There are many things to consider when buying a garage door opener. For one, you have to choose between a wall-mount or a ceiling-mount model. Additionally, there is the matter of whether your garage door opens inwards or outwards and what type of power supply it has. In this article, we will go over all these considerations and more with three product reviews for best wall mount garage door openers!

There are two types of garage door openers – overhead and wall-mount. Overhead garage door openers, as the name suggests, are mounted on top of your garage. The motor is inside your closed garage and attaches to a trolley that moves along tracks attached to the roof or ceiling of your garage.

Wall-mount models sit outside but below where you park in front of them. They work similarly with an electric motor sitting either above ground (on posts) or underground (in a vault). Their track also sits horizontally across the wall at about waist height.

A wall-mounted garage door opener is an easy and cost effective way to bring more space into your home. They’re ideal for garages with limited overhead space, or when you want the convenience of opening up one door instead two! The most popular type are mounted on either side but there’s also versions that can go anywhere in the room thanks be through ceiling tracks like this model here which will make sense if your house has any kind – vertical (up high), standard height ,or even higher lift models; all work just fine using these systems by knowing their special features first before purchase.

Jackshaft garage door openers are the most common type of wall-mounted operators. Traditionally used for commercial applications, jackshaft Openers have gained popularity in residential garages because they offer excellent security and smooth operations that can last a long time with proper maintenance. These models work best when there is little available space but note these types cost more than overhead alternatives so it’s important to consider all factors before buying one!

Best wall mount garage door openers reviewed

Genie B6172H Wall Mount Smart Garage Door Opener

This Genie Smart Garage Door Opener, B6172H is a great choice for garages that do not have space on the ceiling to mount a opener. Saving you from having cables running your ceiling. It’ll hold up to 14ft high and 850lbs should be no problem for this garage door opener because of its powerful DC moter installation in the wall giving you peace of mind while closing the doors. This product is perfect for people with long ceilings or storage. As it comes with pretty much everything you need in one package. This opener includes a wall control, remote, keyless entry pad and installation hardware for the smart garage door opener itself so basically all you have to do is take your old garage door opener off the ceiling track mount and replace it with this new Genie B6000H. The only thing that would be separate are three wire nuts but no worries they’re included too! Once installed you can use either voice command or hand held remotes to open close the doors from anywhere inside your home which makes life easier when carrying groceries into the house during winter time or if anyone else needs access through there like deliveries etc… And don’t worry about leaving outside lights on because these genie systems come equipped with an auto-light sensor that turns on the lights for you automatically when entering or exiting your garage (now someone can even follow you in to ensure they don’t forget anything). You’ll also love how quiet this thing is. Much more silent than other models because of its belt drive system which makes it great if living in a residential area where sound would be an issue with neighbors. This product has everything you need and then some all at once!


  • Includes wall control, remote, keyless entry pad and installation hardware
  • Great for people with long ceilings or storage because it can be installed in the walls saving you space on your ceiling.
  • Comes equipped with an auto light sensor that turns on lights automatically when entering/exiting your garage (great if living in a residential area where sound would be an issue)


  • None!

LiftMaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Package

This sleek, space-saving design mounts on the wall beside your garage door. Say bye to annoying ceilings and traditional garage doors with this elite series model that comes fully equipped with security 2.0, myq, p3 motors for reliability and power, prevents sound and vibration through ceiling by running ultra-quiet devices. Not compatible with roll up doors or low headroom track must be mounted in front of a torsion bar system. This makes it perfect for individual garages or where there are multiple doors on one opening. It also supports up to three remote controls, phone control with cell phones and tablets, voice command through mifavor button on the keypad that features a new random security code every time you hit it so great if your kids want access into their garage while they’re at school because no need to worry about them sharing the same code all the time giving anyone else easier entrance. This product also includes two three-button visor remote controls, one rolling code technology keyless entry for your convenience and safety. Easily programmable to work with all LiftMaster garage door openers without the need for an expensive control board or wireless receiver (controls up to three separate doors).


  • All in one package
  • Comes with security feature for extra safety
  • Voice command through the keypad to open/close garage door from anywhere inside your home! (great if you have kids or need access)
  • Random security code every time you hit it so no sharing codes and worrying about people getting easy entrance.


  • None!

Chamberlain Smart Garage Door Opener

This sleek and convenient wall mounted garage door opener works together with the myQ app to provide you with piece of mind each time your door closes. When paired up, this tiny yet powerful machine boasts features such as decreasing vibrations sent through your ceiling during operation for a nearly silent close. As well as setting up notifications and schedules from anywhere in order to know when it’s time to leave or home sweet home is unlocked; we all know how important that is! For quality assurance, rigorous testing has been done ensuring lasting performance while still operating as quietly as possible. The power of the motor is a whopping ½ HP and can carry a maximum amount of 300 lbs., with an open speed of 0-30 ft/minute, which makes this opener perfect for most doors. With Chamberlain’s Liftmaster Security+ you are given ultimate control over who has access to your home through password protection, keyless entry codes and remote controls that can be programmed by yourself or professionals depending on preference. This wall mounted garage door opener also features built in safety beams so it doesn’t operate if anything gets stuck underneath while going down; keeping all members safe from harm!


  • Operates smoothly without all the noise
  • Adds value to your home with an attractive design


  • Remote can be confusing at first for some users, but is easily mastered.

BeamUP Workhorse – BU100 – Garage Door Opener

This is definitely one of the more solid and sturdy wall mounted garage doors on this list, with a wide range in price to fit your budget. BeamUP has done quite well when it comes to making sure you have all the extra’s that come standard with their products; such as an included remote control for easy access without having to unmount from its side mount. Other features like auto reversing technology and safety sensors ensure that if anything gets stuck underneath or another car ventures too close then the door will reverse itself before any damage can be made. This opener also boasts very high maximum lift capabilities at 330 lbs., but only operates smoothly up until 15 ft/minutes due to weight restrictions; resulting in worry free closing times throughout-out heavy duty use. The BU100 also has a very low decibel rating of only 62, meaning it’s ultra quiet for peace and quite in the morning when there is no car to park. As well as an extremely easy installation process that can be done by anyone with basic knowledge on doors; making BeamUP Workhorse almost too good to pass up! Although, it does include a one year warranty so any faulty parts can be replaced and the machine has been tested to work effectively for even commercial purposes!


  • Powerful motor capable of 330 lbs maximum lift at 15 ft/minute open speed
  • Comes standard with remote control and auto reversing technology if anything is in its path


  • Has an odd design that may not fit into your garage décor well.

Genie ChainDrive 550 Garage Door Opener

The Genie Chain Drive 550 garage door opener is the perfect opener for anyone looking for a heavy-duty addition to their home. The 5-piece rail system is quick and easy, while powerful enough to take on tough jobs with ease. This model comes already assembled with no added hardware, letting you get up and running quickly without hassle or worry about pieces from your new gadget going missing from your garage floor. Out of the box it’s compatible with popular built in car remotes such as HomeLink and Car2U without any need for additional equipment. The 530 Chain Drive Garage Door Opener was designed by professionals who know what they’re doing, so even a little thing like programming can be done easily with our Artisan Control Panel Art Card. The keyless entry and security system make it easy to quickly get in and out of your garage, while the wall panel makes programming a cinch. This model is also certified by CSA International for safety measures that keep you protected when operating machinery around the house.


  • Comes already assembled and ready to go out of the box
  • Designed for quick and easy programming without hassle or stress
  • Features a wall panel that makes it easy to program remotely while staying safe at all times.


  • May be too heavy duty for some residential garage doors.

How To Choose The Best Wall Mount garage door opener

While checking out your variety of garage door opener replacement options, you’ll come across several different options with a range of benefits and drawbacks — so which one should you choose? The answer to this largely depends on your unique situation, but you should consider your personal budget, maintenance expectations, available garage space, size of the garage door and the key features that you value the most. Every household has specific needs and garage door performance expectations, but you’re sure to find opener solutions that meet your exact specifications.

When looking for the best wall mount garage door opener, you’ll have many options to choose from. Consider these factors before making a decision:

Budget : How much are you willing or able to spend?

Maintenance expectations : Will this be something that needs your regular attention?

Available space : Do you have enough height in your garage for it to hang properly without brushing up against the ceiling or becoming damaged over time by elements like water and temperature change?

Size of the Garage Door : Some models work better with certain size doors so make sure yours is compatible first!

Key features value most important : What do you want out of an opener system? Do they offer basic functionality (lights, remotes) or advanced features (Wi-Fi compatibility, smartphone app control)?

Chain Drive : The most popular type with an affordable price range and easy installation process if needed; generally quieter than other models but can be more susceptible to dirt build up over time which reduces performance so regular maintenance is necessary for best results however they’re still reliable overall too.

Belt Drive : These tend to run quietly even during operation making them great options especially those that don’t want noise to be an issue for their family’s benefit. Plus they’re also more energy efficient which means lower electric bills too!

Screw Drive : The best wall mount garage door opener if you have a long, steep driveway or just want top performance out of your unit – incredibly reliable but not as quiet so less ideal in residential areas compared to other types.

Fingerprint-resistant finish : Keeps the doors looking great over time plus resists dirt build up helping them last longer than those with standard finishes without this feature built into it. They are easy to wipe off even after becoming dirty and look like new again making them definitely worth considering when shopping around today especially given how much money goes into buying these products (and replacing ones that don’t last as long).

Package Deal : Save on installation costs by choosing a system that includes all the parts you need in one easy to purchase package – especially great if you don’t want to have to spend time shopping around for all your components separately.

LCD Display : Easy access digital display that is easy to read and understand plus allows you to monitor your opener’s performance for better insight into whether or not it needs maintenance done soon – provides peace of mind knowing they are running properly.

Wall Control : Remote control that attaches directly on the wall next to an entryway so no need for finding a place to store them inside the garage when not in use – especially useful for those with limited space.

How does a wall mount garage door opener work?

Wall-mounted garage door openers are easy to install since they’re located on the walls of your home. They run quietly and smoothly so you don’t have to worry about waking up your neighbors or children playing outside! The best part? You no longer need a bulky motor hanging over your head while inside the car, making it easier for people with height restrictions get in/out of their vehicles safely.

This type of system is also relatively inexpensive compared to other types that offer similar features like this model here which offers reliable performance day after day plus comes at an incredible price too when considering how much work can be done using them instead – replacement springs, new rollers ,or even full replacements if needed; many parts are easily replaced by the owner which is a great thing too for those that want to save money.

Pros of Wall-Mounted Openers

  • They’re an easier and cheaper option than other types
  • Run smoothly and quietly so you don’t disturb your neighbors or children outside playing.
  • Installs easily in less time with little effort needed for installation process too.
  • You can use them even if there’s limited overhead space available to accommodate bulky garage door openers like this one here which is easy to install without any problems plus comes at a great price, what else could anyone ask for?
  • Their internal systems are usually protected from the elements by being inside your home/garage making it last longer because of that factor alone – definitely a good thing when considering how much money will be saved down the line!
  • The best models work almost effortlessly using advanced technology today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a garage door opener last?

Typically, a garage door opener should last anywhere from 15 to 20 years if it is installed and maintained by professionals. If you are looking for a wall-mounted system that can be easily replaced without too much fuss, look at the BeamUP Workhorse BU100 – Garage Door Opener Heavy Duty Chain Drive Wall Mount + Remote Garage Opener White .

How does a chain drive compare with belt drives?

Chains have lower torque but higher tensile strength than belts do. This means they don’t slip under high loads as well as belts do but also won’t break or stretch quite so often. They’re less expensive and easier to maintain overall though which makes them more popular among consumers who know what they want out of their garage door opener.

What is a belt drive?

A belt drive garage door opener operates with a rubber belt which runs along the inside of your garage door. It’s quieter and offers smoother operation but it will wear down over time, eventually requiring maintenance or replacement from professionals to keep it working well. For some homeowners this can be an inconvenience while for others it may not bother them at all depending on what they need out of their new unit.

How does chain driven openers work differently than belt drives?

Chain systems have many different pieces that must all work together perfectly in order to operate smoothly without too much noise or worry about breaking parts under pressure. A chain system has one main shaft connected to a motor so you’ll get more power overall compared to a belt drive which has the motor and shaft split apart.

Chain drives are more durable than belts but can be noisier as well if not maintained correctly, so it’s important to do your research before you purchase anything. Not all garage door openers with chains were designed equally so keep that in mind when looking at models.

How to install a wall mount for garage door opener?

The best way to install a wall mount for your garage door opener is by using the EZ Mount rail system. This allows you to attach it directly onto concrete and requires no drilling which can cause problems in some homes or garages where there may be structural issues like high water tables, etc. The installation process only takes about one hour depending on an individual’s experience with such projects so make sure that if needed, you have someone around who knows what they’re doing when it comes time to put up this new device.

What is the average price of the models on our list?

The average price of the models is around $400.

Best wall-mount garage door opener. A full-length article answering common questions with product reviews and useful tips about best wall mount garage door opener. done easily with our Artisan Control Panel Art Card . The keyless entry and security system make it easy to quickly get in and out of your garage, while the wall panel makes programming a cinch. This model is also certified by CSA International for safety measures that keep you protected when operating machinery around the house.


Choosing the right garage door opener is no easy decision. You’ll need to consider a lot of factors, from your budget and how much space you have available to where in your home or business it will be installed. But don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with all of those decisions! We’re here to help make things easier for you by narrowing down which type might work best for your needs and giving you some tips on what kinds of features are worth considering when making a purchase decision.