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Metal detectors are one of the best inventions ever, and they’re perfect for finding gold. Whether you’re an experienced prospector or just starting out, it’s important to know what metal detector will work best for your needs. This article is designed to help you find the right metal detector that will be easier than ever to use!

Metal detectors for gold is a device that uses electromagnetic technology to identify and locate metallic objects buried in the ground. The metal detector works by sending out an oscillating current which passes through the soil and causes any nearby object, made of or containing metal, such as jewelry or other valuable items, to vibrate at different frequencies depending on what it is. The detector then analyzes the metallic objects based on their resonance frequency in order to determine what they are and where they are located relative to the metal detectors antenna (the sensor).

Metal Detectors can be used for all kinds of purposes, such as treasure hunting or locating structural problems with buildings, but it’s most popular use is probably gold prospecting which involves using a metal detector when searching for gold nuggets or other valuable metals like silver ore. There are many different types of metal detectors available today designed specifically for this purpose.

Most metal detectors work by sending out a small amount of electricity into the ground or water through an antenna. This creates a magnetic field which is picked up by another larger coil in the device where it’s amplified and passed on to an internal circuit board that analyzes these frequencies with many different variables such as soil conductivity, location variations, mineral composition etc.

The result of this analysis determines whether there are any metallic objects nearby and how close they are from the detector. Thereby allowing you to precisely pinpoint your targets before digging them up so you don’t have to waste time searching for something that isn’t even gold!

In order for most metal detectors to be effective they need proper grounding when being used although some operate via fluxgate magnetometer systems which only need to be held over the ground. For this reason, metal detectors can usually be used anywhere as long as they are kept on a flat surface and away from any electronic devices that might interfere with their operation.

Best Gold Metal Detectors Reviewed

Fisher Gold Bug-2 Metal Detector with 6 1 2 Elliptical Search Coil

Fisher Gold Bug-2 Metal Detector with 6 1 2 Elliptical Search Coil

This metal detector is a durable option with good discrimination capabilities and it’s built in ground tracking makes this suitable for those who have never used a device before as well as being an ideal choice if you’re looking to find gold nuggets.

It includes features such as pulse induction technology, automatic ground balance, adjustable knob controls etc which make using the product easy even without prior knowledge of how these work!

In addition, Fisher Gold Bug-by is lightweight at just under two pounds so is very portable making it great value for money! The only downside with this model however was that some customers reported problems when trying to use headphones but overall it received positive reviews from many buyers online.

  • Relatively cheap for a metal detector
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Good discrimination capabilities
  • Headphones not compatible with all models.
Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector

Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector

This metal detector is another option that provides excellent discrimination capabilities and comes with a variety of useful extras including an adjustable knob, pulse induction technology etc.

It’s also very durable as it can be submerged in water to up to three feet which makes this model suitable for both wet and dry ground conditions making it great value for money! The only downside however was some customers reported problems with the product not working correctly after prolonged use but overall it was very well received.

This metal detector is another option that provides excellent discrimination capabilities and comes with a variety of useful extras including an adjustable knob, pulse induction technology etc.

It’s also very durable as it can be submerged in water to up to three feet which makes this model suitable for both wet and dry ground conditions making it great value for money! The only downside however was some customers reported problems with the product not working correctly after prolonged use but overall it was very well received.

  • Pulse induction technology
  • Adjustable knob
  • Waterproof to three feet
  • Some issues with product not working properly after prolonged use.
White’s Goldmaster GMT Metal Detector

White’s Goldmaster GMT Metal Detector

The White’s Goldmaster GMT is another good choice that was well received by customers who loved the fact it has an extra large display screen.

It also comes with a waterproof search coil which allows this model to be submerged in water up to three feet, making it suitable for both wet and dry ground conditions.

Some customers did report experiencing problems with the product not working properly after prolonged use but overall most were very satisfied! The Gold Master GMT Metal Detector from White’s is another good option that provides excellent discrimination capabilities along with an adjustable knob and pulse induction technology.

It comes with a waterproof search coil which allows this model to be submerged in water up to three feet, making it suitable for both wet and dry ground conditions.

  • Good discrimination capabilities
  • Adjustable knob and pulse induction technology for a smooth transition from one mineral to another.
  • Some customers report that this product does not work properly after prolonged use.
Garret AT Goldmetal detector

Garret AT Goldmetal detector

The Garrett AT Goldwaterproof Metal Detector is ideal for prospecting, coin, jewelry cache hunting and organized hunts. The day-to-day slog of looking for buried treasure can be exhausting! When you’re up to your neck in dirt and just want a break from time to time – that’s when the AT Gold should come out. This durable machine will make quick work of those half-hearted searches with little fuss or getting dirty. With an 18kHz frequency and professional audio tone sync levels, the Garret AT Gold also has great sensitivity/depth adjustments (8) and electronic pinpointing (yes). Whether you need it for shallow fresh water hunting or working through your backyard lawn; the Garrett AT Gold is perfect for any situation where you’ll be hunting for long periods of time. It’s better than the cheaper options out there, but still relatively affordable!

The Garrett AT Gold is one of our favorite metal detectors on the market today. We also love it for its durability and simplicity, which makes it great as a beginner machine or perfect to use with children (yes). The waterproof coils will allow you to search in shallow water easily – so don’t worry about getting this device wet! Even if your kids want their own detector; they can do some digging without having to take turns using yours. This item ships free worldwide too — so shop around online before purchasing at an offline store like Target or Walmart (no).

  • Long lasting coils with waterproof technology
  • Highly sensitive to small metal objects and coins
  • Great for shallow water or ground hunting/searching (yes)
  • Does not include headphones in the box, nor a pinpointer – you’ll need to buy them separately.
Minelab Eureka Gold Metal Detector

Minelab Eureka Gold Metal Detector

The Minelab Eureka Gold metal detector is a great ‘entry-level’ option for those looking to get into the hobby. It’s easy on your wallet and does not require any extra tools or accessories (yes). While this product will serve its purpose well, it may be best suited as an offline beginner machine that you can use at home or on a local beach. It won’t work well in highly mineralized soils and will give you false signals, but it’s perfect for fresh water hunting near the shore line or small gold nuggets from rivers etc..

This metal detector is built with two sensitivity settings: All Metal Mode & Discriminate mode. In all-metal mode, this machine operates on its highest possible sensitivity level which means that more ground noise/vibration is picked up by your coil resulting in about 20% of iron junk being indicated as “good targets”. This can be quite annoying to most people so they switch over to discriminate mode where only good targets are indicated while bad ones stay silent. There isn’t much difference between these modes when using the Eureka gold metal detector on land, but in water you will notice a huge difference. The ground noise is reduced by about 90% with this mode and only nonferrous (not containing iron) targets are indicated!

  • The price. It’s easy on your wallet and you won’t need to buy accessories or tools (yes).
  • Can be used in both fresh and salt water, but works best in fresh water because of the two sensitivity modes that are available for it.
  • Easy to use & understand with its color coded LCD screen that tells you what mode you’re currently using along with target identification info via arrows/numbers/pitch sound etc.
  • Iron junk is indicated when set to all metal mode which can get quite annoying after a while.
Minelab SDC 2300 All Terrain Gold Detector

Minelab SDC 2300 All Terrain Gold Detector

A compact and lightweight gold detector designed to transition with ease from land to water. A rugged and assembly-free device constructed to perform in the toughest conditions. The Minelab SDC 2300 is highly affordable, easy on the eyes, and with a “state of the art” technology can be transported anywhere needed!

The Minelab SDC2300 was developed as a result of years developing with aerospace engineers for use by astronauts on space missions where weightlessness prevents geological surveys or metal detectors from operating properly; we were able to realize that also meant that you would need it not only underwater but also in land exploration. 

It’s designed for finding those elusive clustered deposits which means you will never miss out again and enjoy finding those gold nuggets which means you can stay longer and enjoy more of the fun.

The best feature is that it’s a waterproof metal detector with high-performance detection capabilities, designed for both land and water operations; its lightweight body allows users to easily transport this device from one location to another without any hassles. The Minelab SDC 2300 was designed to work perfectly in fresh or salt water and is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions.

  • Waterproof, lightweight design
  • Easy to use/transport
  • None
Whites TDI BeachHunter Extreme Pulse Induction Waterproof Metal Detector

Whites TDI BeachHunter Extreme Pulse Induction Waterproof Metal Detector

A high-end metal detector and is the top of the line in Whites TDI product line. This device can be used both on land and underwater to discover hidden treasures with its depth detection abilities which locates items up to 24 inches below ground level, as well as allowing you search for gold nuggets or various metals found deep beneath sand beaches.

The most important feature offered by this unit is that it’s a pulse induction device designed specifically for water use; also included are two waterproof search coils (stock coil and DD 18″ mono coil) along with an accessory coil cover allowing users choose between different settings dependent upon desired application. The housing has been ergonomically engineered and comes complete with rubber grips making it simple to transport from beach to beach, or out in the field with its convenient carrying case.

While this device is designed for use on land and sea it still has some capabilities underwater allowing you to search under water at depths of up 16 feet below the surface. It also includes a ground balance feature which allows users distinguish between different minerals within the soil that may affect performance when searching for treasures. There are four adjustable sensitivity settings along with two distinct tones (one indicating high-value items) so no matter what terrain you’re looking over there will be an appropriate tone helping adjust your sweep accordingly.

  • Waterproof up to 16 feet
  • Pulse induction technology allowing you search both on land and sea
  • Comes with a convenient carrying case, waterproof coil cover, stock mono 18″ DD coil and an accessory coil
  • Waterproof otherwise but battery compartment may leak if not properly sealed (common problem)
White TDI Pro

White TDI Pro

The White TDI Pro PRODetect is a top of the line unit in terms of metal detectors and in Whites product offerings. This device employs pulse induction technology to allow users locate items up to 24 inches below ground level, while also possessing an adjustable sensitivity setting allowing you alter your search for different applications (i.e., land or sea). Additionally it possesses waterproof coils which not only work well under water but are both durable and will stand up to all weather conditions necessary when searching at beach locations due to its ability withstand saltwater corrosion along with rust caused by rain erosion.

As mentioned previously this device includes two separate coil covers that can be used depending upon what terrain you’re looking over; one cover allows you to switch between land and sea while the other allows you use a more open coil design allowing users sweep larger areas in one go. This unit also comes equipped with an LCD display featuring easy-to-read information, along with a headphone jack situated conveniently on the side of its slim housing for simple access.

The ProDect includes four adjustable settings that allow you change your frequency depending upon desired application; these include two tone audio signals which help distinguish high valued items from unwanted materials within ground or sand being searched over by changing the pitch of sound emitted during search mode (i.e., higher pitched sounds signify targets).

  • Pulse induction technology
  • Waterproof design up to 24 inches below ground level
  • Two waterproof search coils (two coil covers included) for different terrain settings, including an accessory coil allowing users sweep larger areas in one go.
  • Lacks the ability to change frequencies like other units; has only four sensitivity levels instead of ten or more options available on competing models.

How To Choose the Best Metal Detector for Gold

In this buying guide, we have provided a list of the most important features to consider when purchasing a metal detector.

As well as tips for beginners and some helpful information about best metal detector for gold!

  • What kind of soil are you going to use your device in? Some models work better on dry sand or wet dirt but it’s always good practice to test out your device first before using it so that you know what results you can expect from each feature.
  • Do I need headphones? Many devices come with headphone jacks nowadays which makes them very convenient if not having earphones plugged into them will disturb those around you such as pets or other people who want peace and quiet while they’re trying look for gold near by!
  • How sensitive do I need my device to be? Some models will allow you to adjust the level of sensitivity in each mode when searching for gold which can help out a lot!
  • Ground balancing should always be used once you have found a place where gold has been detected. This helps improve performance by ignoring signals picked up from ground conditions such as loose dirt or wet mud etc. so make sure that your model includes this function before purchasing one if possible!
  • Custom notching is another important feature on metal detectors that allows users to change modes between discrimination and all metals while looking for gold. This function essentially ignores many of the signals picked up by your detector which can help you to find smaller pieces of gold or nuggets at different depths and it’s best practice to use this continuously while looking for gold as some models may pick up on ground conditions such as wet mud, loose dirt etc.
  • LCD screens are a useful feature that provide users with all information relating to their settings, usually in conjunction with headphones making them convenient if not having earphones plugged into them will disturb those around you!
  • How much do I want to spend? Metal detectors come in a range of prices from cheap Chinese import brands through to premium metal detectors made by well known manufacturers so make sure that you know exactly what features you need in order to determine the price you’re willing to pay!

Types of gold metal detectors

  • VLF Gold Metal Detectors

VLF (very low frequency) detectors are typically used in all-metal mode or with discrimination turned off while digging down into the soil until a target is found. VLF models usually have ground balancing capabilities and can provide more stable operation than other types of metal detectors when searching for gold nuggets.

  • Gravity Gold Metal Detectors

Gravity detectors are used in both all-metal and discrimination modes to locate nuggets at various depths. There’s no need for manual ground balancing with these devices because they contain an internal circuit that automatically adjusts the detector to suit any changes in the surrounding environment.

These models are typically lightweight, easy to use and can be carried around while you search for gold but they are also more expensive than the other types of metal detectors.

  • Recovery and Prospecting Equipment (shovels, gold pans etc.)

Shovels are an important tool to have when looking for gold as they can be used in conjunction with a metal detector so you don’t have to bend down and dig up any objects manually.

In order to pan the soil, first sift through some of it before running water over it which will help separate out large pieces of debris from smaller nuggets or flakes that may contain precious metals such as gold. Some prospectors use sluice boxes during their search but this is something best left until you’ve had more practice using a metal detector because these devices sometimes pick them up!

How to Find Gold with a Metal Detector?

You can use a metal detector to find gold nuggets by following these steps:

  • Step One – Check the Weather Report

Before you set out on your quest for treasure, make sure you check the local conditions. While good weather is preferable any time of year, it’s especially important when looking for gold that there be little or no rainfall in the area you plan to search. Rain will cause muddy ground and make it difficult for the metal detector to pinpoint your targets correctly.

  • Step Two – Find a Suitable Spot

Gold is often found in or around streams, rivers and other areas where there’s been erosion due to water flow over time which means this kind of terrain can be perfect locations when searching with a metal detector because there might already be some gold present! Just remember that if you don’t know what signs indicate an actual gold nugget may lie beneath the soil then just start digging by any old tree as these are usually popular places for prospectors looking for gold.

  • Step Three – Ground Your Metal Detector & Start Digging

Once you have arrived at your location set up your metal detector and ground it with the supplied grounding rod. This is typically done by pushing a screwdriver, stick or any other pointed object into the earth so that it makes contact with the ground before plugging in your device to an electrical outlet.

With everything set up you are now ready to start digging where your metal detector has indicated there may be gold nuggets lurking beneath! While this might seem like common sense most people forget they need something more than just their metal detectors when looking for treasure such as shovels, buckets etc.

  • Step Four – How To Find Gold Nuggets

Most gold nuggets are found in sizes ranging from a grain of sand all the way up to fist sized chunks and larger! This means it’s unlikely you will find anything too big on your first few trips with a metal detector when looking for gold. It can often take months or even years before any discoveries are made that might be worth selling but these smaller pieces add up over time which is why most prospectors continue their search long after they’ve given up hope of finding something large enough to make them rich.

It may seem daunting at first, especially if this is your very first excursion using a metal detector so don’t get discouraged as soon as you arrive home empty handed because there really isn’t much more than patience needed when looking for gold.

There are lots of other ways to find gold with a metal detector but these four steps will help you get started on your search, which might just end up being the most rewarding experience of your life!


What is the best metal detector for gold?

The White TDI Pro PRODetect. It has waterproof coils, pulse induction technology allowing you search both on land and sea in addition to adjustable settings along with an LCD display featuring easy-to-read information.

How much does a metal detector cost?

Price varies depending upon which model of metal detectors are being purchased; however most fall within $100-$500 range depending upon features included with model chosen.

What kind of batteries do I need for my metal detector?

Most devices use either regular or rechargeable AA batteries that can be found at any local retailer. Some models also offer AC adapters when using your device near a power source is desired.

Are metal detectors allowed in public places?

You may need to check with your local municipality as laws for this can vary from state to state or country to country. Metal detectors are normally allowed in public places as long as they do not disturb other patrons.


There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing the best metal detector for gold. Factors such as what type of deposit you’re looking for, how much money you want to spend on a machine and if you need something rugged or lightweight all come into play in selecting the perfect machine. The information we have provided should help make your decision easier by providing reviews of some great options that offer different features at various price points. We hope this article has helped!