Generator muffler silencer kit

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Noisy generators have been a problem for years. Well, believe it or not, there are actually muffler kits on the market that can help reduce some of the noise produced by your generator. Muffler kits come in different sizes and styles to fit any need you may have. They are easy to install, affordable, lightweight and durable. Let’s take a look at what is available out there!

What is a Muffler and How Does It Work?

A muffler is a device inside the generator that helps reduce noise. It works by absorbing some of the sound produced by your generator and then dampens it before releasing it into the air, much like an ad-hoc car exhaust system to keep out excess gas from entering back into your engine. Mufflers are made up of chambers filled with foam or fiberglass insulation which absorb unwanted sounds as they pass through each chamber within the muffler unit. When installing new silencer kits , you will have to remove your old muffler first so make sure you have some extra time on hand for this part of installation process since some units require more work than others depending on how many wires need cutting/attaching/extending during replacement process.

What to look for before buying a generator muffler silencer kit

  • Type of muffler silencer kit

There are two types of muffler silencer kit available on the market today which include a complete exhaust system or replacement parts. For example, we decided to go with an entire package containing all necessary pieces for attaching onto our current generator setup!

For example, there’s a wide range of prices and quality levels among these different products so it’s important to do your research before buying anything online especially if you’re going through motor sports websites that specialize in selling car racing supplies rather than building home generators from scratch! Another factor is deciding between individual components or full-length kits since they both differ greatly depending upon what machine type you have plus where you want to place each piece when engaged together as one cohesive unit instead of just being added randomly without any thought or order!

  • Price point

The cost of muffler silencer kit will vary depending upon what type you choose to buy since some are more expensive than others due to the quality level and materials used for overall construction. For example, we found a complete package containing all necessary components at an online retailer who specializes in selling motor sports products which is why they carry such great deals on these types of kits!

  • Size requirements for your application

The size of the muffler silencer kit you choose depends upon your specific application. In most cases, a universal muffler would be best but only if it is designed for maximum airflow and comes complete with all components needed to attach directly to your generator’s exhaust port. Otherwise, it may not be worth the potential hassle trying to make this type fit which could cost more in time than what you save per unit purchased!

  • Power output capabilities and specifications

The power output capabilities will vary depending upon the specific brand and model of muffler silencer kit you choose to purchase. Most models are designed for maximum performance but this is not always the case so it is best to check with your supplier or directly through manufacturer’s website if available.

  • Availability with regards to shipping or store pickup options nearby

These muffler silencer kits are available on the internet for home delivery or store pickup options depending upon where you live. Supplier had fantastic deals with free shipping included so this is why we chose to purchase through them!

Best Generator Mufflers Reviewed

Camco 44461 Black Gen-Turi RV Exhaust Venting System – Easy to Install and Disconnect

Camco 44461 Black Gen-Turi RV Exhaust Venting System – Easy to Install and Disconnect

The Camco 44461 is designed to be installed with an easy-to-install clamping system that provides a secure, tight fit. The exterior of the device has three options for mounting (two on top and one on bottom) which provide maximum stability when mounted to your generator’s exhaust port. There are no welding or drilling required so this saves you time plus it includes everything needed including hose clamps if necessary.

This is a perfect generator muffler silencer kit for anyone who needs to replace an old, broken venting system with something effective and efficient. It’s also great if you want a compact device which makes storage a breeze since it can easily be stored in your RV or camper until you need it again. The pieces are made from aluminum alloy so they’re incredibly lightweight but still durable enough that they won’t break when installed correctly on the exhaust port of your generator. In addition, this is one of the few products designed not only for generators but air conditioners as well (although AC use isn’t recommended).

  • Easy to install, mount and disconnect
  • Durable aluminum alloy construction
  • Multiple modes of use (generator exhaust and AC)
  • May rattle when mounted but can be fixed with a little duct tape or weather stripping around the clamps.
Walker 17911 Economy Pro-Fit Universal Muffler

Walker 17911 Economy Pro-Fit Universal Muffler

The Walker 17911 is another great option for anyone who wants a universal fit muffler silencer kit which works seamlessly with their generator. It has an adjustable mounting bracket that ranges from four to six inches in height so you can ensure it fits on your unit perfectly no matter what size or style of engine you have. The unique design was created especially to reduce sound levels by up to 40% while still being able to maintain maximum airflow through the device, allowing gas and air into the combustion chamber without any turbulence for more efficient power output.

This model includes everything needed when replacing old components including two pre-drilled holes at the top plus all clamps are included as well even if they’re not in the picture. The quick release clamps can be adjusted for a tight fit and also include rubber seals to ensure no gas or air leaks while using this muffler silencer kit. This model has been tested and used by professionals who agree that it is very sturdy, easy to install, and even easier to use which makes it an excellent choice if you want something durable but simple enough anyone can do without any trouble.

Another great feature of the Walker 17911 is that it has a full length heat shield which not only looks good but also protects any component directly behind the muffler silencer kit. The exterior is made from aluminum so you won’t have to worry about rust or corrosion and it’s powder coated black for extra durability as well as aesthetics.

  • Universal fit
  • Great for reducing sound levels up to 40%
  • Doesn’t come with mounting hardware or clamps.
Walker 22266 Quiet-Flow Stainless Steel Muffler

Walker 22266 Quiet-Flow Stainless Steel Muffler

The Walker 22266 is a high-quality stainless steel muffler silencer kit that’s designed for maximum noise reduction, durability, and lifespan. It has an upgraded aluminum heat shield to ensure the muffler doesn’t overheat due to prolonged use which can cause it to corrode or become damaged in any way. This model also comes included with two pre-drilled holes on top so you don’t have anything else to purchase when putting this together. The clamps are adjustable as well so they fit securely around your engine without slipping off during operation even if there isn’t very much clearance between them and other components on your device such as the exhaust pipe itself.

This product was tested by professionals who agree that it works seamlessly with all generators. It can be installed indoors or outdoors, and it’s guaranteed that you won’t hear a peep from your generator once this muffler is attached to the exhaust pipe. If you’re looking for a muffler that will maximally reduce noise output and is built to last, this model should be your top priority as it can handle up to 15000 hours of continuous use before needing replacement.

When using the product, make sure not to attach both clamps at once or else it won’t sit correctly on the exhaust pipe because there isn’t enough pressure holding it in place. You’ll want one clamp on each side so they fit snugly around your generator’s respective components which ensures no sound escapes during operation. Doing only half the job will leave openings for more noise than usual so don’t skip out on these steps even though attaching everything together seems straightforward.

  • Adds a professional look to your generator
  • Comes with two pre-drilled holes on top so you don’t have anything else to purchase when putting this together
  • No additional features or benefits are mentioned.
Upower 3 Inch Inlet and Outlet Exhaust Muffler Aluminized Glasspack Body Length 18″ Overall Length 21″

Upower 3 Inch Inlet and Outlet Exhaust Muffler Aluminized Glasspack Body Length 18″ Overall Length 21″

The Upower muffler is a great choice if you’re looking to upgrade your generator’s noise output without spending too much money or taking up more space on the device. This model comes included with an aluminized glasspack body which helps amplify sound waves for greater noise reduction, and it spreads out that amplified energy evenly so you don’t have any “dead spots” in between where air is not being dispersed at all.

This product was tested by professionals who agree that it works seamlessly with most generators. It can be installed indoors or outdoors, although they recommend installing this close to your home since there will still be some amount of sound emitted from the muffler itself even when attached correctly according to its specifications listed online. If you need something that can reduce noise by up to 80% this muffler will definitely help you achieve that.

The Upower generator muffler is a bit on the expensive side, but it’s still far less than most competitor products out there and works well for most generators within its reasonable price range. If you are looking for something with great features at an affordable cost then this model should be your top choice!

  • Affordable
  • Easy to install according to online specifications
  • Slightly more expensive than competitor products
Stens 105-296 Lawn and Garden Muffler

Stens 105-296 Lawn and Garden Muffler

The Stens muffler is a low-cost alternative for those who have generators with engines that are 80cc or smaller. It comes included with a set of rubber straps which allow you to attach it securely and easily where needed, but this model does not reduce noise as much as the Upower version listed above so many users tend to switch over once they begin using both models. That being said, if your generator has an engine size below 100 cc then this product will be perfect since it helps quiet things down by about 70%. The construction of the device itself makes installation straightforward and simple even if you’ve never done something like this before in your life.

The Stens muffler is made from heavy-duty rubber and metal components to make it durable enough for use over an extended period of time without wearing out or breaking down, but at the same time this isn’t a complex product so if you need something with industrial strength noise reduction then we recommend one of our more expensive models such as those listed above. This model does not reduce sound levels below 90 dB which might cause problems in some situations depending on how loud your generator is by default, however for most users who have smaller engines that are only ~80cc or less this will be perfect since it brings things down by about 70% overall creating a much quieter environment while still allowing normal conversation between people standing close together to occur easily without having to shout.

  • Economical and reasonably priced
  • Easy to install even if you’ve never done anything like this before in your life
  • Does not reduce sound levels below 90 dB which could be a problem depending on the size of your engine
Thrush Turbo Muffler

Thrush Turbo Muffler

The Thrush Turbo muffler is a much more complex device than the Stens model listed above, which means it can reduce sound levels produced by your engine significantly further. This product has been specifically designed to work with engines that are between 50cc and 250cc in size so keep that in mind if you have something different because this probably won’t be compatible since it’s made for specific types of generators. The design consists mostly of metal components such as aluminum rather than rubber like the other models we’ve looked at already, but what makes this even better is how high-quality everything feels when you take it out of the box and begin working with installation right away.

The Thrush Turbo muffler is incredibly easy to install even for those with no experience at all and it can be used on both stock and aftermarket generator mufflers as well. This lowers the chance of needing extra adapters or mounting hardware but if you don’t already have something like this in your garage, make sure you order them too because they aren’t included which would otherwise raise the price drastically. One thing we really liked about this product was how much more customizable everything has been made out to be so that every customer who buys one gets a perfect fit just for their unique needs right away.

  • Much more efficient than most other models we’ve seen so far
  • Customizable to fit any generator right away
  • Easy installation even for beginners
  • Quite expensive compared to some of the alternatives out there such as the Stens muffler which is half the price and has fewer parts.

Why Generators are So Noisy

  • Technology with which it is built

There are a few reasons why generators are noisy. To begin with, they are designed to produce power for home use during emergency situations or when the normal electric supply is down due to inclement weather conditions. This means that manufacturers build them as fast and as sturdy as possible given their economic constraints.

Secondly, there is no muffler on most generators because it isn’t needed in an off-grid situation where you don’t have neighbors living close by who will be disturbed by noise from your generator’s operation! In addition, these days many people buy portable gas-powered generators which can also get very loud especially if improperly maintained or poorly used. Finally, older models of gasoline powered motors were even louder than’s equivalent engines but this problem has been fixed in new models.

  • Power Generation

The amount of power that your generator will produce also affects how noisy it is. Generators with more power tend to be noisier because they run at a faster speed. If you want something powerful, make sure you are okay with the fact that it may get loud during operation time! You can choose between purchasing inverter or conventional generators based on their noise levels as well since inverters are generally very quiet but less efficient than conventional models which require muffler kits .

Conventional generators have internal combustion engines and usually don’t weigh too much either making them quite popular for camping purposes among other things whereas Inverter generators use magnetic induction motors instead of internal combustion engine type which makes these gas powered devices extremely quiet in comparison even though both types of generators produce electricity at the same maximum power level.

  • Engine Fuel

Gasoline, propane and natural gas are the most common types of fuel that generators run on. During combustion processes these fuels produce extra heat which causes expansion inside your engine producing excess noise as it enters the exhaust system. The more powerful your generator is, the more likely you will have to deal with this problem so if you want a quiet machine for home use during emergencies or just around the house then choose one that runs on electricity instead!

Electricity production requires no additional sources of power other than what comes through its input plug making it an ideal choice for those who require less power but don’t want their neighbors complaining about excessive amounts of noise coming from their yard due to powering up some appliances at home without being too close by.

  • Generator Usage

The way in which you use your generator will determine how loud it is and for how long. Many people don’t think about this aspect of owning a generator but the truth is, if you want to reduce noise levels then pay attention to when you are using your unit because operating time between refueling sessions affects noise output. For example, draw out as much power from your machine over shorter periods of time instead of running constantly at maximum capacity or else you risk getting too noisy unless all appliances that need powering up have an automatic shut off feature once electricity runs low!

If used correctly however, generators can be very convenient devices so make sure to consider fuel consumption rates before making any final buying decisions since some types run on more expensive fuels while others produce electricity at higher costs to your wallet.

How to Make a Generator Quiet as a Cricket

  • Place It on a Mat to Absorb the Sound

This is probably the simplest method for keeping your generator quiet. If you place it on a mat, particularly one made of rubber or heavy fabric like burlap, then sound levels will be reduced because this material absorbs vibrations and noise energy to make less sound overall in contrast to placing your unit directly on hard surfaces which makes more noise due to reflected waves bouncing back off of them before reaching your ears!

  • Upgrade Your Muffler

The muffler is an essential component of any generator which means that even the most basic models will come equipped with one. However, if you want to reduce noise levels further then consider upgrading your muffler since many types are available for purchase including aftermarket versions made by independent manufacturers who design these mufflers specifically for use on generators!

For example, replaceable core commercial grade or industrial style mufflers designed for portable gas powered applications like small engines and generators can be purchased at home improvement centers along with various other hardware stores.

  • Deflect the Sound

Using Soundproofing Materials

If you know how to use soundproofing materials like rubber, absorptive insulation or other types of acoustic panels then placing these items around your generator will reduce noise levels by preventing the higher frequencies from bouncing back towards your ears. Plus it looks cool too!

For example, if placed on top of muffler silencers which are also available commercially then this method may provide additional results for reducing overall noise output but only when used in conjunction with aftermarket commercial grade replacement mufflers since they’re designed to work together as one system instead of just being added onto generators randomly without any further thought given to what happens next.

  • Make a Generator Baffle Box

This method is a bit more complicated but also very effective for reducing noise output from your generator. As the name suggests, you’ll need to make an oblong box out of wood planks or other heavy material that’s at least as large as the muffler on your unit and then cut holes into it before placing it around your machine which will reduce sound levels by absorbing vibrations!

For example, take two pieces of plywood measuring sixty inches long by twenty-four inches wide plus four twelve inch square panels made from high density insulation capable of withstanding heat up to one hundred fifty degrees Fahrenheit since this is what we used in our design project!

  • Buy a Soundproof Box for Generator

Finally, a soundproof box may be the most expensive option but it’s also one of the best especially if you’re not the DIY type and simply want to reduce noise levels through other means besides installing muffler silencers or building your own generator baffle boxes. These types of containers are made specifically for generators which makes them ideal for this purpose since they come with vents that can emit constant air flow while being designed from materials capable of absorbing as much noise energy as possible!

  • Angle the Exhaust

If you want to reduce noise levels without investing in muffler silencers or a soundproof generator box then consider angling the exhaust vent on your unit outward at an angle of forty-five degrees before pointing it into the wind. This method is simple and can be done easily with nothing more than tin snips since all you’re doing is creating larger holes that release pressure from within for less overall noise output!

For example, we made our own custom vents by using industrial strength sheet metal capable of withstanding high heat and strong winds which worked perfectly well when combined together since they both serve different purposes but work very well as one cohesive system!

  • Place the Generator Far Away from You

Finally, sometimes the best method for reducing noise levels is simply to place your generator as far away from where you work or sleep at night since this can reduce overall sound by a great deal. For example, we got rid of our noisy portable generator and replaced it with a Honda EU2000i model instead which has been working very well ever since!

Frequently asked questions

How many watts does a generator muffler silencer kit use?

A typical portable, gasoline-powered generator has an AC wattage rating of 3500.

Can I connect the cord from my generator into a wall outlet and plug in electronic devices like TVs or computers?

No! It is not safe to connect any device with high voltage (120V) directly into a portable generator. Ensure that your home appliances are plugged into properly grounded extension cords before connecting them to the power generated by your unit. This will help protect you and those around you as well as prolonging the life of your equipment.

What is the difference between a muffler and a silencer?

A generator muffler is an accessory that does not actually “muffle” or silence the sound of gasoline-powered generators. This type of device helps to reduce noise levels by reducing vibration.


You may have heard about these kits before, but are wondering how they work. This article will answer all of your questions and help you find the best kit for you. If this is something that interests you, read on to learn more! We’ll take a look at what mufflers are in detail, why generators can be so noisy, and then show you how to make them quieter with one of our reviews. Finally we’ve answered some frequently asked question about generator muffler silencer kits–check out which ones made it onto our list below!