Best Electric Trailer Jack

Best Electric Trailer Jack

UC500010 Electric Trailer Jack

Quick Products JQ-3500B

Husky 82022 Super Brute

Choosing the right electric trailer jack can make all the difference in whether your next trip is a smooth one. There are many different types of jacks, and it can be difficult to know which type will work best for you. In this article, we’ll go over what you need to look for when choosing an electric trailer jack, as well as providing reviews on some of the top rated models available today.

Electric Trailer Jack is an automatic jack that makes it easier to lift your trailer. This is especially helpful when you’re by yourself and don’t have any help lifting the tongue of the trailer for an extended amount of time. Most electric jacks can be activated with a switch or button, making them very easy to use, even while driving down the road.

This type of front loading mechanism comes in several different sizes based on what size tires are being used on your axle, so if you plan on changing out the tires anytime soon this may not be something you’ll need right away either way look into getting one since sales are known to happen throughout year round!

Best Electric Trailer Jacks Reviewed

UC500010 Electric Trailer Jack (7-Way Connector, 5000 lb. 12V DC), Black

UC500010 Electric Trailer Jack (7-Way Connector, 5000 lb. 12V DC), Black

The UC500010 Electric Trailer Jack is not your ordinary trailer jack. This just may be the perfect addition to any vehicle for hitch or tow rack use. With an 18″ travel height and up to 5000 lb weight capacity, this electric trailer jack by USED Recreational Vehicle Transformers features a 7-way connector so you don’t have to guess which side of the bike you last used it on. The oversized adjustable foot pad ensures better stability and makes lowering and raising that much more effortless while also reducing friction via ball screw design and brake motor. When plugging in, never again worry about keeping the connector in place with our easily accessible plastic holder. Along with nighttime LED light to illuminate your bike rack, this electric trailer jack conveniently illuminates when the power is connected.

This best electric tongue jack for trailers comes with everything you need to get started including a factory installed A-frame mount and an extremely convenient easy access wiring harness (for vehicles without existing wiring) or hard wired option (for vehicles already equipped). Also includes manual override in case of any unexpected electrical issues.

  • Attractive Design
  • LED light illuminates when power is connected.
  • Plastic holder for connector isn’t the best quality and can be hard to snap together at times.
Bastion Power Tongue Jack - Electric or Manual Operation - A-Frame 3500LB Capacity - 12V

Bastion Power Tongue Jack - Electric or Manual Operation - A-Frame 3500LB Capacity - 12V

It’s a power tongue jack, for those who favor electric or manual operation. It does come with star-washers and a handle as well. This heavy-duty model offers front end illumination, water resistant switches, and speedy operation and stability in its 6″ wide base. With an 18″ stroke and a retracted height of 29″, this product is perfect for those looking to save space 

It has a 500 lb capacity at 12V DC continuous load according to the manual specs. As far as electric tongue jacks go this heavy duty model offers data center tested power system which means that they have done their best to ensure stability in its electronic components; up/down direction control logic allows more precise movement during operation compared to competitors models; also includes front end illumination through LED lights which can be very helpful when working under the hood in low light conditions.

This model has been designed to have a maximum capacity of 5000lbs or 2500 lbs per jack, so if you’re looking for an electric tongue jack that will last and won’t break down anytime soon this might be your best bet.

  • Fast and easy to set up
  • Solid construction throughout, including excellent welding on the base.
  • None.
Quick Products JQ-3500B Power A-Frame Electric Tongue Jack - 3,650 lbs. Lift Capacity, Black

Quick Products JQ-3500B Power A-Frame Electric Tongue Jack - 3,650 lbs. Lift Capacity, Black

The JQ-3500 offers a lot of amenities not included with most other competitive tongue jacks, including an LED work light, manual override crank, and weatherproof vinyl cover. These features are what’s made this jack so popular among commercial truckiest hauling smaller loads on short hauls. The spacious steel gearbox is large enough to provide plenty of longevity without sacrificing the 3K lbs. lift capacity capability. Because it can be installed into existing jack mounting holes there’s no need for costly structural changes or added expense to install the JQ-3500 onto any vehicle with a 2 1/2″ post diameter trailer hitch receiver!

Don’t forget about your important safety needs too! The JQ-3200 includes a bubble style level indicator to help you with your precise jack placement. The slide rail also features a steel pin for ground anchor anchoring in the event you need extra security when parked overnight or at remote job sites.

  • Easy to install
  • Great for short hauls on smaller loads
  • Includes manual override crank and LED work light
  • A little more costly than other competitive models, but includes a lot of features not found in any others.
Husky 82022 Super Brute Electric Jack with Remote Control - 5000 lb. Capacity

Husky 82022 Super Brute Electric Jack with Remote Control - 5000 lb. Capacity

You know you should have bought one of these Husky electric jacks years ago. They are your hero when the weather gets rough, snow piles up under the trailer, or it’s dark and difficult to see that rusted nut in need of repair. If you’re tired of putting off that project because of inconvenient weather conditions, beef up your fleet with this super brute. It will give your precious time back by getting it done for you — all while staying safe and dry!

Formerly stubborn nuts won’t stand a chance against this Husky jack’s high-capacity ball screw design (rated to be 20% stronger than other brands). The 6″ cycle travel time is the perfect amount for straining components since their lifespan increases exponentially with each cycle you avoid. You can enjoy the benefit of increased safety while using its integrated automatic overload protection which keeps your equipment safe and also prevents overheating.

You’ll be impressed by this jack’s design, but even more so when it comes to how well it works for you! With a wide base that provides superior stability during operation, adjustable up/down direction logic (which means no fumbling around with switches), easy-to-use hand control station, plus front end illumination through LED work lights; there’s nothing left to want from an electric trailer hitch lift jack like this one.

  • High capacity
  • Safe and secure with overload protection, plus remote control so you don’t have to be near the jack while operating it.
  • Easy front end illumination through LED work lights.
  • A bit pricier than other brands in this category of electric trailer jacks.
Seachoice 52041 Electric Jack with Caster and 7-Way Connector – Max Load 1,500 Pounds – 6 Inch Wheel Size – 10 Inches of Travel – Black

Seachoice 52041 Electric Jack with Caster and 7-Way Connector – Max Load 1,500 Pounds – 6 Inch Wheel Size – 10 Inches of Travel – Black

Attaching your trailer to the center point of the vehicle is easy with this swivel caster electric jack. The 7-way connector conveniently plugs into your electronics so you won’t need any wiring. The 10″ travel height and 15-25 inch lift range ensures that it can work on any trailer for a quick, safe hitch up. And you can detach or mount anywhere by using the bolt-on mounting pieces.

If you know someone who always has trouble getting their boat securely tethered, then they will love this product! It makes setting up much easier which also increases safety when driving down the road or out onto shorelines full of wildlife too eager to get close for a look at them – but not any closer!

For something so simple, it packs a big punch. So much in fact that even the most skeptical of users will be happy with this product – no matter how many times they use it each day either for work or play purposes. The swivel caster also provides more room to get things done better and easier by making sure you don’t have to twist your body too far around when attaching trailers quickly on busy summer days full of business at marinas across America coast-to-coast .

  • Swivel caster for more room
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Some users complain about the quality of materials used (plastic) but this is easily fixed with a little DIY modification.
Stromberg Carlson JET-3755 Black 3500 lb. Electric Tongue Jack with Light

Stromberg Carlson JET-3755 Black 3500 lb. Electric Tongue Jack with Light

This is a 3500 lb. Tongue Jack with built-in light and 15″ lift range, perfect for any size trailer or small boat. It features two LED lights that mount onto your vehicle (can be removed if not needed), as well as an automatic brake system to help you stop safely once you’re parked.

This electric tongue jack is easy to install and use, with an on/off switch on the side. It also comes with a wiring harness and all hardware necessary for installation (which can be done in about 30 minutes). This model weighs 22 lbs., making it easy to lift into place- no need for help from anyone else! Once installed, you won’t have any problems using this stromberg carlson JET-37555 black 15″ electric trailer tongue jack as often as needed. The leads are long enough that you can position your vehicle wherever they reach. When not being used, they retract inside the unit until spring loaded out when next time needed – just pull them out again & plug them into your vehicles power source.

This tongue jack is a great option if you’re looking for something that will allow your trailer to be towed with the one-touch of a button, and can lift up to 3500 lbs. The price point on this electric tongue jack is great too – it won’t break the bank! This stromberg carlson JET-37555 black 15″ electric trailer tongue Jack makes using our trailer so much easier than before & we couldn’t be happier about it!

  • Easy to install
  • Has an on/off switch
  • Led lights for night use
  • None!
SuperHandy Trailer Power Tongue Jack Electric Manual A-Frame 3500LBS Capacity DC 12V Trailer

SuperHandy Trailer Power Tongue Jack Electric Manual A-Frame 3500LBS Capacity DC 12V Trailer

Introducing the SuperHandy Trailer Power Tongue Jack, a high-quality electric trailer jack powered by DC 12V Steel Gear Motor & 25A circuit breaker. It is equipped with 6″ rubber footpad that can support 3500LBS Maximum Weight Capacity, which includes an outer tube diameter of 2-1/4″. Capable of vertical travel of 18″, this electric tongue jack has flexibility when in use. The power cord length is 48″ in length for compatibility with any vehicle contain or plug in tow plugs. This product is built to last you years on the road.

The SuperHand Trailer Power Tongue Jack provides an easy way to lift your trailer with minimal effort 

This product is easy to install and use, with one-touch of a button. It also comes with 48″ in length power cord that can be used in any situation that you may come across while using your trailer tongue jack!The LED worklight included ensures visibility even when it’s dark outside.

This product is the best electric trailer jack on today’s market for all trailers, RVs or campers due to its incredible 3500lbs maximum weight capacity & travel range up 18″. This SuperHandy Trailer Power Tongue Jack Electric Manual A-Frame 3500LBS Capacity DC 12V Trailer, RV Camper or Boat Mountable Includes LED Work Light makes life so much easier than before by making our lives more efficient during road trips.

  • Easy to install
  • Comes with LED worklight
  • None!
Quick Products JQ-3500B-7P Power A-Frame Electric Tongue Jack with 7-Way Plug - 3,650 lbs. Lift Capacity, Black

Quick Products JQ-3500B-7P Power A-Frame Electric Tongue Jack with 7-Way Plug - 3,650 lbs. Lift Capacity, Black

The JQ-3500-7P electric tongue jack boasts a maximum lift capacity of 3,650 lbs., Powered by the running light circuit of a 7-way adapter. 2.25″ post diameter is the standard tongue jack size, making it easy to install into existing jack mounting holes while water-resistant electrical components and heavy-duty steel gears sit beneath the clean, sleek plastic housing.

Water-resistant electrical components and heavy-duty steel gears ensure stability as you safely accommodate any vehicle with this efficient mobility aid; LED worklight illuminates your workspace for extra visibility in low light conditions. Preferable at shows and car lots nationwide for their compact design, we’re proud to offer each JQ Tonnage Jack with manual override and a limited lifetime warranty.

This electric tongue jack provides for an easy to install, efficient & reliable way to raise your trailer with the simple touch of a button! The JQ-3500B-07P Power A-Frame Electric Tongue Jack boasts a lift capacity up to 3650lbs making it ideal for any vehicle that you may come across while travelling on the road. This product is incredibly stable as well, due to its heavy duty steel gears within its sleek plastic housing – this makes life so much easier than before by allowing us during our trips out in nature.

  • LED light in the front of the jack illuminates your workspace for extra visibility
  • Installation is simple and straightforward with it being compatible to fit most trailer tongues
  • None!
Stromberg Carlson JET-3555 White 3500 lb. Electric Tongue Jack with Light

Stromberg Carlson JET-3555 White 3500 lb. Electric Tongue Jack with Light

The JET-3555 is a powerful 3500 lb. capacity electric tongue jack with a full lift height of 14″ and an adjustable ball mount swivel that will provide you more stability on your trailer . It has been built to last from the durable steel frame, along with being accompanied by weather resistant components and a white powder coat finish. This electric tongue jack is very easy to operate and comes fully assembled with the two-piece handle, ball mount swivel pin and hardware for mounting it into your trailer hitch. It has an adjustable range of motion that is quick and fluid along with having dual safety locks on either side of the lift arms which add stability while you are using this.

The Stromberg Carlson JET-3555 White 3500 lb . Electric Tongue Jack With Light is great for any kind of use from small trailers all the way up to horse trailers . Its low profile design makes storing in tight spaces relatively simple as well. The only issue people have had at all seems to be when they were assembling or adjusting some components of the jack . However, this is easy to do and doesn’t take long.

  • Powerful and durable
  • Weather resistant components and a white powder coat finish
  • Easy to operate with quick, fluid motion
  • Dual safety locks on either side of the lift arms for stability
  • Some assembly required

How To Choose The Best Electric Tongue Jack For A Travel Trailer

Types of Electric Tongue Jacks
  • Side-Mount Trailer Jacks

The side-mount trailer jack is the most popular type of electric jack, but it can be used for just about any kind or size of trailer. The unit attaches to one side instead of being placed in the center under your axle so this also makes them much easier to install since you won’t have to worry about drilling holes into anything when installing!

A lot of people prefer these because they are very easy to use and operate with a switch that can typically come built right onto your wiring harness kit which means no more dragging around extension cords will be needed either if space allows. Another good thing about the side-mount type is that they are small and lightweight so this means you can store them just about anywhere especially when travelling since trailers tend to have a lot of storage space.

The only downside to the units with built in switches is that sometimes it may be difficult for people who aren’t used to working on electrical equipment including wiring which could cause issues if not done properly so make sure you hire an expert or at least read up online before getting one installed! And lastly, depending on your vehicle size and where the jack needs to go you might need some help from another person during installation because these types definitely do NOT work well by yourself.

  • A-Frame Jacks

The A-frame jack is another very popular choice among people who frequently pull trailers, but it’s also the most expensive type on the market. This style of unit mounts directly to your trailer frame and can be installed in less than an hour, which means you don’t have to worry about drilling anything into place or trying not to hit other parts while working under your vehicle either!

One thing that makes this kind great for those with larger trucks is that they are extremely durable so there won’t be any problems even if you use them several times a week like some businesses do. They’re typically made out of heavy duty steel tubing so no matter how many trips back and forth these bad boys will keep standing strong…so much so that sometimes owners have to fight with them just to get them back into the storage unit!

  • Heavy-Duty tongue jacks

The heavy-duty tongue jack is the most rugged type of unit you can get for your trailer, but they also tend to be very expensive and difficult to install making them more suitable for larger trailers. They are usually made out of steel or aluminum material so there’s no need to worry about dings even if it gets banged up a bit while passing over bumps during travel!

Most models will come with an electronic controller that allows you use some sort of remote control device instead which makes these types perfect when someone needs help getting their vehicle on/off the road especially in areas where there isn’t enough space around such as parking garages etc…which means less risk involved since people don’t have to climb under vehicles anymore.

Lift Capacity

A tongue jack is an essential part of any trailer so you’ll need to make sure the one you choose has enough strength for your particular vehicle. The last thing anyone wants while on a trip is having their unit break down in the middle of nowhere making it nearly impossible to get back home safely!

With some brands there are different options when choosing how long their units will be which means people have full control over what they want before ordering online or purchasing them from a store. If owners measure correctly then this shouldn’t even be much of an issue, but if owners occasionally forget about these small details then suddenly finding out that everything isn’t fitting together perfectly could take place especially if someone was trying to save money by getting less lift capacity than required!

Trailer Tongue Weight

It’s important to use a tongue jack that can handle more than just your trailer and this is why people should take the time to measure their unit before making any purchases. If you don’t know how much weight your vehicle weighs especially when it’s loaded up with all of your favorite possessions then chances are good something isn’t going to fit correctly even if owners try getting larger models which means measuring first will help save tons of money in maintenance costs since these devices aren’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination!

Trailer Tongue Height

Customers should always measure their tongue height prior to purchasing a unit in order to make sure it’s going to fit properly which is why many sharp online shoppers take advantage of this step before making any purchases! This will help ensure customers get exactly what they want without running into any trouble later on when everything arrives since most people don’t want things arriving late due to being too small or not working correctly because something was cut short when manufacturing began!

Weight Distribution

Weight distribution systems are great for larger trailers because they help distribute the load more evenly to prevent damage while on the road. People who own these models often have less issues with tire wear after traveling even if their trailer is filled up completely which means having one of these devices might end up saving them money in the long run! Additionally, some people do find that weight distribution products can make it easier to park or back into tight spaces without running into any trouble since many modern units will require little assistance from others when using especially if someone has a lot of experience pulling heavy loads for long distances already.

Crank Style

There are two different crank styles to choose from when shopping for a unit which are hand powered or electric. Hand cranks have been used forever but can be tiring over time especially if someone is traveling long distances with their unit since they’ll need to use them constantly without assistance! Electric models work much better in every single way due to the fact that people don’t have to waste energy trying to get things done manually plus many of these devices come equipped with remotes so owners won’t even have trouble turning them on before getting started!

Manual Option

There are units that come as a manual option as well which might be better for those who don’t want to spend much money on their unit but still have the ability to change position from time to time. People will usually need assistance if they choose this method unless they’re extremely strong and know how to handle themselves correctly when lifting heavy objects!

However, people should make sure they can take advantage of all features before deciding upon these products since many models only work with remotes instead of being hand cranked since it’s more efficient in every single way possible. Additionally, manufacturers do offer some budget-friendly options that aren’t electric yet provide owners with tons of benefits such as having an adjustable height range or not requiring too much strength overall which is a huge plus for senior citizens or anyone with a disability.

Benefits of Electric Tongue Jacks

Sure and secure lifting

There are many reasons people prefer electric trailer jacks over the traditional hydraulic style, but one of the biggest benefits for those who often pull trailers is that they can be completely raised or lowered with ease making it much safer especially when alone without help from another person.

With a manual jack there’s always at least some risk involved if you’re not used to doing this type of work since even though everything may seem secure after placing the vehicle up onto/off of your unit safety precautions still need to be taken into consideration which means checking all bolts and screws before heading out on your trip again!

Saves you time

The hydraulic style of trailer jack requires a lot more time and effort to get everything set up which means your fuel costs will go through the roof especially if you’re going on long trips. With electric units there is no need for any sort of pumping or hard work, all that’s required is simply pressing a button with an electronic switch installed in most cases since they make this process safer and easier than ever before!

With traditional jacks people have been known to damage their vehicles from trying to use them incorrectly, but with these new models it can be done without worrying about safety measures even while driving down bumpy roads.

Keeps you out of harm’s way

With the hydraulic style of trailer jacks there is always a chance that something could go wrong if you don’t use it properly which means someone who is inexperienced may get hurt trying to press down on levers or making sure everything was connected correctly.

Electric units will beep when they’re about to malfunction so no matter what type of unit you purchase this safety precaution should always be taken into consideration especially since most accidents can happen in an instant leaving little time for second chances, but with these new models expensive repairs are almost unheard of!

Lifts the trailer more stabley

There are a few different things that can happen with hydraulic units which means you might actually have to put more weight on the vehicle just so it doesn’t shift around while lifting. With electric models there is no need for additional weights since they make use of extremely durable materials and an internal braking system which will help keep your trailer stable at all times!

The most common issue people tend to run into when using these jacks is not making sure everything was connected securely, but this isn’t even a problem anymore because many brands come with built-in safety switches that allow owners to press down fully without feeling confident enough about how secure their trailer really is.

Makes the towing process a breeze

People who want more power especially while towing larger trailers will need a unit that can handle anything they throw at it without lasting too long. Electric models are the perfect choice for anyone looking to tow their vehicle quickly and effortlessly which is why many professionals choose them since there’s no need for any additional accessories or parts aside from simple add ons such as remote controls if needed!

If you know what you’re doing when using hydraulic units then this might not seem like an issue, but most people don’t have enough knowledge about how these devices work so getting extra help becomes necessary making electric styles much safer in general even though some do require training before being able to use one properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best electric Tongue jack brands?

There are many good brands of electric tongue jacks on the market. The most popular ones include:

  • Reese Elite Series Electric Tongue Jacks
  • Blue Ox Alpha Tow & Stow Electric Tongue Jacks  (the best rated)
  • EZ Brute, a manual jack with automatic features that does not require any power source to operate it.
What Size Electric Jack Do I Need For My Travel Trailer?

Most electric tongue jacks are available in different sizes for trailers of any size. They can be found under the brand names listed above, among others. Before making a purchase make sure to measure your trailer’s tongue weight capacity and then buy an electric jack that is compatible with it.

How to wire an RV jack?

Before buying an electric jack, it is important to know if your tow vehicle has a 12 volt power supply. If you are using the standard plug-in connection with the built-in converter in order to recharge/run both of them at once (the trailer’s electrical system and its tongue jack), make sure that they match by voltage.

How to care for your electric Trailer Jack?

Electric tongue jacks need to be stored in a dry place that is not exposed to extreme weather conditions. Check for any possible damages before using them and always follow the product manual guidelines on how to use your trailer jack safely.

Do these jacks need to be lubricated regularly?

Electric tongue jacks do not require any lubrication as they are built with internal mechanisms that make it unnecessary.


So, now that you’ve read this article and learned about the benefits of electric trailer jacks for your camper or RV, it may be time to start looking into some models. We have compiled a list of reviews which should help you choose one with confidence so that your next camping trip is hassle-free! What are some questions people commonly ask when they buy an electric tongue jack? How do I hook up an electrical trailer jack to my car battery? Do I need any special wiring in order to use my new electric trailer jack? You can find all these answers plus many more on our FAQ page here.