Best 5th Wheel Hitch King Pin Locks

Any time that you hit the road with your RV or trailer, you need to make use of your fifth wheel hitch. Your fifth wheel hitch is the point of contact that keeps your trailer connected to your vehicle. When you park your automobile at your destination, a campground, for example, your trailer is only as secure as your fifth wheel hitch locking mechanism. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that they need quality 5th wheel locks to keep their trailer secured.

Best 5th Wheel Hitch King Pin Locks Reviews

  • AMPLOCK U-LPCVR King Pin Lock

Developed by AMPLOCK the U-LPCVR is a king pin lock that can secure your fifth wheel hitch with relative ease. This heavy duty lock is conical shaped so as to prevent any sort of traction when you unhitch it. This lock is made out of heat-treated steel and mixed with ductile iron. Due just to the materials used constructing this lock, we can safely say that the U-LPCVR is one of the strongest lock options that you have.

AMPLOCK went out of their way to develop a hitch lock that could essentially guarantee security. The locking mechanism of the U-LPCVR is disk-based and conjoined with an ID key system. Thanks to an external coating, you’ll also rest easy knowing that your U-LPCVR is resistant to corrosion and capable of withstanding even the most rigorous abuse from the elements. So long as you pay attention to your trailer type and match it to the qualities of the U-LPCVR, you’ll be set up for a secured time with your trailer.

  • Husky 38790 Fifth Wheel Trailer Lock

Simple is secure and the Husky 38790 lock is proof. This simple fifth wheel lock features a simple pin and key mechanism. The mechanism itself is three inches wide with the locking pin sitting at roughly five inches. This fifth wheel lock is made out of stainless steel and thus can be used even when the weather gets rough. There is also a convenient weather cover to help reduce additional wear-and-tear.

  • Heavy Duty Conical Trailer King Pin Lock

Developed by WAR-LOK, this heavy duty conical king pin lock is as effective as any. Designed with a conical shape in order to reduce aggravation from chains during hitching, this lock is easy to install and effective at what it does. While this may look like a simple lock, the rotating disk lock technique helps to elevate it above the rest. Additionally, you can put our worry aside by registering your lock upon purchase so that you can acquire lost keys whenever needed. This lock is light in the hand but sturdy on your trailer. The body of the lock is made with steel and is coated so as to be resistant to the elements.

  • AMPLock U-LPCVRS Fifth Wheel Lock (For Pull Rite/Sidewinder)

AMPLock is a premium provider of locking technology and specifically of the fifth wheel lock. This special loocking hitch clock is meant to imitate your truck or car’s hitch when unattached. Made out of stainless steel and 65000 ducted cast iron, this is a lock that can withstand anything your average criminal can throw at it.

The U-LPCVRS is definitely an intimidating lock and you’ll rest easy knowing that the elements will be kept at bay. Covered in a corrosion resistant coating, the U-LPCVRS can withstand all that the wind, rain, and sun can do. The disk locking mechanism is definitely ahead of its time and it helps to make the U-LPCVRS one of the most secure fifth wheel hitch locking devices on the market. You’ll also have a completely unique and controlled identification system in place with your special key.

  • Curt Manufacturing 23255 Towing Wiring

CURT is a big name in the automotive field thanks to the quality of their accessories. The 23255 is a traditional locking mechanism that is designed to fit just about every type of fifth wheel king pin. Built out of aluminum and powder coated for longevity, the 23255 is made to last you for years. The universal design of this product means that if you need a 5th wheel lock, this product will likely do the trick. This product comes with two keys and you can register your lock with the manufacturer in case you need to request more.

How to Choose A 5th Wheel Hitch King Pin Lock

1) Build Quality – The ideal fifth wheel kingpin lock will be made out of materials that can withstand even the most aggressive thief. The best 5th wheel locks will be made out of either heavy gauge steel or durable aluminum. Some locks will even come with an additional protective case. Think of the deadbolt on your front door, you wouldn’t want a skinny little bolt there — would you?

2) Installation Process – While we want our fifth wheel locks to be strong enough to withstand criminals, we want them to be easy to install for us. Look for a fifth wheel lock that has a simple installation process.

3) Weatherproofing – Finally, you are going to need a lock that is treated to deal with the elements. After all, your trailer isn’t going to be parked inside of a garage forever. A lock that falls apart from corrosion, for example, isn’t a lock at all.

5th Wheel Hitch Lock Terms

Knowing these terms will allow you to seamlessly navigate the rest of our buying guide as we lead you to the best fifth wheel locks on the market.

1) King Pin – This is the section of your hitch that will always be attached to your fifth wheel trailer. Your hitch coupler will connect to your kingpin, thus giving your trailer the ability to pivot while on the road.

2) Slider Fifth Wheel Hitch – You’ll only deal with these when you are working with a traditional truck. Slider hitches allow your trailer to remain at an optimum distance while driving and turning.

3) Hitch Coupler – This is the device that allows your trailer and hitch to co-exist. Your coupler will either be bolted or welded down to the frame of your vehicle.