Best rooftoop cargo carrier bag

If you’re planning a whole week, a weekend or just a one-day excursion to the park or beach it can become a dilemma trying to determine how you’re going to pack everything in your vehicle. If you add sports equipment for skiing, camping, kayak or canoeing, fishing or cycling to your travel needs even more space is required.

If you don’t have a roof-rack already that is easily solvable by adding removable car racks to the roof. If you worry about a sudden downpour and your stuff getting wet or ruined you may want to consider a waterproof cargo bag. They are easy to attach to a roof-rack and if you already have roof railings the bag can easily strap down to the existing rails. You can also strap down many bags through the car roof frame, tightening straps on the interior roof.

The bags will protect your equipment from the wind, provide a secure storage carrying area for your needs. Bags come in all shapes and sizes so bringing along large sports equipment is no problem when you place the bag and equipment side-by-side.

Best Cargo Carrier Bags Reviews

Listings include all types of rooftop carrier bag to meet your needs and we have tried to include important details about size and functionality.

Roof Bags For Vehicles With Roof Rails Or Roofrack Bag

A number of roof bags available require attachment to an existing roof rail or roof-rack system.

  • Vault Cargo roof-rack cargo carrier storage roof bag

Has an additional storing capacity of 15 cubic feet of storage, easily straps to the rooftop crossbars or a rooftop basket. It is completely waterproof handling severe weather and the car roof bag measures 44”L x 34”W x 17”H. It is made of heavy duty canvas that protects your cargo from the elements and conditions of traveling and has a non-rigid bottom so it is recommended you use a protective roof mat as the bag rests directly on the roof. It straps down using either ratcheted straps or lashing straps to secure the bag to your roof rails/bars.

  • The Suner Power waterproof luggage carrier

Heavy duty rooftop cargopack luggage storage bag with anti-slip mat includes 10 reinforced adjustable straps for extra protection with 15 cubic feet of storage mass, making it one of the best rooftop cargo bag. Perfect for cars, truck, SUVs and vans the bag is made of superior heavy duty PVC, is 5 times stronger than nylon oxford and works much better to be waterproof, UV proof. It is exclusively equipped with 10 reinforced adjustable straps instead of 6 to firmly keep the bag secured on all roof racks and comes with an anti-slip mat to keep bag in place, without slipping, scratching, or residue.

The over-sized zipper closure with strong seam, protects your luggage against rain, grit, snow, wind and sun, and keeps cargo dry and clean. It folds compact for simple storage and has a three-year extended warranty. The bag’s roomy storage increases the automobile’s overall mass, making it possible to bring along everything you need, freeing up inside automobile areas for more comfort and is perfect for road trips, weekend adventures, or moving holiday. The cargo bag measures 44”x 34”x17”and features a black finish.

  • The UMJWYJ car roof waterproof cargo bag

Provides 10 cubic feet of luggage storage with wide straps for securing your load for cars, vans and SUVs. The bag is made of PVC, and enhanced 420D Nylon with melted seams and zipper flaps to protect cargo against road grit, sun, wind and rain. This soft-shell cargo bag includes 6 straps to adjust to the size of your luggage, can withstand the weight of 220 lbs, but also prevents baggage bag from inclining while driving, solid and reliable. The wide straps can ensure that everything stays in place even on rough and bumpy road.

The bags are simple to attach to existing side-rails and cross-bars and are perfect for luggage and equipment on and off the automobiles. UMJWYJ offers a 12 months warranty on this bag.

  • ROLA 59100 platypus expandable rooftop bag

Has a unique cinching system that keeps cargo secure and expands from 40″L x 34″W x 16″H to 41″L x 35″W x 24″H by simply unzipping – that’s 10 cubic feet to 15 cubic feet). The sporty, stylish bag has extra weatherproof construction and includes a 5 year warranty. It is made to easily attach to most vehicles with side roof bars or roof racks.

Bags For Vehicles Bare Roof/No Rack

  • RoofBag

Made in the USA, carries a 1 year warranty and fits cars with side-rails, cross bars or even no roof-rack, strapping around the frame through the doors. This car carrier Includes heavy duty straps made of seatbelt-style 3,000 lbs-strong heavy duty construction material to secure the bag to your automobile. The bag comes in either 11 cubic feet storage mass for cars and sedans or the 15 cubic foot size for SUVs, full-size cars and vans, similar to 4-5 medium suitcases.

The bag is made with a triple-seal technology, is free of toxic chemicals, has no BPA, is fire resistant, rip and peel resistant, constructed with double-coated abrasion-resistant vinyl and aerodynamically shaped for quiet, fuel-efficient trips. It is strong and durable, resistant to extreme temperatures, snow, sand and wind damage and continuous sun exposure and is possibly among the best rooftop cargo bags available. The bag carries a 2-year manufacturer warranty, comes with a storage bag and is easily installed whether bare roof/no roof-rack, side-rails or full roof-rack.

  • RoofPax car roof bag & rooftop cargo carrier

A 19 cubic foot heavy duty bag made of 100% waterproof excellent military quality fabric and fits all cars with or without a roof-rack, making it an excellent soft roof carrier. The system uses 4 door hooks (6 included) to secure the bag to the automobiles reducing obstructions within the automobiles, providing the safest and most secure car roof cargo bag on the market today. The quality military grade waterproof dual-seamed fabric includes a built-in protective roof mat with Velcro strap restrainers to prevent strap flapping. Secure features also include a heavy duty SBS waterproof zipper, strong straps with NIFCO buckles and double strap covers with 8 Velcro straps.

Aerodynamic Design Roof Bags

Aerodynamically designed stronger bags are shorter in the front expanding higher as they move to the rear. These bags are designed to reduce wind resistance and noise.

  • STDY 20 cubic foot rooftop cargo top carrier bag

Waterproof, constructed of 600-denier polyester fabric. The easy-to-install soft shell luggage roof-rack bag has an overall size of 51”L x 40”W x 17”H and is treated with a pressing process incorporating rubber strips for a stronger waterproof, anti-rip, anti-peel, anti-crack ultra-strong dual seam construction technology providing awesome severe weather resistance.

Strong nylon straps with buckles are included for simple attachment to most cars, SUVs or vans with a roof-rack system making it ideal to take the cargo bag to any place you need extra storage area. You’ll get a full 6-months warranty against any kind of defects in fabric and workmanship. It has superior, strong, waterproof fabric, 8 specially-designed straps and safety buckles to secure the bag to the vehicles, weighs only 5.3 pounds and is simple to attach and remove from your automobile.

  • Sailor 15 cubic foot car rooftop carrier

Water resistant car & van soft rooftop equipment and cargo bag/box for storage and luggage. It is crafted from rubber laminated nylon to protect your equipment and luggage from rain and dust on the road. This cargo bag has 4 extra-strong, wide straps to ensure that everything stays in place even on rough and bumpy roads. The Roof Bag overall size is 43″ x 31″ x 17″ providing 15 cubic feet worth of essentials without impeding on passenger comfort.

Thanks to the foldable fabric, 4 built-in tie straps and 4 extra straps, this car rooftop carrier attaches in only a matter of minutes and easily folds inside the provided storage bag when not in use. The unit is waterproof, has zipper covers for extra protection in inclement weather and is made with 500D rubber laminated nylon, coated on both sides with abrasion-resistant waterproof vinyl and withstands extreme temperatures, wind, sun, rain, snow, or sand. The bag is designed to fit most cars, SUVs and vans with existing roof rails or roof racks.

  • Coocheer car roof carrier

Black waterproof universal soft rooftop luggage cargo carrier bag for vehicles with racks. It is manufactured from rubber laminated nylon, comes with 6 extra strong, wide straps to prevent gear moving around

Able to cargo up to 15 cubic feet worth of essentials the 43″h x 31″w x 17″h size provides plenty of extra area and withstands extreme weather conditions and hazards of wind and sand with its abrasion resistant rubber laminate nylon design.

Protective Roof Mats

Protective roof mats are an economical means to prevent scratching and to keep luggage and cargo from slipping, as this can occur even when the items seems to be securely tightened.

The roof cargo bag protective mat for car roof storage bags with extra padding and grip is the perfect scratch resistant matting to place on your roof under rooftop bags to protect your automobile roof and keep the bag from slipping. The thick protective pad fits neatly under roof cargo carriers and protects against scratches and gouges and also fits under cargo carriers. It is reinforced, rubberized and works with roof-rack crossbars, rooftop cargo carrier, roof basket, car rooftop carrier, car storage roof box and luggage carrier. The generous 36” x 39” size assures pad fits most vehicles. Cut to fit or fold for extra protection.

Heavy Duty Cargo Baskets/Racks

  • Vault cargo management universal roof basket

Ideal for hauling luggage, spare tires, and camping equipment and measures 44″L x 39″W x 5″H. Steel bars allow for nylon cargo netting or ratchet straps to secure luggage and cargo safely and the aerodynamic design prevent wind resistance giving the cargo roof-rack a low profile design. The roof-rack easily and securely installs on existing roof-rack cross bars, easily removes as desired and has a 150 lb load mass. Installation requires ratchet straps or lashing straps which are provided.

  • Leader Accessories cargo bag

Can attach to roof racks for transport next to sporting goods like kayaks, bicycles, snowboards and skis. The bags are longer than more transport roof bags and are perfect for your extra outside rooftop cargo needs or may be used as a hitch cargo carrier bag cargo hitch sidekick behind the automobile if desired. They are a waterproof cargo box extendable from 13.8 cu. ft. to 16.6cu. ft. Made of heavy duty construction, the soft shell fabric sides flex to fit odd-shaped loads, are strong against wind and heavy rain and are easily installed with the 6 piece straps with buckles The bag includes a one year warranty.

RoofTop Cargo Carrier Made Of ABS Plastic

  • The Pep Boys Voyager 18 CF RoofTop Cargo Carrier 90274

Comes fully assembled and ready to install on your existing roof-rack with cross-bars. Measuring 39.2”W x 19.3”H x 62.8”L inches and weighing 27 pounds the clamshell-shaped luggage carrier is mads of long lasting ABS plastic and has multiple mounting holes for an assortment of adjustable mounting options. For optimal performance the lockable carrier should be mounted so the unit is opened from the rear of the automobile.

Straps securing your cargo may be strong but simple to cut, allowing for someone to take your belongs. Adding a few extra straps that are not easily cut can save you the time of having to unload and reload everything every time you have an extended stop.