Best Garage Door Lubricant

So, you are here, because you want to know how to improve your garage door performance, as any gate door, even the most popular and expensive failures. Thankfully, you have a good and a not high-cost solution that can prolong smooth and durable functioning. The most common need to get a lubricant among all customers is loud and annoying sound when the door closes and opens. You do not have to leave this problem behind as soon you neighbours will know at your door and complain. Anyway, you know the best how uncomfortable that noise is. Today, you will find out how to choose the best garage door lubricant, considering the highest quality and price.

We are going to go through a few issues customers are bothering about. Read below the important information and find answers you are looking for.

The first question customers usually ask is, What part of the door do I have to buy a lubricant for?

First of all, you need to check your garage door from time to time. This annoying sound may come from hinges, tracks, rollers or springs. So, before you want to know where the sound comes from, check parts of your gate door.  Once you find the weak point, get a certain lubricant and check how to apply it. The type of the lubricants depends on your door type. Overall, most lubricants have got same ingredients. However, a specific lubricant will match the door and destroy the problem guaranteed.

How do I lubricate the garage door?

Here you will find a clear explanation of what parts of the gate door and how exactly you should apply lubricant. Follow the next tips:

  1. Clean the tracks

Before you are going to put lubricant on the tracks, you should clean them first. Otherwise, you will not achieve a promising result and continue to get annoyed with the noise. Usually, tracks become very dusty, especially if you have been using your garage doors for a few years. Take a rag and clean out the dirt. Sometimes, only clogged dirt may cause the problem of friction and unpleasant sound

  1. Apply lubricate on the springs

The springs of your gate door are one of the most important parts. The smooth and quiet performance of the door depends on the condition of the springs. Put any lubricant on them and you will notice how your garage door work has improved

  1. Lubricate the hinges

Use a bit of a lubricant on hinges. Remember that you can lubricate only steel hinges. Some gate doors have plastic ones that can be easily damaged by the ingredients lubricant includes

  1. Grease the rollers

Another source of an uneven and noisy functioning of the gate door is old rollers. You should be extra careful and check the rollers now and again. Defective rollers can damage the floor of your garage and the car in particular. Using some lubrication will help to avoid quick stops when the door closes and opens

  1. Lubricating the locks

It may sound strange as the lock does not have any relation with opening and closing the gate door. However, many customers complain that the lock gets too rigid inside. Therefore, it causes the issue with difficult turning the keys. Make sure you do not use too much lubricant, not to complicate the existing damage

How do I pick the right lubricant for my garage door?

Nowadays, when looking for a lubricant to improve the gate door functioning, you will face lots of different brands and various prices. As we have already mentioned, you should check your garage door from time to time. Otherwise, you will not be able to avoid serious or fatal problems. You can ask the company (where you bought the gate door and who installed it in your house) to check it every year, but it will not take you long to do it yourself without inviting professionals and spending money. In general, any garage door needs lubrication once a year. All those inner parts that we have discussed above, you can check without help. Only you may need help with cables and wireless features if you have got a garage door opener system.

Below, you will find top 5 solutions for lubricating your garage door. Choose one and do not forget to consult the manufacturer of your gate door if your pick matches with parts.

  • Grease

One of the cheapest choices, which can be used for lubrication. Usually, low-cost lubricants consist of grease, but, unfortunately, it has a weak side as well. Grease attracts dust, which is harmful to parts of the door. Clogged parts with dirt cause uneven functioning and noise

  • WD-40

First of all, you should know that WD-40 is not a lubricant, but a cleansing liquid. This product will help you to get rid of rust, which is perfect. If you are going to use WD-40, do not skip the purchase of a proper lubricant

  • Oil

Probably oil is the most popular way to make the door perform smoothly again. It reminds of old car repairing shops, where they use oil, and you can clearly see the evidence. You can apply old on part of your gate door, but you risk making you garage and yourself, in particular, dirty

  • Lubricants with silicone

If you care about your garage door and want to prolong its functioning, you need to choose more expensive kind of lubrication. Silicone-based ones have been approved and are considered as the most buyable. Also, you will find it simply to apply lubricants with silicone as they do not drip and make the area dirty. The maid advantage – they do prolong a quiet and great opening and closing of the garage door

  • Professional lubricants

The most expensive and eventually the most reliable lubricants are those that have names on tubes. If you go to the market, you will find professional products by different brands. The most important with using a professional lubricant is to choose the appropriate brand according your garage door manufacturer

Choose and get it online

So, by now you know much more about lubricants, why you need to apply it, where you should put it on and how often. Now you only have to find the best one right for your garage door brand and model. The easiest and fastest way is to look through different lubricants with the description and prices on the internet.

Check on popular lubricants on Amazon. There you surely will find a good product that will keep your gate door in the best performing condition.