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If you are in the market for a new air compressor, it can be difficult to find one that meets your needs. There are many different models with various features and price points. To help you out, we have created this guide of the best 30-gallon air compressors on the market right now. We will review each product’s pros and cons as well as give you some helpful tips about what to look for when shopping around.

30 gallon air compressor is a machine that pressurizes and blows out compressed air to help power pneumatics. Pneumatic tools need an external source of energy to function properly, so they can’t run on batteries or electricity alone. 30 gallon air compressor works by compressing the incoming atmospheric pressure into a smaller area in order to push it through pneumatic lines and use mechanical devices such as nail guns and drills. The “gallons” portion refers to how much volume this compressors system can handle at one time (how much space inside there is for the gas), not its capacity for liquid storage. For example, if you have two tanks with six gallons each, but one tank’s internal framework was larger than another’, then both tanks would be considered 30-gallon air compressor, even though the volume of gas that can be contained is different.

Best 30 Gallon Air Compressors Reviews

Powermate VX PLA1683066 30-Gallon Automotive Air Compressor

Powermate VX PLA1683066 30-Gallon Automotive Air Compressor

This product has a maximum pressure of 150 PSI and an air flow rate of 27 cubic feet per minute. It also produces just less than 78 decibels at the highest PSI setting, so it’s relatively quiet compared to other units in its class.

To prevent oil spills while you utilize this item, the manufacturer included easy-to-remove on/off switch plates that can be changed with one hand. The internal pump is oil-lubricated for smooth operation throughout its life span; but if any significant amount of debris causes damage inside your unit or hose line, there are quick disconnect couplers where you can quickly release pressurized gas without shutting off power completely. Some might think about using these connectors as a safety feature in the event of an emergency.

The Powermate VX PLA1683066 is a cast-iron air compressor that’s rated to deliver reliable performance for years to come. It also has a low-pressure switch that will automatically shut off the unit when it reaches its PSI limit, so you don’t have to constantly monitor it while you work. The only downside we could find was its weight – at 88 pounds, it’s not exactly light and might be difficult to move around without help if needed.

  • Cast iron for durability
  • Oil lubricated for smooth operation
  • Low pressure switch to prevent overuse
  • Heavy weight (88 pounds)
Industrial Air 30-Gallon Compressor

Industrial Air 30-Gallon Compressor

This is a great choice for those looking to buy an air compressor with lots of power. This unit has been designed so that you can use it as either a vertical or horizontal orientation, making it easy to find the perfect placement wherever you decide to store your item.

When compared to other similar items this 30-gallon powerhouse does not disappoint – one user claims that she used her Industrial Air product for 15 years without experiencing any problems whatsoever. It’s also fairly quiet and will often work well in spaces where noise could become a problem if left on too long (i.e., bedrooms).

A number of users have mentioned how helpful the rubber feet are on their new purchase; these make sure there’s no damage done to the flooring when the compressor is in use.

The only complaints that could be found were regarding customer service – though this was a very small percentage of users (less than five people). Overall, this is an excellent air compressor for those looking for quality and power.

  • Can be used in both vertical and horizontal orientations
  • Fairly quiet
  • Rubber feet to prevent damage to flooring
  • None.
Dewalt 30-Gallon Oil-free Direct Drive Air Compressor

Dewalt 30-Gallon Oil-free Direct Drive Air Compressor

This Dewalt compressor is a great choice for those who are looking for a durable and reliable option. It’s able to deliver 150 PSI of air power, making it perfect for both home and professional use.

One user noted that this particular model has been designed with safety in mind – from the overload protection to the low-oil indicator, you can count on knowing when there are any potential problems. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that this Dewalt compressor is backed by a three-year warranty.

It also comes at a very reasonable price point compared to some of the other options available on the market today.

  • Durable and reliable
  • Low-oil indicator for safety
  • Three-year warranty
  • May be too large for some users’ needs
Campbell Hausfeld VT6271 Air Compressor

Campbell Hausfeld VT6271 Air Compressor

The Campbell Hausfeld VT62371 is a great air compressor for the money. It has a lot of features that you would find on more expensive models, but it comes in at a fraction of the cost. This compressor can handle all of your inflation and nailing needs, making it perfect for the average homeowner or DIYer.

One thing that we really like about this compressor is the water trap. This helps to keep your air hose from freezing up in cold weather, which can be a huge pain. It also has a built-in regulator and pressure gauge so you can always be sure of the exact level of compression.

The Campbell Hausfeld VT62371 is a great budget compressor that exceeds expectations for price. If you are on the fence about buying an air compressor, this is one to take a look at.

  • Water trap
  • Built-in regulator and pressure gauge
  • Low price
  • None that we could find!
Ingersoll-Rand SS3F2-GM Air Compressor

Ingersoll-Rand SS3F2-GM Air Compressor

The Ingersoll-Rand SS50F is a commercial grade air compressor that the average home user can afford. It has many features found on more expensive models, but it’s priced at just over $200 which makes it an excellent value for your money.

This compressor will handle all of your inflation and nailing needs making it perfect for use around the house or garage by casual users as well as professionals like contractors and HVAC techs who need something tough enough to stand up to heavy duty jobs regularly.

One thing we really like about this model is how quiet it runs compared to other compressors out there in its class; even ones with lesser power ratings than the SS50F.

  • Very quiet for its size and power
  • High CFM rating
  • Low amp draw means you can run it off a standard 115V outlet without issue
  • Only comes with a one year warranty
Northstar 30-Gallon Portable Gas-Powered Air Compressor

Northstar 30-Gallon Portable Gas-Powered Air Compressor

The Northstar NSI3040 is a mid-level 30 gallon air compressor that offers the typical features found in portable gas powered models, but its atypical price makes it an attractive choice for home users.

This model runs on gasoline which means you’ll have to deal with mixing oil into your fuel from time to time, but there’s no worries about tripping over extension cords or having to recharge batteries. Just fill up and get started when you need compressed air quickly!

One of our favorite things about this unit has nothing directly related to performance; we love seeing companies put their own brand name or logo onto products instead of genericizing them so much they might as well be made by another company altogether. The black finish with gold accents and raised Northstar logo on the front make this 30 gallon air compressor look like it’s worth more than what you actually pay for it.

  • Good performance for a portable gas-powered air compressor
  • Unique branding and features
  • Requires regular oiling to keep running smoothly
  • Uses gasoline, which can be messy and inconvenient
Ingersoll-Rand Two-Stage Gas-Powered Air Compressor

Ingersoll-Rand Two-Stage Gas-Powered Air Compressor

The Ingersoll-Rand P185WJD is a two-stage gas powered air compressor that’s built for serious industrial use. It can deliver up to 185 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) at 100 PSI, making it one of the most powerful units on the market.

It also has a large 30 gallon tank, which allows you to run it for longer periods of time without having to stop and wait for the tank to recharge.

This air compressor is also an oil-free unit, making maintenance quick and easy with no mess or clean up required. It has a pressure switch that lets you easily control when the machine turns on and off so you can customize your usage however works best for your project.

The P185WJD comes equipped with wheels at the back so it’s very portable, but regardless of where you plan on using this unit – inside or out – its steel construction makes it durable enough to stand up against rust over time. This tough design ensures that this tool will be able to work hard like any true industrial machine should!

  • Very powerful
  • Large tank for longer run times
  • Oil free and easy to maintain
  • Portable with built in wheels
  • Not the cheapest option on the market
Dewalt Two-Stage Industrial Air Compressor

Dewalt Two-Stage Industrial Air Compressor

The Dewalt DW industrial air compressor is a two-stage unit that’s perfect for serious DIYers or small business owners. It can deliver up to 165 CFM at 100 PSI, making it plenty powerful for most applications.

It also has a large 30 gallon tank, which will give you plenty of run time before having to refill. Additionally, the Dewalt DW comes with an automatic start/stop system so you don’t have to worry about turning it off and on every time you need it – just set it and forget it!

This compressor is also oil free, meaning there’s no mess or extra maintenance required. It features a durable cast iron design that makes it resistant to wear and tear, as well as rust over time.

  • Powerful at 165 CFM
  • 30 gallon tank for extended run time
  • Oil free so less maintenance required
  • Larger than comparable compressors
Kobalt 30-gallon Two-Stage Electric Air Compressor

Kobalt 30-gallon Two-Stage Electric Air Compressor

The Kobalt 30-gallon electric air compressor is a great choice for anyone in the market for a quality two-stage compressor. With this unit, you’ll get up to 150 PSI of pressure and 155 CFM of airflow – more than enough power for any job.

It also has a large 30 gallon tank, meaning you can work on projects for extended periods without having to stop to refill. The Kobalt electric compressor is very easy to use, with an automatic start/stop system that takes all the guesswork out of using it. Plus, it’s oil free so you don’t have to worry about maintenance or spills.

This compressor is built tough with a cast iron body that resists wear and tear, as well as rust. It’s also very quiet, making it ideal for use in the home or office without disrupting your work space.

  • Large 30 gallon tank
  • Quiet operation so it won’t disrupt your work space
  • Automatic start/stop system for easy use
  • None
Husky 30-Gallon 175 PSI Vertical Air Compressor

Husky 30-Gallon 175 PSI Vertical Air Compressor

The Husky 30-gallon air compressor is a great choice for anyone looking to get big performance out of a small machine. It can deliver up to 175 PSI and 150 CFM, making it more powerful than units twice its size!

It’s also oil free so you don’t have to worry about maintenance or spills – simply use it and store it when you’re done. The Husky vertical air compressor features an automatic start/stop system that saves wear on the motor as well as providing longer run times before refilling. Plus, this unit comes with several convenient accessories including inflation needles, quick couplers and even safety goggles which make using it safe and easy!

  • Oil free design means less time maintaining the compressor and no chance of spills
  • Automatic start/stop system saves wear on the motor and increases run time
  • Comes with a variety of useful accessories including safety goggles
  • Large wheels make this compressor easy to transport
  • Some users have reported issues with the air pressure gauge being inaccurate

How To Choose The Best 30 Gallon Air Compressor?

Air Compressor Type

The type of air compressor you choose will depend on the tasks you need it for. There are three main types of air compressors: piston, rotary vane and centrifugal. Piston air compressors are good for general use around the home or small shop. Rotary vane compressors are more expensive but have a longer lifespan and can handle higher pressures. Centrifugal compressors are used mainly in industrial settings.

If you’re not sure which type is best for you, ask an expert at your local hardware store or contact the manufacturer of the compressor you’re interested in.

Power Source

The power source for your compressor will also need to be considered. Air compressors can run on AC current, DC current or gasoline/diesel fuel. If you have a choice, go with an air compressor that runs on AC current – it’s more reliable and easier to find parts for.

DC-powered air compressors are becoming increasingly popular because of their low cost and portability. However, they can be noisy and require a special battery charger. Gasoline/diesel-powered air compressors are the most powerful but also the heaviest and noisiest.

Airflow Amount

The amount of airflow an air compressor can produce is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). The higher the CFM rating, the more powerful the compressor. When choosing a compressor, make sure to pick one that has a CFM rating high enough for your needs. If you’re unsure, ask the manufacturer or a hardware store expert.

Compressors also come in different sizes. A small air compressor with a low CFM rating might be good for light-duty tasks like inflating tires or painting, but it won’t be strong enough for heavier-duty work like sanding or welding.


The horsepower (HP) rating on an air compressor indicates how much energy the machine can deliver. With higher HP ratings, you get better performance and more power tools that can be used with your compressor.

A general rule of thumb is to choose a compressor with at least one-fourth the HP of the largest stationary power tool you plan to run off it. For example, if you have a 20-HP sawmill, get a five HP or larger air compressor for best results. This will allow adequate airflow while preventing overloaded fuses or circuit breakers from shutting down your equipment prematurely.


The pressure an air compressor can produce is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). The higher the PSI rating, the more powerful the compressor. When choosing a compressor, make sure to pick one that has a PSI rating high enough for your needs. If you’re unsure, ask the manufacturer or a hardware store expert.

Size and Shape of Air Compressor Tank

The size and shape of the air compressor tank is another important consideration. The larger the capacity, or tank size, of your air compressor, the longer it will run before needing to be refilled with more compressed air. Vertical tanks are usually bigger than horizontal ones because they use gravity to help keep them full when you’re using up a lot of airflow for heavy-duty tasks like sanding or grinding metal. However, if mobility is an issue for you – say, on job sites where space is limited – consider getting a smaller portable model with an attached cart instead. Some compressors have wheels that allow easy movement around your work area but can also be locked in place while in use.

Noise Level

All air compressors produce noise, but some are louder than others. If you’re going to be using your compressor in a residential area, it’s important to choose one with a low noise level. You can find the noise rating of various models on their product pages or on websites like Consumer Reports.

Oil or Oil-free Tanks

Oil-less air compressors are a good choice if you want to prevent oil spills and prolong the life of your equipment. However, they tend to be noisier than those with oil tanks because there isn’t as much lubrication available for moving parts. As long as you keep it well maintained – including changing its belt on a regular basis – an oil tank should last you years without needing service or replacement.

Voltage Capacity

Air compressors come in 110-volt and 220-volt models. If you have a home workshop with standard outlets, you’ll need a compressor that runs on 110 volts. But if you want to use your compressor on the go or in a location where there is no electricity available, consider getting one with a higher voltage rating so you can use an adapter plug.

Pneumatic Instruments

Pneumatic instruments are used to control the flow of air from an air compressor.

A pneumatic instrument has a push or pull mechanism, which activates or closes off the supply line according to its position. The amount of signal pressure generated by these instruments can be varied within certain limits and is proportional to their size. Pneumatic sensors should not be confused with other types that operate electrically as they have nothing in common except for using compressed gas as a working medium, but then it’s no longer an electrical signal!


Portable air compressors come in several sizes and with a variety of features. They include:

  • Lightweight models that can be easily carried to job sites by one person;
  • Larger units mounted on wheels for easy mobility around your workshop or yard;
  • Stationary, stand-alone designs that are permanently installed but still portable within their own work space.

An important consideration when choosing an air compressor for portability is the weight of both the unit itself and its tanks. The more heavy-duty equipment you add, such as multiple pneumatic tools or sanders, without also increasing tank capacity will increase stress on your machine’s components over time – leading to costly failures down the road!


When purchasing an air compressor, be sure to inquire about the warranty. Most models come with a one-year parts and labor warranty, but some higher-end units offer longer coverage.


Price is an important factor when it comes to choosing the best 30 gallon air compressor for your needs. The cost of a unit can vary widely, depending on its features and power source type (electric or pneumatic).

There are affordable models that will serve most home users well; but if you use one often in your small business, invest in something with higher capacity tanks and more powerful motors so it won’t need replacing soon after purchase.

Installation and use tips 30 gallon air compressor

  • When you are using your compressor, be sure to keep the equipment in a well-ventilated area.
  • If the compressor starts making strange noises, turn it off and contact a technician. Do not try to fix it yourself.
  • Do not use an extension cord with a 30 gallon air compressor unless it is specifically designed for that purpose.
  • To avoid accidents, always unplug the compressor when you are done using it.
  • Be careful when moving the compressor; it is heavy and can cause injury if dropped.

Advantages of Using a 30 Gallon Air Compressor

There are many benefits to using a 30 gallon air compressor. Some of the most notable advantages include:

  • Increased Mobility:

A large benefit of having a 30 gallon air compressor is that it’s much more mobile than larger models. This makes it easier to move around your work site, which can be especially helpful if you’re working in tight spaces.

  • Versatility:

Another advantage of the 30 gallon air compressor is its versatility. It can be used for a variety of tasks, both small and large. So, if you’re looking for an all-in-one machine that can handle multiple projects, this may be the perfect option for you.

  • Low Noise Output: 

One of the biggest complaints about air compressors is that they can be quite loud. However, many models in the 30 gallon range are known for having a low noise output, which makes them much more pleasant to use.

  • Easy Maintenance:

Air compressors require regular maintenance in order to keep them running properly. Thankfully, most of the tasks involved in this process are relatively easy and don’t require any specialized tools or knowledge. This means that you can do most of the work yourself without needing help from a professional technician.

  • Cost-effective:

Air compressors can be a bit pricey, but when you compare the cost to other tools that require electricity or batteries (such as power drills), they’re actually quite affordable in the long run.


How should I clean my 30 gallon air compressor?

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Some compressor models can be cleaned with a garden hose.

Can I use an extension cord with my 30 gallon air compressor?

You should only use an extension cord that is designed for use with air compressors. Using the wrong type of cord can cause fires or electrical accidents.

What are some common problems with 30 gallon air compressors?

Some common problems include blown fuses, motor overloads, and leaks. If you experience any of these problems, stop using the compressor and contact a technician. Do not try to fix it yourself.

How long will my 30 gallon air compressor last?

This depends on how often it is used and the type of use. Air compressors typically have a life span of between five and ten years.


Whether you are a handyman, contractor or hobbyist with an interest in home improvement projects, the benefits of using a 30-gallon air compressor can’t be ignored. If you have been wondering what they do and how to use them correctly so as not to injure yourself, look no further! In this article we will cover everything from choosing which one is best for your needs to installing it safely and troubleshooting any issues that may arise along the way. We hope you find our tips helpful and please contact us if there is anything else we can help with.