar G12KBN – An Amazingly Portable Model

Pulsar G12KBN – An Amazingly Portable Model

Pulsar G12KBN is another best 12000 watt portable generator on the market. It’s got everything you might need from such a product: it provides continuous power supply, features an automatic voltage regulator and ensures quiet operation (due to its low noise level).

It can provide enough energy for running your household appliances while operating at just 52dB – this means that if you choose Pulsar model instead of some other one, you’ll be able to run your favorite appliance even when everyone else in your house decides they want to sleep. Another advantage of choosing Pulsar over similar generators available out there is the fact that it has got wheels which make transportation extremely simple – thus ideal for users who don’t have all day long or who simply can’t handle heavy objects.

The generator is not just powerful, but also extremely easy to use. It will start automatically while its design ensures low noise level and reduced vibrations which means that it’s safe for you and your family members (as well as the environment). The model comes with an illuminated control panel featuring all necessary indicators such as voltage output or overload protection indicator. You’ll be able to recognize any problems in case they appear even before it becomes too late!

  • Automatic voltage regulator;
  • Wheels for easy transportation;
  • Low noise level and reduced vibrations.
  • None
All Power America APGG12000GL 12000 Watt

All Power America APGG12000GL 12000 Watt

If you’re looking for a best 12000 watt portable generator, then choosing All Power America APGG12000GL might be the perfect solution. This model has got everything it needs to become your favorite household appliance: powerful engine with enough power output in order to provide continuous operation and automatic voltage regulator ensuring optimized usage of consumed energy.

The device will run smoothly even when other appliances are being used at once which makes this one of the most convenient generators out there! It’s also extremely safe because its design ensures low noise level, reduced vibrations as well as overload protection indicator – so you’ll never have problems before they actually appear! If something goes wrong, just take a look into control panel illuminated by LED lights featuring all necessary information such as voltage output or overload protection indicator.

  • Automatic voltage regulator;
  • Powerful engine with enough power output in order to provide continuous operation;
  • Low noise level, reduced vibrations and overload protection indicator.
  • None.
Pulsar 12000 watts generator

Pulsar 12000 watts generator

Pulsar 12000 watts generator is ideal for people who don’t have enough time to deal with heavy objects or users that simply can’t manage “heavy” work. It’s got wheels which makes transportation extremely simple and the model has been designed to provide optimum power supply while maintaining low noise level, reduced vibrations as well as an automatic voltage regulator ensuring constant performance of the device even if you use it simultaneously with other appliances.

Pulsar 12000 watts generator can be used for powering up your home, garage or workshop by using the two 110 volt outlets and one 220 volt outlet which are included in this model’s package together with cable adapters that will help you connect the device to a variety of household appliances. It has got an automatic voltage regulator taking care of controlling electrical voltage output automatically preventing overloads as well as low-voltage conditions ensuring safe usage at all times.

One more useful feature is its fuel gauge letting you know when it’s time to fill up additional gasoline into its tank so that your unit would remain functional during longer events/outages.

  • Got wheels for easier transportation
  • Provided with cable adapters and a fuel gauge
  • Has got an automatic voltage regulator that ensures safe performance during all events/outages.
  • Bit heavy to carry around by yourself (about 200 pounds)
A-iPower 12000 watts generator

A-iPower 12000 watts generator

A-iPower 12000 watts generator is a real lightweight and compact device which makes it extremely popular among users that can’t or don’t want to deal with heavy work. It’s got wheels as well as nicely built carrying handles making transportation of this model really easy even for people who aren’t used to moving around such machines, let alone those individuals not being able to carry such objects by themselves.

Its engine has been designed specifically for providing optimum power supply at low noise level, reduced vibrations as well as an automatic voltage regulator ensuring constant performance throughout the whole time you use your unit. The machine will provide all these features while protecting itself from overloads and under-voltage conditions thus keeping you safe during all events/outages.

A-iPower is equipped with a long power cord allowing you to use it not only for powering up your home, garage or job site but also all of the tools/appliances that are compatible with standard 120V household outlets. This generator will run anything from smartphones and tablets through TVs and mini fridges till high end appliances like air conditioners as well as other devices requiring more electricity. It’s got an included voltmeter which allows you to check out the status of its engine at any given moment without even turning on your machine. You can be sure that this device doesn’t produce harmful emissions thus being environmentally friendly as well as safe for your health.

  • This machine is quite powerful and lightweight at the same time;
  • It’s got a long cord allowing users to use it for powering up all of their appliances without having to move them around.
  • The device doesn’t come with an initial charge which requires you to spend one or two hours on charging before using your unit for the first time;
Champion 12000 Watts generator

Champion 12000 Watts generator

Champion 12000 Watts generator is an extremely powerful device which allows you to enjoy your time spent at home or work without any interruptions. This model has been equipped with a powerful 196cc Champion engine as well as a circuit breaker system that protects this machine from overloads and other related issues thus offering its owners great amount of safety when using it. The unit also comes with two standard household outlets along with several adapters allowing users to connect virtually anything they want directly into the main source of electricity so their devices could be powered up during all situations/outages.

This particular product provides incredible power supply for both big homes as well as smaller jobsites being able to run heavy duty appliances such as air conditioners, fridges, freezers among other devices. As a result, this device is definitely worth considering if you want to improve your safety and comfort level as well as stay prepared for any circumstances that might occur during the night or day.

  • Offers great power supply for both homes as well as smaller jobsites
  • Features circuit breaker system that protects the device from overloads and other related issues thus offering its owner’s safety when using it
  • Can run heavy duty appliances such as air conditioners, fridges, freezers among other devices.
  • This unit is a bit pricey compared to others in this category.
Westinghouse powerful portable generator

Westinghouse powerful portable generator

Westinghouse is another great choice when in need of a portable generator which provides incredible power supply to both home and jobsite owners. This particular model has been equipped with an extremely powerful engine working at 192cc, air cooled system as well as an electric start mechanism allowing users to easily turn this unit on during all kinds of emergencies. The device features several outlets including one that can be used for powering up your RV straight from the main source while there are also two standard household plugs included.

This product comes with various accessories such as wheel kit making it easier for everyone looking to transport this machine around without too much fuss or hassle involved. There’s a fuel gauge featured allowing you to monitor how much gas remains inside the tank at all times. The Westinghouse generator is extremely easy to store and maintain, featuring an oil alert indicator which will make sure you don’t damage the engine due to lack of proper lubrication. This model includes battery included as well as a charger for said battery allowing users to always keep this unit ready whenever there’s need for it.

The device comes with several outlets making it possible for powering up your appliances or other machines that are necessary during emergency situations including one 12V DC outlet featured on the front side of the machine adding even more convenience. There are four standard 120v household plugs available along with single RV plug in order to allow you power both home devices and those used outdoors no matter what setting takes place.

  • Extremely easy to transport due to included wheel kit;
  • Features a fuel gauge allowing you to monitor how much gas is left inside the tank at all times;  
  • Comparatively expensive compared to other models with similar specs available on the market today.
Rainier 12000 watts power generator

Rainier 12000 watts power generator

Rainier is a company known for manufacturing high-quality and extremely reliable generators. The 12000 watts model has been equipped with an advanced inverter technology allowing the engine to produce perfect sine wave power supply ideal for powering up sensitive electronics such as those used in hospitals or at home by people who are unable to use standard models due to various circumstances.

This product comes with several outlets including two 120v household plugs available alongside single RV plug which can be used for both indoor appliances and other devices that need access to main source of energy during emergency situations when there’s no time nor opportunity for recharging your batteries or switching them out with fully charged ones, thus requiring a much more powerful backup option instead. There’s also a 12V DC outlet available for powering up laptops, phones or other smaller appliances.

This model is equipped with a special digital display panel which not only shows current load level but also allows monitoring of the amount of power produced by the generator in real time so you’d always be aware how much energy do your devices need to function properly and if there’s enough available wattage coming from this source of energy. The product comes with several useful features including overload protection system – it will automatically shut off once overloaded (it won’t turn back on until the engine cools down) thus avoiding any risks of overheating.

  • Digital display panel allowing for easy monitoring of the power being produced in real time.
  • Automatically shuts off once overloaded to avoid overheating.
  • Comes with several outlets including two 120v household plugs and a 12V DC outlet for powering up laptops, phones or other smaller appliances.
  • Noisy when working at full capacity (can be solved by purchasing a muffler).

How to Choose the Best 12000 watt portable generator

Who should buy 12000 watt portable generator?

This generator is ideal for those who have larger homes or just need a lot of power more than 10000w generator can provide. For example, if you’re constantly running multiple appliances at the same time then it would be beneficial to get an electrician out and upgrade your electrical system so that you can take advantage of more electricity without blowing fuses in your home. If not, however, these generators are great because they don’t require any additional work on your part other than filling them up with gas when necessary (generators do vary though so make sure to read product specifications before purchasing).

You’ll also want to consider whether you should buy one big 12000 watt generator or several smaller ones depending on how many things powering during an outage. That said, you should keep in mind that these generators are often very loud – quieter than they used to be but still quite loud. If noise is an issue then it might not be the best idea for your home, especially if there’s a possibility of sleeping while using one.

  • Transfer Switch

It offers the utmost safety when using a generator as your backup plan. It also bolsters your powering ability and protects your generator from damage. You can choose between a manual and automated transfer switch, although the automatic one is slightly expensive.

  • Upkeep Needs

It is important to take good care of your generator, especially if you want it to last for a longer time. For example, change the oil and air filter every 50 hours. Be sure that the gas tank is full at all times after each use because this will allow easy starting in case there’s an emergency.

  • Local Laws

Make sure that you are aware of the local laws regarding emergency generators. For example, some areas have restrictions on where to place your generator in case there’s an outage. It is best if their installation area can be clearly seen by all so as not to obstruct views or pose any safety hazards at night for vehicles and pedestrians alike.

  • Power usage

Knowing how much power you are going to need for your generator will allow you to pick the one that matches your needs. The best choice would be an inverter because it can regulate its wattage usage depending on what appliances or devices are in use at a given time.

  • Noise levels

Although it is a good idea to use generators in an emergency, you should not run them for too long at a given time. They produce very loud noise that can be harmful and disruptive. Noise levels of up to 60 decibels are common among most generators; however, they can go as high as 90 decibels or higher if the engine size increases.

  • The running time and fuel capacity

The larger the engine of a portable 12000 watt generator, the longer it will last on just one tank or load. If you plan to use several appliances at once, then look for one that has higher fuel capacities. On average, generators with up to 5000 watts can run continuously for about eight hours while those with more than 8000 watts can go on for around six hours before needing refueling.

  • Portability and assembly

The more portable a generator is, the better. You should look for one that can be easily moved and placed on different locations such as your garage or deck. The weight will also factor into this decision because some units are very heavy and difficult to move around especially if you don’t have the proper equipment with you.

  • Ease-of-use

Since you will be using your generator for emergencies, it is best to choose one that can easily be started up. Many generators today come with electric starters so they don’t require pull-cords or other complicated starting mechanisms. Other models have an automatic turn on feature which allows them to power up as soon as the engine starts running and shuts off when it stops completely.

  • Price

Last but not least, you need to balance between the price and quality of a generator before making your purchase. Don’t just look at one or two factors because these can be misleading; instead take into consideration all important aspects such as power usage, noise levels, durability, ease-of-use etc.

Key Features of a 12000 watt portable generator

Lightweight and Portable

Most of these generators are under 100 lbs which makes it easy to transport between your home, garage or shed if necessary.

Electric Start Option

Many manufacturers offer electric start options so that you don’t have to start their generator manually with a pull cord (although this is still an option for some models). We recommend checking to see what the model you’re looking at offers before purchasing since each one varies in terms of size/type.

Quiet Mode Function

This function allows users to reduce noise levels up to 50% while using quieter mufflers as well as high frequency inverters for even more power output. In our opinion, however, unless you live far from other homes then it’s not likely going to be worth the extra cost.

Fuel Efficiency

It’s important to consider how long you can run your generator before it needs gas, especially if there are multiple people in your home who will need to use it at different times throughout the day or week. This is often measured in hours which means that 12000 watt generators typically have a longer life than smaller models when running appliances with lower power output.

Parallel Capability

This feature allows generators to be connected together so that they can share the workload. In other words, if you have two of these 12000 watt portable generators then it will double your power output which is ideal for larger homes with multiple appliances requiring electricity simultaneously.

Digital Gauge/Monitoring Panel

Most models come equipped with a digital gauge or monitoring panel so that users are able to see how much gas and oil they have as well as engine temperature levels during operation.

Tips for using the 12000 watt portable generator

  • If you live in an area where it’s often windy, make sure to secure the generator with ropes or chains; choose a model that comes equipped with wheels for easier transportation.
  • If your electricity went out during summer months when temperature is high, don’t leave the generator outside – this will cause overheating which might damage engine parts making them unusable until repaired (requires professional assistance).
  • Don’t forget to check oil level on regular basis and refill if needed using only suggested type of motor oil as instructed by manufacturer. Otherwise, unit can become damaged over time due to lack of lubrication preventing proper functioning.
  • Keep the generator away from water and other liquid spills while working in damp conditions. If caught in rain, make sure to turn it off immediately; also avoid any contact with floodwater (risk of electric shock).
  • Make sure that children or pets stay at least 15 feet away from the unit when powering up as there’s always a possibility for machine parts becoming loose which can cause injuries if stepped over by someone unaware of such risks.
  • Don’t leave your 12000 watt portable generator outside during winter months – low temperatures might affect performance significantly making engine work harder than usual until heated enough thus draining too much power, leaving nothing left for later use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spoiler title

Most models of this power range are equipped with a standard set of outlets including two 120v household plugs and one 240v twist lock outlet. The number also depends on model you choose as not all brands offer the same configuration – make sure to check carefully before placing your order online or offline.

Spoiler title

If you plan on powering up your home appliances like refrigerator, stove or sump pump (heavy-duty) it’s recommended to choose a model with an engine that can operate for at least 16 hours straight. To avoid overheating and overloading the unit it’s best if you use only half of its power capacity – this way there’ll be enough energy left in case something unexpected happens needing more wattage than usual.

How much does a 12,000-watt generator cost?

The price of 12000 watt portable generator depends on various factors including brand, model and features included. It’s best to compare different offers online before making any decisions – this way you buy the unit for a suitable price that covers all important aspects without wasting money on additional features or functions you don’t really need.

Will a 12,000-watt generator power the entire house?

The amount of power a 12000 watt generator can produce is usually enough for powering up appliances in the average-sized home. If you’re looking to cover all energy needs, choose one with an engine that produces more than 16500 watts.


If you need a 12000 watt portable generator, our buying guide will provide all of the information that you’ll want to know about this product before purchasing. From features and pricing considerations to different brands on the market, we have everything that you need in one convenient place! We also included some tips for using your new purchase if it is your first time with a 12000-watt portable generator. Be sure to check out our FAQ section as well. With so much valuable content packed into these pages, there has never been a better time than now to order yours today!