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A trailer hitch flag pole is an integral part of any truck or trailer. A lot of people don’t realize that it’s there, but the mere existence of a hitch flag can have major implications for how you are viewed by other drivers on the road. It may be tempting to just buy one at your local hardware store and call it a day, but if you want to get the best possible product for your needs then there are some things that you should know before making a purchase decision. In this article, we will answer common questions about what makes a good trailer hitch flag pole with reviews and tips from our experts in tow truck accessories so that you will be able to make an informed decision when buying!

A trailer hitch flag pole is a long, slender metal rod that can be inserted into the back of your truck or car’s trailer hitch. It stands upright and supports one end of an American flag (the other end is typically attached to another pole at ground level).

Most people use these because they want to show off their patriotism when driving across country. And while this may sound like a rather niche market in today’s world, there are actually many reasons why you might consider getting one for yourself even if you don’t fly flags on regular basis.

Best trailer hitch flag poles reviewed

DenForste Hitch Mount Flagpole Holder, Flagpole Hitch Flag Pole with Anti-Wobble Screws

DenForste Hitch Mount Flagpole Holder, Flagpole Hitch Flag Pole with Anti-Wobble Screws

DenForste is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to flagpole holders since they have been making them for decades and know what customers expect from their products. For example, this particular model features a special anti-wobble screw that locks into place so there’s no risk of flagpole holder falling out or coming loose while you’re driving. It’s made from durable materials so it can handle pretty much anything nature throws at it (wind, snow, rain) and its parts are designed to last for many years without needing replacements.

What makes this particular model even better is that users don’t need any tools/knowledge when installing since everything comes in one package (including all screws needed). The only downside we could find about buying DenForste product is the fact that their flags tend to be astronomically expensive but if your goal isn’t having something fancy like with most other brands then there shouldn’t be any issues here either.

  • Designed for heavy-duty use,
  • Fits on any type of receiver hitch with ease,
  • Comes in one pack including all necessary screws/tools needed.
  • Flag is not included so you have to purchase it separately if desired.
Amgate Trailer Hitch Mount Flag Pole Holder, Receiver Flag Pole Hitch Mounted Holder Bracket with 2 Anti-Wobble Screws

Amgate Trailer Hitch Mount Flag Pole Holder, Receiver Flag Pole Hitch Mounted Holder Bracket with 2 Anti-Wobble Screws

No worries for you if your vehicle does not come with a holder or the existing design is not what you want. You can easily find this Amgate Trailer Hitch Mount Flag Pole Holder in us and it will solve all of the problems well. It is made of top-notch materials, thus gone won’t be afraid that these sticky bolts may fall off when you bump into rough roads one time even though we know carrying hitch receiver always make your ride more rugged.

Lightweight and durable, this flagpole holder offers screw tightening knob type screws which easily holds flags securely in place and supports poles up to 2.05″ diameter in order to avoid any shaking during rides while keep the edge sharpness on flags so they are smooth upon waving on and off. This product is designed to last and we guarantee it for you when you purchase in us!

Aerodynamic design, made of high quality aluminum alloy with beautiful painting finish; the mounting hardware kit includes two anti-wobble screws (size: M12*50mm) which can be tightened by a wrench or socket easily that won’t damage your vehicle’s surface when installing this item onto standard class III type hitch receiver tightly.

No more flagpole holder struggles when driving especially if no proper place available inside truck bed where putting poles and flags away safely and securely so they do not fall over during transit. With this Amgate Trailer Hitch Mount Flag Pole Holder installed well on your car/truck/suv, simply pop the flagpole in the top holder, slide it to the desired location and lock into place securely.

  • Easy mounting and unmounting
  • Sturdy aluminum alloy material
  • Two anti wobble screws included in the package for easy installation
  • None.
KAIRAY Hitch Mount 3 Flag Pole Holder Three-Headed flagpole Universal for Standard 2 inch Receiver fit for Truck SUV RV Pickup

KAIRAY Hitch Mount 3 Flag Pole Holder Three-Headed flagpole Universal for Standard 2 inch Receiver fit for Truck SUV RV Pickup

Hitch mount 3 flag pole holder is for everyone who loves sailing in the open air with patriotic colors. With its easy installation hardware, this high-grade flagpole holder can be used to securely fasten any standard 1.5 inch diameter poles by tightening screws so it won’t move when you haul down your beloved American Flag! The three-headed flags stand out in style that is both professional and creative, all while delivering a message that will truly inspire anyone who sees it on their next outing in back country America. Don’t wait until there’s an emergency to find out if your hitch mount car flag pole holder keeps up with the demands of Mother Nature – trust KAIRAY Hitch Mount 3 Flag Pole Holder for guaranteed performance!

The car flag pole holder is a well-built universal product that works great. It comes with everything you need except your own standard sized flagpole which can be bought from any local hardware store or online retailer. The base of this mounted stand has spiked ends so there are no worries about slippage thanks to rain or wind gusts when out on trips during peak seasons.

  • Well-built universal product
  • No worries about slippage during heavy rain or wind gusts
  • The base can be quite bulky and it may not fit in some smaller car trunks.
Universal Hitch Mount Dual Flag Pole Holder Fit for Jeep, SUV, RV, Pickup Etc. Compatible with 2 inch Hitch Receivers with Anti-Wobble Screw

Universal Hitch Mount Dual Flag Pole Holder Fit for Jeep, SUV, RV, Pickup Etc. Compatible with 2 inch Hitch Receivers with Anti-Wobble Screw

Anybody that loves to get behind the wheel of their car and cruise thru town, this mounting holder is for you. Just slip it into your hitch receiver for easier flag waving. It’s made of high quality steel with a black powder coating so it’ll hold in place no matter what!

If you’re looking for attention-grabbing accessories, then our Universal Hitch Mount Dual Flag Pole Holder Fit For Jeep SUV RV Pickup Truck Camper Trailer Etc will satisfy your needs. Designed to be compatible with all vehicles that have standard 2″ hitch receivers, it promises to keep any pole up to 1 1/4 inch diameter in-place when securing with its tightening knobs. The holder also features an angled design suitably rotating the flags outward for maximum exposure.

This flag mount is made of steel, which means it’s both durable and stable enough to keep any pole up to a one-inch diameter in place at all times with its tightening knobs. Additionally, the angled design raises your flags outwards for greater visibility while driving. Since there are no tools needed to install this unit into your hitch receiver, you can easily detach or attach whenever necessary! Simply slip it into the opening of your standard two-inch hitch receiver then tighten down on its anti-rattle screw until snug before loading onto car racks or tailgates.

  • Universal fit for any vehicle with a standard two-inch hitch receiver
  • Rotatable flag mount to raise flags outwards for greater visibility while driving
  • Not recommended for use on bikes, motorcycles or other smaller vehicles without front hitches.
Hitch Mount Two Flagpole Holder, Truck Flag Pole Mount, Fits 2inch Hitch Receivers

Hitch Mount Two Flagpole Holder, Truck Flag Pole Mount, Fits 2inch Hitch Receivers

Getting a Hitch Mount Two Flagpole Holder will allow you to show off your personality! You can put a national flag on one side and a personalized, favorite car flag on the other. Dual flags means more time to show off why you put so much work into this project! Versatile? Heck yeah! With this product, not only do you have choices in what type of flag pole holder for cars that’s perfect for your needs–you get all the benefits of being able to display two flags from just one holder.

Why would anyone else settle with just one?! It is professional without being too stiff or lacking personality, making it fully qualified as an option. Let’s go through these amazing features: durable steel construction ensures longevity while still remaining lightweight; the combination, meaning that you get two flagpole holders for cars in one package. Let’s not forget about how it is perfect for any standard-sized hitch receiver, ensuring compatibility with most trucks and SUVs (please double check measurements of your vehicle to make sure this will work); easy installation without compromising quality–simply slide into the receiver opening on the back of your truck or SUV; extra wide mouth ensures ease while inserting/removing flags; adjustable spring tension means smaller holes are still strong enough to hold larger flags securely.

  • Made of steel but lightweight
  • Fits any standard sized hitch receiver
  • Easy installation without compromising quality
  • If you have a larger flag, the bottom might hang out of holder.
HOOSUN Flag Pole Sectional Kit with Rotating Rings and Flag Pole (6 FT, Black)

HOOSUN Flag Pole Sectional Kit with Rotating Rings and Flag Pole (6 FT, Black)

This is another way to show off your personality! HOOSUN Flag Pole Sectional Kit with Rotating Rings and Flag Pole Clips gives you all the benefits of being able to display multiple flags from one flagpole holder for cars.

With this product, not only do you get a sectional pole–you also get rotating rings that can hold up to four flags. This product is made of stainless steel, which gives it extra durability and makes it easier to maintain than other products on the market today!

This particular flagpole holder for cars comes with a black pole that can extend from six feet tall all the way down to three feet tall–this ensures you get your money’s worth no matter how big or small your vehicle is!

The rotating rings included in this system make changing out multiple flags easy as pie–simply slip one ring into another when they are both open wide enough to fit around each other, then rotate them back once they’re locked together. The rings also come equipped with clips that hold onto any flagpole measuring over two inches thick at its widest point (which is all of them, pretty much!)

The rotating rings also make this flagpole holder for cars great because you can display four different flags at once–this ensures that no matter what the occasion or holiday may be, you and your family will always have a way to show off your personality.

  • Rotating rings make flag changing easy
  • Includes clips for all poles over two inches in width
  • Stainless steel gives it extra durability and makes it easier to maintain
  • None!
NIXFACE Hitch Mount Flag Pole Holder fit for 2inch Hitch Receivers Flag Travel

NIXFACE Hitch Mount Flag Pole Holder fit for 2inch Hitch Receivers Flag Travel

The NIXFACE Hitch Mount Flag Pole Holder is the perfect solution for all trailer hitch receivers. With its steel construction and powder coated black finish, this product lasts a lifetime. The hitch mount system fits snug in 2″ hitches to continue to symbolize your country on the road. It’s compatible with any vehicle without permanent modification when using an attachment plate that inserts in the receiver you would like them displayed.

The NIXFACE Hitch Mount Flag Pole Holder gives you the ability to show off what you love wherever there are drilling options or enough room in the back of your car or pickup truck’s bumper spare tire holder, protecting it from winds and inclement weather by screwing down tight for extra stability against blowing flags – even in the most extreme of elements.

The NIXFACE Hitch Mount Flag Pole Holder features an adjustable, 360-degree swivel head for easy flag placement in any direction. It is simple to install with no drilling required and includes a four pack of universal attachment plates that work with most hitch receiver tubes without the need for adapters or extra parts.

This product ensures you can display your flags proudly wherever you go. Show others what country, state, city or town pride means to you on the road by using this versatile part accessory – it’s great for RV’s too!

  • Fits in any vehicle without permanent modification
  • Show off your favorite flag wherever you go
  • Made of steel for extra durability and strength
  • Doesn’t fit very large flags
NA 20FT Telescoping Flag Pole Kit, Heavy Duty 16 Gauge Aluminum Outdoor In Ground Flag Poles with 3x5

NA 20FT Telescoping Flag Pole Kit, Heavy Duty 16 Gauge Aluminum Outdoor In Ground Flag Poles with 3x5

Standing at 20ft high, this telescoping flag pole is fully extendable up to 16ft to the ground. The 1.2mm gauge aluminum can be used in all-weather conditions, with or without a flaREINFORCED LOCKING 6mm diameter anodized aluminum tubing make it rainproof and reduce corrosion for years of service. For added protection against the weather, the flagpole includes four steel cordless 360 degree rotation clips that latch exclusively making it totally tangle-free and have no furling while being raised. Made from durable materials to withstand outdoor use professionally installed on your grounds optional services available for boosting durability longer life span.

The NA 20ft Telescoping Flag Pole Kit stands out with its heavy duty aluminum construction, sturdy metal ground sleeve and the durable design to withstand all-weather conditions. The flagpole is fully extendable from 15ft up to 16ft tall so you can proudly display your flags on a high standard. Its anodized finish offers great protection against corrosion for years of service, while including four steel cordless 360 degree rotation clips that latch exclusively. With this telescopic pole kit there’s no furling or tangles making it easy to raise and lower large outdoor flags – even in windy weather!

This product has been engineered to be the same as comparable products but at a fraction of the cost – if not better than the competition. By using the highest quality materials, this product is built to last and can be used professionally on your grounds for years of service.

  • Fully adjustable – even in windy weather
  • Made from aluminum that lasts a lifetime
  • Easily display what you love anywhere!
  • None.
Sunluway Hitch Mount 3 Flag Pole Holder Universal for 2inch

Sunluway Hitch Mount 3 Flag Pole Holder Universal for 2inch

This Sunluway hitch mount flagpole holder is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, allowing it to be used in all weather conditions. The universal design fits any standard two inch receiver and the brackets are adjustable without drilling or additional parts required making installation quick and easy.

The Sunluway Hitch Mount Flag Pole Holder allows you to raise flags up to three feet wide and four-feet long (the flag is not included). While this product does include a standard size American flag, the pole holder can fit any flagpole with an outside diameter of 0.55 inches or less.

The Sunluway Flag Pole Holder comes in two pieces that are easy to assemble without tools making it convenient for camping trips or tailgating at sporting events. To remove the unit, simply lift up on both sides of the hitch pin lock lever which allows you to easily adjust your flag horizontally so they do not interfere with reversing out of your parking spot. The adjustable design also makes hooking onto trailers easier than ever before because there is no need to worry about interfering with other parts on your car such as the spare tire.

The Sunluway Hitch Mount Flag Pole Holder is 18 inches wide and nine-inches long making it suitable for most two inch receiver hitches with a vertical clearance of at least 12 inches (for larger receivers, you can simply mount the flag pole holder on top of your car or truck bumper). This item weighs only five pounds and it is made in the United States.

  • Universal design
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Car must have at least 12 inches of vertical clearance for this product.

How to choose a trailer hitch flag pole that’s right for you?

Types of trailer hitch flag pole

In order to choose best hitch flagpole you should think about where and how often you will be driving with it. There are several kinds of devices that might work well for your particular situation:

  • Fixed mount flags

These ones usually come as a complete unit—flag, pole holder, etc.—and install on vehicle’s rear bumper or spare tire rack permanently (so they won’t move around). Some models also have additional features like built-in reflectors since if car doesn’t have any then drivers behind can easily crash into them at night when going too fast. These may seem convenient but the problem is that their position cannot be adjusted so finding perfect spot to attach flagpole might take some time before being able to use it.

  • Swivel mount flags

As the name suggests, these types of flagpole holders allow users to rotate their devices around 360 degrees so that driver can find best spot for attaching them as quickly as possible (without taking too much time). The only issue with swiveling designs is that they’re not quite as stable as stationary ones and might fall over more easily if car gets into an accident or something similar happens where bumpers collide together heavily. To avoid this problem make sure you choose a model with anti-sway stabilizers which prevent excessive movement from side to side upon impact.

  • Tilting mounts

This type of device allows drivers using trailer hitch flag pole even when going uphill or driving in reverse. Since such spots aren’t usually accessible with stationary models, these gadgets are the best of both worlds: stability and convenience.

  • Mounting kits

These attach to your existing hitch receiver by clipping into it from behind (so you don’t need any additional tools for installation). At first glance they might seem a bit pricey but if you want something that’s going to last then investing in high-quality model is definitely worth it since their parts won’t come apart even after many years of use. The only thing we recommend checking before buying one is whether or not screws can be adjusted because those whose heads cannot turn as well as lock into place will leave marks on painted surface which could lead them getting rust prematurely if exposed to water or snow too often.

What you need to take into account

When buying any product there are two things that you need to consider: price and quality. If you go with the cheapest option then it will probably break on first impact (especially if its thin metal construction was not designed for heavy duty use). Alternatively, spending too much money on your new flagpole might be a waste of resources since there is no guarantee that it won’t rust or bend over time.

Unless you’re planning some kind of commercial venture where brand awareness takes priority above everything else, we recommend finding something mid-range in terms of costs because this typically provides best value for average users who want more than just basic functionality but don’t require top shelf durability either.

The next thing you should look at is how well made the device is. Depending on how often you will be using it, there are several factors that might not matter as much during the first few months but become more important over time:

  • The materials

Metal is a good choice because it won’t bend or break easily under pressure and also resists corrosion better than plastic alternatives. Aluminum tends to last longer but if your budget doesn’t allow for this then go with galvanized steel instead since it’s still very resistant against rusting (especially when treated properly).

  • Tightness of joints

Since you’ll probably attach and detach flagpole from car roof fairly regularly, look at how securely its parts fit together so that they don’t come apart even after being moved around quite a bit.

  • Color

At a distance, this might not be very noticeable but the truth is that bright colors will always stand out more than darker shades. That’s why we recommend going with red or orange if you have lots of traffic in your area since people tend to pay attention when they notice something from far away.

In any case, whether it’s for advertising purposes or just to add some fun while driving down the road, using these kinds of devices can turn an ordinary trip into something memorable and even beneficial (for both driver and passerby). If you’ve ever wanted one then now is definitely time! Just remember what our advice has been throughout this article: safety first! Anyone who wants their flagpole to last long should only use it while the vehicle is stopped so that accidents are not as likely to happen.

How to install a flagpole
  • For a trailer hitch flag pole you need to make sure the correct size of your receiver is purchased. Make sure it fits securely in place, allowing for some wiggle room but not too much that it will easily fall out when driving down the road or worse yet off completely. You also want to be able to attach and detach your ball mount at least one time with ease before you go ahead and secure it in place.
  • After that, making sure your ball mount is attached to the hitch on your vehicle securely tighten down both sides equally so there’s no wiggle room or play left. Your flagpole should be able to stand upright without a wobble but also not too stiff where it won’t move at all when you want it to sway from side to side as if blowing in the wind even though this type of motion will only happen during use while driving down the road due its lighter weight design which helps avoid any major damage being done such as dents, scratches etc…
  • The last step would be going out into your backyard or wherever you plan on using your trailer hitch flag pole and screw in the actual flagpole itself. Make sure it is tight and secure, again no wiggle room or play since this will allow your flag pole to move freely while also adding movement during use with minor adjustments when needed such as speeding up, slowing down etc.

Before taking on any step by step process make sure you purchase a trailer hitch flag pole that fits securely into place without too much effort which means making sure each side of your ball mount has been tightened evenly one after the other until there’s absolutely no play left whatsoever between them both for best results.


What color should the trailer hitch flag pole be?

The color of your trailer hitch flag pole should be based on the country you reside in. There are over 200 different countries around the world and most national flags come with a white, red or blue background which makes these three colors to stand out surprisingly well against any type of grassy lawn as an example.

Is there a penalty for driving with a trailer hitch flag pole?

There is no penalty for driving with a trailer hitch flag pole, in fact it’s actually encouraged by many countries around the world since they can be used to help show support when needed such as showing patriotism during national holidays like independence day etc…

How to place a flag?

Place your flag with the blue section of your American or State Flag on the left side which would be towards the front of your vehicle, this will allow it to flow freely while driving down roads without coming in contact with any other moving objects such as poles, branches etc.


Your trailer hitch flag pole is the perfect way to show off your colors. We’ve outlined some of the benefits and features that you should consider when choosing a trailer hitch flag pole for yourself. This article will provide all the information needed to make an informed decision about which type of Trailer Hitch Flag Pole suits you best, with descriptions on how each type works as well as what it looks like in person.