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One of the most important pieces of equipment for any trailer owner is a hoist. The problem is that there are so many different types on the market, and it can be difficult to find one that meets your needs. In this article, we’ll review some of our favorite hitch hoists and help you choose the best one for your needs!

A trailer hitch hoist is a  special type of winch that uses a crank to raise and lower your trailer. They’re designed for use with cargo trailers, camping trailers, boat trailers or any other heavy vehicle you need moved around from time to time.

A standard trailer hitch hoist has an adjustable ratchet to secure the load at desired height. It can be left in place when not needed, and only needs to be raised when you want your cargo lowered for loading or unloading. For owners of heavier trailers, a stronger model will probably need to be purchased.

There are many different types of hitches on the market today, so it’s important that the one you choose is compatible with your vehicle before ordering! Make sure your measurements match up exactly – otherwise there could be damage to either the winch itself or on your vehicle due to incorrect fitment. Even if everything matches up exactly right, many users report having issues using some brands – especially if they have dual wheels on their trailer.

A trailer hitch hoist has a crank that lowers or raises the winch. When you’re ready to lower your cargo, simply turn the handle on the left of the unit until it locks into place – this will bring your load down so you can unload!

When loading up for departure, just give it another quick turn and release. This action brings your job back up where you need it so you can secure it properly without damage to either yourself or your vehicle / equipment. There are also some models which offer ratchet-locking capabilities in order to stop any movement while driving if desired.

These units typically have an adjustable foot pedal at their base that lets users lock them in when they reach their destination safely (no more cranking!). This makes them a great choice for boaters that spend time in shallow water, since it eliminates the need to worry about finding deep enough channels or having to “wade” when they want their cargo lowered.

Best trailer hitch hoists reviewed

Viking Solutions SwiveLift Loading System for 2inch Hitches - 300 lbs

Viking Solutions SwiveLift Loading System for 2inch Hitches - 300 lbs

This unit is designed to fit into a standard Class II hitch receiver and allow the user to load/unload cargo quickly & effortlessly thanks its easy-to-use design. It has an adjustable height range between 34″ – 52″, making it ideal for most vehicles with either flatbeds or open truck beds that need extra support (it can also be used on top of car carriers). Stainless steel construction means this hoist will last much longer than other models made from less expensive materials, while two rubber pads help protect your surface against scratches / damage during installation or removal.

The included LED light bar makes working in low lighting conditions easier by providing proper visibility where it’s needed without having to turn on headlights which might not be safe if you are working alone. Lifting capacity of 300 lbs means it can handle most types of cargo & trailers, while its rotating base provides the freedom to load/unload either left or right side.

Although this unit is designed for Class II hitches only (it won’t work on Class III), installation should take less than 15 minutes thanks to the user-friendly design and simple hand tools required during assembly. If you are looking for a sturdy loading solution that allows easy access to your truck bed / flatbed whenever needed, then this high quality Viking product comes highly recommended.

  • Rotating base provides freedom to load/unload cargo from either side
  • Wide adjustable height range allows this hoist to fit most vehicles and trailers
  • Rubber pads protect surface against scratches / damage during installation or removal
  • Only designed for Class II hitches, won’t work with Class III (higher) products
Viking Solutions Rack Jack II Hoist with Winch for 2 inch Hitches - 300 lbs

Viking Solutions Rack Jack II Hoist with Winch for 2 inch Hitches - 300 lbs

If you need a heavy-duty trailer hitch hoist that can handle larger loads and provide better stability, this is the right product for your needs. It works with Class II hitches only (won’t work on higher classes), installs into standard receivers in less than 15 minutes, yet its sturdy steel construction provides stable support to help reduce swaying when lifting cargo / trailers weighing up to 300 lbs.

The unit features two separate pneumatic pistons which push it upwards smoothly & effortlessly while locking in position so there’s no excessive or uncontrolled motion during use – ideal if working by yourself without a spotter nearby. Rubber pads along arm protect vehicle surface from any damage caused during installation/removal of the rack jack, while large footplate provides sure footing for stability.

The included winch system can be used to pull off the hoist with ease, so you don’t have to use your own strength & risk injury if lifting heavy cargo / trailer by yourself – it’s ideal when working alone or in tight spaces where there’s not enough room for a spotter. Additionally, the foot pedal controls are conveniently located on both sides of the unit for easy access from either side – great feature that eliminates leaning over/down to operate them while keeping hands free at all times.

On top of these features, this rack jack also comes fully assembled right out-of-the-box and includes an installation kit which is very handy as most parts require drilling (you might want some help from someone who knows what they are doing if you have any doubts about your own abilities).

  • Sturdy steel construction with powder coating for long-lasting performance
  • Two pneumatic pistons provide smooth & controlled lifting while locking in place so there’s no swaying / uncontrolled motion when working by yourself
  • Footplate offers stability and sure footing while rubber pads protect vehicle surface from damage during installation/removal
  • Winch system pulls hoist up easily, allowing you to work alone or in tight spaces where a spotter isn’t available
  • None.
Viking Solutions Rack Jack Magnum Hoist with Winch for 2 inch Hitches - 650 lbs

Viking Solutions Rack Jack Magnum Hoist with Winch for 2 inch Hitches - 650 lbs

This rack jack features a larger design to accommodate Class III hitches and provide more stability when lifting cargo / trailers weighing up to 650 lbs. It works with standard receivers, installs into them in less than 15 minutes & can be easily removed if needed without any drilling required – the installation kit comes included.

The unit is made of sturdy steel construction which provides stable support for swaying during use while its two pneumatic pistons push it upwards smoothly & effortlessly until they lock into place at desired height for maximum safety (not recommended that you work by yourself as there’s risk of injury). Rubber pads along arm protect vehicle surface from damage caused by bumping against it during operation, while large footplate offers sure footing for stability.

A winch with 45 feet of cable extends downwards to allow easier access when loading / unloading cargo into or from the car. It operates smoothly & provides plenty of slack for maneuverability while also feeding back up automatically after you release it so thatthere’s no hassle in setting it again every time (a locking cleat is included).

  • Sturdy construction provides stable support for swaying
  • Large footplate offers sure footing & protection from damage to vehicle surface
  • 45 feet of cable ensures plenty of slack during loading/unloading cargo into / out of car
  • None
TorkLift SuperHitch Everest Weight Distribution System - 30,000 lbs GTW, 3,000 lbs TW

TorkLift SuperHitch Everest Weight Distribution System - 30,000 lbs GTW, 3,000 lbs TW

This weight distribution system is designed to be used with Class III or IV trailer hitches and provides hitch-mounted push/pull force of up to 30,000 lbs (GTW) at the ball. It comes in two models: one for standard height applications & another capable of handling high rise hitches so you can choose whichever fits your vehicle’s specifications best.

Both utilize a unique spring mechanism that automatically levels trailers when attached & compresses during sharp turns without causing any damage – they enable smooth operation even on tough roads while also providing sway control thanks to Torklift’s patented symmetric SwayPro design which keeps both axles level regardless of load conditions

The superhitch operates using only one tow vehicle as it distributes the weight across two axles via a dual cam sway control.

This ensures that the load is carried by both vehicles, which not only reduces strain on a single vehicle but also prevents damage to brake lines and other vital components

The included sway bar & drop equalizer bars enable further reduction of trailer movement for additional stability. The system features Torklift’s patented Max Turn design so it can actually turn with trailers under heavy loads – perfect if you’ve got multiple trailers attached together! In addition, the hitch comes with built-in ScaleTrac technology which automatically sets individual spring tensions depending on whether your loaded or unloaded – this keeps everything level regardless of load conditions without needing manual adjustments from time to time as competing systems do .

  • Maximum towing capacity of 30,000 lbs
  • Unique spring design that automatically levels trailers when hitched and reduces sway.
  • Patented symmetric SwayPro technology provides stability regardless of load conditions or vehicle movement.
  • Can be a bit pricey compared to other brands but you get what you pay for!
Montreal Canadiens 2 NHL Trailer Hitch Receiver Cover - ABS Plastic

Montreal Canadiens 2 NHL Trailer Hitch Receiver Cover - ABS Plastic

If you’re a die-hard hockey fan and want to show your support wherever you go, this Montreal Canadiens hitch cover is just what the doctor ordered! It features an elegant design which fits most standard receivers with ease – simply attach it using thumb screws or bolts (depending on receiver size) for quick & easy installation.

The non-toxic ABS plastic construction provides durable protection against rain, snow & road debris while also protecting your vehicle’s finish from scratches and rust. A waterproof rubber O-ring ensures a tight seal while the included locking pin helps prevent theft.

This item is made in North America and has an average install time of under 15 minutes without any tools required! It’s also backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, just like all our other items.

You can select from multiple color options depending on your personal taste so you can pick the look that best matches your vehicle. We also offer custom designs if none of our standard options are to your liking – just contact us for details!

  • Fits most standard receivers with a simple thumb screw mechanism – no tools required.
  • Made from durable ABS plastic which provides protection against road debris and other hazards without damaging the receiver itself.
  • May not fit extremely large/heavy load types on some vehicles due to small size of hitch receiver (usually found on cars).

Buying a New trailer hitch hoist: What to Look For

  • Size

make sure your unit can accommodate the load you plan to bring with it. Remember that tongue weight will be supported by either tire pressure or a hitch-mounted stabilizer bar – so don’t overload!

  • Price

cost depends on size, construction materials and whether or not electric winches are offered. Stainless steel models tend to run higher than other types but last much longer between tune-ups / replacements thanks their corrosion resistant properties (which helps save money in the long term).

  • Warranty

most units come with a one-year warranty for normal use and proper maintenance (check the fine print on some companies that offer longer warranties, but may exclude wear & tear).

  • Extras

some models (especially the more expensive ones) offer additional features like 360 degree pivoting capabilities, locking mechanisms and built-in lighting. Make sure you know what your unit offers – or if there are any upgrades available that might be worth considering!

  • Hitch Type

to use a trailer hitch hoist, you need either Class I or Class II hitches – so make sure the unit you choose is compatible with your vehicle’s type before making any purchase.

  • Weight Limits

while most models are rated to hold up to two tons (4000 lbs) of cargo load, some only carry enough weight for one ton (2000 lbs). Make sure it can handle anything that’ll be brought onto its surface!

  • Material

most units are made from steel, aluminum or stainless steel – but some of the pricier options may use titanium instead. This can help reduce weight while also making them more corrosion resistant (which means they don’t have to be replaced as often).

  • Easy Installation vs. Hardwiring

depending on where you plan on using your trailer hitch hoist, installation could either take minutes with no tools required at all! If not, it might require hardwiring so keep this in mind when shopping around since it will affect cost / labor time if that’s something you’ll need done yourself.

Benefits of trailer hitch hoist

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is a critical aspect of the hitch you choose – most are rated for anywhere from 500lbs to 2000lbs or more! It’s important that your unit can accommodate both the weight of your load and any tools / equipment you plan on putting with it.

Some models offer “double-duty” ability, where they can be used as either a winch or ratchet depending on user preference at time of use. This makes them great for anyone needing something simple but versatile enough to switch between multiple trailers/loads over their lifetime.

Transportation and Disassembly

Many models are designed with transportation and storage in mind, which can be a huge benefit if you’re transporting your load more than just from point A to B. Having the ability to store it without taking up too much space or assembling / disassembling each time you need access is crucial – especially for those on a budget!

When possible, choose one that has fold-able arms so they take up less room while traveling. This also makes them easier to install on smaller vehicles since there’s no danger of bumping into anything when raising/lowering your cargo. The last thing you want is some expensive equipment damaged because it didn’t fit properly thanks to an arm being stuck out at funny angle!

Hitch-Mounted Hoists

Hitch-mounted hoists are the most common types of trailer hitch hoist. They have a sturdy base with an adjustable ratchet which locks into place when you’re ready to use it – just turn the handle at its center and your load is secured!

Some models offer dual locking capabilities, so they can be set in place for travel but easily unlocked by giving them a quick tug with any flat bar tool (like a crowbar). This makes them ideal for boaters that spend time in shallow water or those who do not want their cargo coming down while driving around town.

360 Degree Pivoting

If you’re looking for a little bit more flexibility in your trailer hitch hoist, choose one that has 360 degree pivoting capabilities. This lets them pivot and turn to any angle so they can be worked with from anywhere around the vehicle – without having to crawl under and fish anything out!

This is especially useful if you plan on loading or unloading at awkward angles (like near stairs) since it allows users to work directly over the load as opposed to reaching down into the dirt. Many models even let you lock this ability in place, which saves time when getting ready for travel by letting you secure your cargo quickly and easily right where it needs to be.

Durable Construction

While most trailer hitch hoist are made from steel or aluminum, some of the higher-end models use stainless steel for their construction. This makes them great for boaters who will be working with sea and salt water since it’s corrosion resistant (and can even help prevent rust if you keep up on maintenance).

This is also a good solution to consider when weather conditions aren’t always ideal – if your boat sits out in rain or snow all winter long, this helps protect against any damage that could occur over time due to environmental factors. Stainless unit do tend to cost more money but can last much longer between tune-ups / replacements – which brings us to our next point.

Manual Vs. Electric Winch

There are two types of trailer hitch hoists: manual winches and electric winches. The former is the most common – it requires you to raise or lower your load by turning a handle at its center, which helps save on battery life since they don’t require an external power source (some models can even use hydraulics instead).

You may also want to look into whether or not your unit has this option if you’ll be working in colder weather that might affect performance. Since cold temperatures increase friction between moving parts, trying to turn a ratchet during freezing conditions could result in damage over time due all-too-common stiff joints caused by cold air!


Will this work on my car?

Yes, provided you have a Class III receiver. This hoist is made to fit any vehicle with the standard tow hitch or trailer’s weight capacity. It can support up to 500 pounds but it also depends on your existing parts and what other equipment (tow bar) that are installed in your vehicle.

What will I need for installation of the lift system?

You will need an extra set of hands when lifting the frame into place so hooking up electrical wiring may be difficult if not impossible by yourself. Fortunately, there are two-post systems available which make usage much easier without requiring installer to fumble around under automotive body panels while trying to complete wiring connections. Furthermore, you will need a wrench set as well as sockets for tightening up all fasteners which secure mount and lift to your vehicle.

How much room do I have in the receiver?

Since this is an adjustable unit, you can easily store it into either Class II or III receivers without any issue space-wise. Many other models on the market are not so flexible because they rely upon permanent components being welded onto mounting plate. This should fit just fine depending on how deep your existing hitch’s drop tube extends inside of its flange face. Just measure from top to bottom before purchasing anything online or at retail outlet!


The benefits of a trailer hitch hoist are many. Whether you need to tow your boat or use the hitch for something else, this device will help make it easier and more convenient. If you have any questions about which one is best for your needs, our FAQs section should be able to answer them with ease.