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If you’re in the market for a new generator, it’s important to do your research. You’ll want to make sure that you are getting the best 15000 watt generator for your needs. This article will cover all of the aspects of generators and what they can offer, including product reviews and useful tips on finding the right one for you!

The 15000 watt generator can be used for a lot of things, including running your home appliances or tools. You may also want to consider getting one that has an inverter built into the system which will allow you to power certain electronics like microwaves and computers.

It’s important to note though, if you are looking at generators with larger wattages it is likely because they have more support for USB ports or other specialized equipment rather than powering large items such as refrigerators – this is usually better done by using multiple smaller generators working together (ie: two 8000 watt units instead of one 16000 unit) in order not overload them).

Make sure that the 15000 watt generator can handle all of your appliances and tools at once, or if one is particularly power hungry, you may need two generators for each appliance (for example). An automatic shut-off when it senses an overload. This protects your equipment from damage due to too much electricity flowing through them – sometimes even more important than protecting yourself! A port where you can plug in another generator, so that they share the load between themselves instead of running both simultaneously with double the amperage which could cause issues down the road.

The benefits of using a 15000 watt generator are that it will be able to power all of your appliances at once, or run multiple smaller generators. This is especially important if there’s more than one person living in the home as some individuals may require different amounts of electricity for their needs (ie: someone who runs air conditioning 24/hrs).

A major benefit though, is being able to have access to power on demand so you can do work around the house without having to worry about finding somewhere with an open outlet!

Best 15,000-Watt Generator Models Reviews

Duromax XP15000E

Duromax XP15000E

The Duromax XP15000E is one of the most popular generators in its class, and for good reason. It has an impressive 15 000-watt running power which can be increased up to 20 000 watts if necessary (and it’s also transferable between 120V/240V) and a 12-gallon fuel tank that can run for nine hours at 50 percent load. It has an electric start and is easy to move around with the included wheel kit, but it’s also relatively loud compared to other generators in its class because of its powerful engine.

This model weighs about 150 pounds without oil or gas , which isn’t too heavy considering how much power it actually holds. It’s also one of the few generators in its class that comes with a three-year warranty. If you need to be able to power your entire home and aren’t prepared for an outage , this is probably the best generator out there right now, especially considering how affordable it is.

  • Fuel efficient, running for more than nine hours at 50 percent load
  • Electric start makes this generator easy to use even in the dark or colder weather conditions
  • Wheels make it easy to transport around your property
  • One of the noisier generators on our list due to its powerful engine.
Generac 5734 GP15000E

Generac 5734 GP15000E

Generac generators are known for being high-quality, reliable products , and this one is no exception. It has a 15 000 running watt power capacity which you can increase up to 20 500 watts if necessary (also transferable between 120V/240V), meaning that it’s perfect for powering the essentials in your home during an outage .

This model also features three built-in GFCI outlets so that you don’t have to worry about overloading anything while using it, as well as four standard household outlets on top of its two USB ports. This generator runs relatively quietly compared to others at 68 decibels, but keep in mind that not all readers find this same level of noise reduction. For example, some people claim they can easily carry on a conversation while it’s running, even though 68 dB is fairly loud .

This generator comes with both a handle and wheels for portability purposes. It weighs only 280 pounds , which makes this machine quite easy to move from place to place when necessary. The assembly process isn’t too difficult either; some users find that the manual could be slightly more clear in its explanations but most don’t have an issue putting it together after reading through the guide. In addition, you should expect at least 40 hours of runtime before needing to refuel again (although many people report getting longer runtimes). Finally, if you’re looking for one of the top generators currently available on the market today, then take your considering Generac 5734 GP15000E.

  • Great for emergencies
  • Reliable, high wattage capacity
  • Noisy at 68 decibels
A-iPower SUA15000EC SUA15000E

A-iPower SUA15000EC SUA15000E

An alternative option for people looking to purchase a portable generator with at least 15,000 watts of power is this A-iPower SUA15000EC. Like the Generac 5734 GP1500E above it’s also quiet, running at only 72 decibels even though it has an 18hp twin cylinder engine .

This model features both four standard household outlets and one 120V/240V twist lock outlet so that you can easily plug in appliances or tools without having to worry about overloading anything. The latter feature makes this device great for powering your home during an outage while others are using their generators if necessary (something less possible on some other models).

It comes equipped with both a handle and wheels for portability purposes, although it’s quite heavy at just over 300 pounds so it might be difficult for some people to move around.

It can run up to 12 hours on half load and includes a one year warranty, which is somewhat shorter than other models we’ve reviewed but still better than many competitors.

  • Can run up to 12 hours on half load
  • Includes a one year warranty
  • Slightly shorter than other models we’ve reviewed
Westinghouse WGen12000E

Westinghouse WGen12000E

Westinghouse has been producing generators for over 100 years, which is a testament to the quality of products they create. The Westinghouse WGen12000E generator comes with many features you’d expect on a more expensive model and at 12,000 watts it will power everything from major appliances in your home to tools out on jobsites or farms.

One example of great durability is the overall design change since previous models as this new one doesn’t vibrate as much when running high loads thanks to an Inertia-Enhanced Start system . It also includes both four standard outlets and two twist lock ones so that those who need extra power can plug up without worrying about having enough sockets available (and vice versa).

The best feature designed by Westinghouse is the fuel gauge that shows you exactly how much gas you have left in your tank, which can be a life saver if you’re caught in an emergency.

One question we hear often about these generators is “how loud are they?” Well when compared to other portable power generating solutions out there this unit sits right around mid-range with only 65 dBA . While it does make some noise, it’s nothing too bad and won’t keep people from sleeping or working nearby.

  • Includes fuel gauge to keep track of gas levels
  • Inertia-Enhanced Start system prevents vibration and creates a smoother experience when running high loads like AC systems or power tools.
  • Higher price tag than some other models on the market
Champion 100111

Champion 100111

Champion is another great company that produces top of the line generators and their 100111 generator sits at a slightly smaller 11,000 watts. This unit still packs all the same standard features as Westinghouse and more including an easy to read gas gauge so you can keep track of how much fuel remains in your tank at any time throughout your use.

It also comes with two three-prong outlets just like its larger counterpart but it does lack some other extra add-ons such as a circuit breaker reset button which isn’t needed for most applications out there . The weight on this one drops from 150 pounds down to 132 giving you added portability when needing to move or transport between job sites or jobs within different areas around your house/apartment.

It also features a recoil start instead of the standard electric key system that is seen in many other generators which can be both easier and harder depending on how you look at it . It definitely makes the unit much more portable but starting it without an electric power source can take some getting used to if this isn’t something you’ve done before. On top of everything else, Champion backs up their product with a three year limited warranty so you know your investment will last for years to come!

  • Portability
  • Easy to read gas gauge
  • Three year limited warranty
  • Recoil start not suitable for everyone
CAT RP12000E

CAT RP12000E

CAT is another great company that specializes in producing top of the line generators and their RP12000E generator sits at a slightly larger 12,500 watts. This unit still packs all the same standard features as Westinghouse but does lack some other extra add-ons such as a circuit breaker reset button which isn’t needed for most applications out there .

The weight on this one drops from 150 pounds down to 130 giving you added portability when needing to move or transport between job sites or jobs within different areas around your house/apartment. It also features a recoil start instead of the standard electric key system that is seen in many other generators which can be both easier and harder depending on how you look at it . On top of everything else it also has a larger fuel tank than the Westinghouse which comes in at 11 gallons as well.

CAT generators are definitely some of our favorite units out there and they provide you with top notch features for those looking for great performance even when under heavy loads. They aren’t too common but if this unit does fit what you need then we would highly recommend grabbing one before they’re gone .

  • Stays cooler than others on the market
  • Starts up easily even after sitting for long periods of time
  • Stronger engine to support larger power demands
  • Some issues with fuel gauges not working properly or at all.
Northstar 15000

Northstar 15000

Our next unit is a bit larger as you will see with Northstar’s 15,000 watt generator. This one comes in at around 300 pounds and can definitely be considered the largest on our list out of all the top rated options we have to offer .

This particular model has been made specifically for those that might need it for both residential and commercial applications which makes sense since its size would make it difficult to move from job site to job site throughout your day. That said , there are some downsides such as how loud this thing gets when running but also having lower overall fuel efficiency than other models listed here today. It does still provide similar features however including full-time multi-fuel capabilities which means you don’t have to constantly monitor what type of fuel you are using if it is in fact gasoline, diesel or propane.

The run time for this generator on a full tank will vary but typically sits around 15 hours depending on the load that you have connected to it at any given moment. It comes with an electric start system which makes it super easy to get your unit up and running quickly when needed without having to rely solely on its pull cord design. The key features include overload protection via LED display, long-lasting glass filled nylon tubular frame which means you don’t have to worry about corrosion over time , low oil shut down sensor technology allowing longer intervals between maintenance checks while providing peace of mind knowing your engine isn’t going to be damaged anytime soon .

  • Great for residential and commercial applications
  • Electric start system included
  • Very loud when in use.
Dayton 6FYA4

Dayton 6FYA4

The Dayton model is an excellent option for those that need the ability to power just about anything in your home or business. This one has a running watt output of 7000 but can peak up above 8000 watts which should cover all general needs you might have throughout either residential or commercial applications .

This generator weighs around 220 pounds so it’s definitely not as heavy duty as some models we looked at today, however , this isn’t going to matter much if most of your work takes place indoors since its size makes it relatively easy to move from room-to-room with little trouble. The features include overload protection via LED display and low oil shut down sensor technology allowing longer intervals between maintenance checks while providing peace of mind knowing your engine isn’t going to be damaged by neglecting to take care of it.

  • Price
  • Super quiet, great for home or office use
  • Easy to move with low weight of 220 pounds
  • None!

How to choose the best 15,000 watt generator for the money

Starting and running watts

You might want to consider how much starting watts your generator needs, as well as running watts. The first number relates to the amount of electricity needed at once in order for the engine to start – this should be avoided if possible due to safety reasons (especially on larger generators).

The second category is what you need while it’s actually running and will include items like microwaves or power tools that are plugged into an outlet directly through the machine itself rather than a separate extension cord. If there are appliances that require more wattage than can be supplied by one 15000 watt generator, two 8000-watt units would likely work better together!

Fuel options: gasoline, propane, or both

The fuel that the generator runs on is another consideration to think about. Gasoline units are often cheaper, but propane can be easier for storing and transporting due to it being a liquid instead of gas which makes them more portable.

They both have benefits of their own though – gasoline generators run cleaner, while propane ones offer less noise pollution as they’re quieter during operation (which may not make much difference if your home will likely already sound like an airport with this thing running!)

Reliable engine brand

Another important feature to consider is the engine brand. If a generator has a known name behind it, this can often mean that they put more effort into quality control and testing in order to make sure each model runs properly when you buy it (more than just one or two units).

It’s not always about what people say on their websites either – but rather experienced owners’ opinions of how well these generators run over time (which really doesn’t come across in reviews for some brands unfortunately!). You’ll also want to look at things like warranty options as having coverage will allow you to get repairs made if anything goes wrong with your 15000 watt generator down the road without too much hassle.

Fuel tank capacity

Another important factor in a generator is the fuel tank capacity. This refers to how much gasoline it can hold at one time, which will directly affect how long you can operate your 15000 watt generator for before needing to refuel – this may be more of an issue with propane due to them being heavier and less likely to move around when full (and thus requiring larger tanks).

In terms of size, there are two main options that most generators have: smaller portable models or large stationary ones designed for use on job sites etc.. Stationary units often come in 20-gallon sizes while portables typically go up from about five gallons onwards so keep this in mind if you want something lightweight enough not too stress any members of the household while moving it around!

Run time and efficiency

A final factor to consider is the efficiency of your 15000 watt generator. This refers to how much energy it uses per hour (watts/hr) which can vary depending on size and engine type – something like a small portable running at about 50 watts/hour would run for five hours straight using 500-watt hours, while a larger stationary unit might only need 300 watts/hr due to being more fuel efficient!

This will all affect just how long you have access to power during an outage or emergency situation so keep this in mind when choosing one that’s best suited for your needs.

Control panel and outlets

The control panel is a key part of your generator as it allows you to adjust things like the wattage that comes out, what outlets are active with how many there are. Some generators only have one outlet (like an RV) while others can be split into two or three separate circuits – having more than one circuit may not seem important but if they’re at different voltages then multiple appliances can work off this single source which will keep everything running smoothly!

While some models come standard with USB ports and other fancy accessories, these aren’t necessary for basic use so don’t worry about them too much unless you really need something with lots of bells and whistles (just make sure it has enough power output for whatever devices you plan on using).

Noise level

Noise level is another important factor for many people to consider when buying a generator. While gas-powered models are typically noisier than their propane counterparts (electric generators tend to be very quiet), the noise levels will depend on specific brands and how much wattage they produce – something like an RV 15000 generator might only put out 50 decibels while others can reach as high as 90+!

Keep this in mind especially if your home isn’t too far away from where you plan on using it, or there’s going to be lots of peace and quiet outside anyway – these things aren’t exactly subtle so make sure you’re okay with some added sound pollution before committing yourself!

Size and weight

You’ll also want to consider the size and weight of your 15000 watt generator before making a purchase. While you can’t really do much about this, it is worth knowing that smaller units are often more lightweight – something like an RV unit might only be 30-40 pounds for example while larger stationary ones could double or even triple that!

This all depends on where you plan on storing it too so keep things like this in mind when looking at different models as having one big enough but not too bulky will make life easier down the line especially if space is limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of protections does the generator have?

This is a fully automatic model with built-in overload protection and low oil shut down sensors to prevent damage.

What type of fuel should I use in this generator?

It can run on unleaded gasoline, diesel or propane so there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues! Just be sure you’re using clean, fresh fuels since storage for long periods will result in degradation which affects performance.

How often do I need to change the oil?

Every 100 hours if used continuously, every 50 hours otherwise depending on your usage pattern. You’ll want high viscosity engine oil made especially for small engines like these as it is designed to handle the higher heat that comes with more strenuous use.


With the increase in natural disasters, storms and power outages, a 15000 watt generator can be essential. You may think that you only need one if your house is far from an electrical outlet or has heavy appliances such as air conditioners. In reality, there are many reasons why someone would have a high demand for this type of product including those who live close to trees with branches that often fall onto power lines during bad weather conditions and frequent travelers who want something reliable they can take on trips instead of carrying around gas cans every time they leave home. We’ve put together some tips to help you find the best 15000-watt generator for your needs so keep reading!