Best motorcycle hitch carrier

Whether you own a brand new motorcycle or a used dirt bike, being able to get your vehicle around is of the utmost importance. While we agree that there is no feeling like the open road beneath your two wheels, sometimes you need to transport your motorcycle or dirtbike without actually riding the vehicle. In these instances, you will need the best motorcycle carrier available for the job.

Best Motorcycle Hitch Carrier Reviews

Once you’ve locked in the main qualities that you are interested in pursuing, you can start shopping around for the best hitch carrier for your specific needs. Today, we have chosen to highlight five of the top motorcycle hitch carriers on the market. Using our guide above as a template, we pulled together five carriers that will get you out on the road in no time.

  • GoPlus 600 lbs Motorcycle Carrier

Sometimes you cannot beat simplicity. The GoPlus 600 lb Motorcycle Carrier was designed in order to get you out on the road with your bike securely tucked away, attached to your hitch mounted carrier. This motorcycle carrier features a solid metal body which offers high levels of durability as well as consistent weather resistance. The carrier is strong enough to handle up to 600 lbs of weight at a time which makes it ideal for smaller motorcycles or average dirt bikes.

What makes the GoPlus 600 lbs carrier so effective is that it is easy to install and maintain. With a 2″ receiver, your carrier should be able to fit on just about every normal truck in the country. There are multiple quick release locks which help you to secure your bike or release it as needed. The entire carrier is packed in a sleek black aesthetic which makes it visually impressive, as well.

  • Black Widow AMC 600 Double Motorcycle Carrier

This sleek and minimalist motorcycle carrier was designed to help you travel with up to two bikes at a time. With a wide frame and multiple locking mechanisms, you’ll be able to secure two motorcycles or dirtbikes while traveling. The carrier has a 600 lb capacity with a 400 lb maximum per bike, so keep that in mind when referencing the motorcycles that you will be carrying.

The Black Widow AMC 600 features a 45 1/2″ rolling ramp which makes it easy for you to get your smaller motorcycles into position before hitting the road. The hitch mount on this product was designed for the average 2″ hitch receiver. Additionally, the hitch mounting operation features a shock absorbent anti-rattle device so that your bikes are protected even in rougher terrain.

  • Motorcycle Scooter DirtBike Carrier

This large, black device looks like something pulled out of a sci-fi flick but it does its job as well as any other product on our list. This motorcycle carrier features a strong frame that connects to your vehicle via a 2″ receiver. The simple ramp allows you to load your bike up from either direction and an anti-tilt feature makes sure that your vehicle stays level. The body of the product is covered with a specialized powder coating which will also protect it from the elements as well as any other debris and detritus common to life on the road.

This is a simple carrier that can be easily installed thanks to the fact that you only need a handful of bolts and a little bit of elbow grease in order to secure it to your vehicle. If you value a simple carrier that can handle a single, heavy bike then this is the option for you.

  • Black Widow MCC 600

If heft is your concern then the Black Widow MCC 600 Heavy Duty Carrier should get the job done. This is a high-quality, durable motorcycle carrier that was designed to handle an excessive burden. Featuring an extended loading platform that is easy to condense and store, you’ll have no issues getting even larger bikes mounted to the back of your vehicle.

This hitch mounted carrier was built with power in mind. The carrier can handle motorcycle wheels up to 8 inches in width and up to 600 lbs in burden. This carrier fits a 2″ hitch receiver and it also showcases an adjustable wheel chock and anti-rattle device. The entire product is made of powder coated steel for extra endurance when in the elements.

  • Black Widow AMC 400

Rounding out our list is one of the top dirt bike hitch mounted carriers around, the Black Widow AMC 400. This ultra-light carrier features an aluminum body as well as a self-storing ramp. You can roll your bike on from either direction for easy loading and unloading. This carrier fits bikes up to 5 and 1/2″ wheels and the body of this carrier affixes to Class III or IV hitch receivers.

This is a lightweight carrier that can be stored flat when not in use. Anti-rattling mechanisms help to keep your bike locked in and secured during travels and an additional spacer bar keeps can help you to carry youth bikes, as well.

How to Choose A Hitch Carrier For Your Motorcycle

Whether you are looking for the best dirt bike hitch carrier or the newest motorcycle hitch hauler, you are going to need a little bit of assistance. While there are riders out there who can recite every statistic about every motorcycle on the market, far fewer riders know as much about hitch carriers. A hitch carrier is a special type of carrying rack that is affixed to the hitch mount of your vehicle. How do you select which hitch mounted motorcycle carrier is right for you?

  • Identify Your Hitch Mount

The first step that you need to take in order to find the right hitch carrier is simple, you need to identify the type of hitch mount that is affixed to your vehicle. Also known as your hitch receiver, the most common measurements include 1 1/4″ x 1-1/4″ and 2″ x 2″. The size of your hitch receiver will decide what weight capacity your vehicle can handle as well as the size mount that you require.

  • Quality Of Construction

The best motorcycle hitch carrier will be designed in order to withstand a heavy burden while maintaining its durability. The idea of your hitch mount breaking while driving on the highway should highlight just how important getting a quality motorcycle bumper carrier is. The first thing you need to do is inspect the quality of construction regarding the different options available to you. Included in your consideration should be:

  • Metal Build

Is your carrier made out of steel or aluminum? Steel carriers are more durable but they are heavier which makes them ideal for bigger bikes. Aluminum carriers are lighter and as such can be seen as less durable. However, aluminum carriers can make for the best dirt bike hitch rack options no the market due to how easy they are to install and maintain.

  • Ramp Features

Take a close look at the different ramp builds provided in our reviews section, below. The ramp on your trailer hitch motorcycle rack needs to be strong, easy to use, and longlasting.

  • Weather Resistance

Finally, opt for the quality hitch motorcycle carrier heavy duty options that are lined with some kind of weather resistant coating. As your carrier will be exposed to the elements any time you are on the road, you need to know that it can withstand UV rays, rain, sleet, and snow.

  • Inspect Weight Limitations

It should come as no surprise that one of the most important qualities of a motorcycle carrier is the weight limit and loading capacity. Remember, your carrying capacity will change based on what you are hauling. For a smaller bike, a motorcycle hitch carrier 600 lb rating is probably fine. For a dual motorcycle carrier, you need to be able to withstand the weight of two full-sized bikes. Above all else, check what weight limitations your vehicle may have by inspecting your vehicle’s manual.

  • Analyze Your Specific Needs

Take a look at the vehicle that you will be installing your receiver hitch motorcycle carrier on. Do you have a large truck? Do you have a small car? A motorcycle rack for truck usage can withstand a heavier burden than a small car. Additionally, you’ll have to decide how many bikes you want to be able to carry. Do you need a multi-bike carrier?

  • Ease Of Assembly

Some hitch carriers are more labor intensive than others in terms of the installation process. We prioritize ease-of-assembly when dealing with products of similar quality. Above all else, don’t get behind the wheel of your vehicle without ensuring that your carrier was properly installed.